Posted on June 25th, 2023


Tracing the history of religions is a complex task that involves, in a process of analytically looking at many points described in sources and assumptions. Since various religions come into work in the society of Sri Lanka, people had been stuck to religions for worshipping without analysing the philosophy of religions and the meaning of practices of religions. It could critically analyse that religions are motivating people to practice gaining mental peace. Why people go to worshiping places, no other reasons, but to gain mental peace because day to day work corrupt the mental process and people need a way of gaining mental peace.    

People are religiously concerned with various views and philosophies, and they lead to have an emulation to state based on the philosophy and the ways of practice. Religions of various groups believe or associate with the convincing of truths, despite the beliefs of other groups. This is the beginning of conflicts between religious groups. It is not possible to prove that they are on the veracity.  This situation was in Sri Lanka before Buddhism arrived in the country. Many people in various religious groups attempt to interpret that the emergence of humans on this planet was a religious process or a mysterious action than a process of evolution. Many religious groups reject the idea of evolution and interpret about various powers involved in manifestation of the universe. These are impossible task to proving either accurate or false.

Scientifically, the origins of human and planets in the universe are not quite easy to comprehend and people are doing researchers and tests related to discovering the truth rather than just believing what is interpreted in religions. Mischievous aspect of religions are the points that create conflicts between various groups.  

People have various views and theories about and of various religions, including the beginning of humans on the planet earth, and no one can clearly interpret such matters, and the nature of the world is individually and correctively providing thinking opportunities on the various beliefs. Beliefs of people have a higher probability of determining whether they are true or false and approximate to determine values of beliefs. Many groups attempt to say that what an individual or groups believe is the truth. It may be a consequence of the selfishness of human being. We can state that people need to consider this truth about any religion and no point going to courts to confirm such points. What’s the matter that could be trusted by an individual or a group could not be determined by a court which is entirely based on considering visible and secularly acceptable evidence and considerable points that are based on the evidence?

Religions in this world have strongly associated with the society concerning economy, society and culture. This association has generated many benefits to society and indirectly has caused to generate conflicts and problems. When considering the situation in Sri Lanka, it could give as an example of conflicts on religious matters.

All peaceful religions advise people to have a peaceful life and to reject the conflicts. When we deeply consider beginning or continuing conflicts on religious points, it reflects the doltish nature of people.  Individually, or as collectively, there may have been evidence to accept religions that helped and are helping people, are they contain points that are acceptable truth is hard to determine? It might be a question. The most negative aspect is continuing supports for conflicts about religious matters.

It is seen that many lawyers in Sri Lanka are ready to present writ applications to the court connecting with religious matters. The court system of Sri Lanka considers secular matters and acceptable evidence for the court, and it has no legal power to consider spiritual points.     

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