UNESCO Declares Sri Lanka’s Historical Chronicle Mahawamsa a ‘World Documentary Heritage’
Posted on June 30th, 2023

Insight By Sunil Kumar

(with courtesy and acknowledgements to Colombo Page News Desk)

A pointer towards those sources especially certain Tamil Organizations who from time continue to insist  that Sri Lanka’s history has no authentication relative to the Sinhala Race has surfaced.They have often attributed the history of Sri Lanka to myth and folklore towards their own ends and objectives while debunking their connections to reality, so this is a stabilizer to the real history of Sri Lanka and not in keeping with the contradictions thrown by these protagonists as Sri Lanka indeed has a proven history relative to the Sinhala Race as chronicled in the Mahavamsa not to be ridiculed or questioned by feeble minded so called Tamil and other similar theorists as it bears no credibility towards realty.

On June 27th in  Colombo,UNESCO (United Nations Education, and Cultural Organization) has inscribed Mahavamsa, the Great Chronicle of Sri Lanka covering the period 6th century BCE to 1815 CE, on its Memory of the World Register among 64 new items of documentary heritage added to the list this year.

According to the description in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register, Mahavamsa, one of the world’s longest unbroken historical accounts, is the first of its kind in South Asia, initiating a mature historiographic tradition, presenting Sri Lanka’s history in a chronological order from the 6th century BC.

Mahavamsa is known for its Sinlala origins and links to ancient Buddhist monks and scholars who chronicled events relative to Sri Lanka’s ancient history on Ola Leaf documents in Sanskrit and Pali the languages in use at the time and found preserved almost in their entirety through careful protection according to archaeological research and the work of many scholars over decades if not centuries of time.

The authenticity of the facts provided in the document has been confirmed through archaeological research conducted in Sri Lanka and India.

It is an important historical source in South Asia containing crucial information about the lifetime of the Buddha, the Emperor Asoka and the rise of Buddhism as a world religion.

The document played a significant role in popularizing Buddhism in Southeast Asia and contributed singularly to the identity of Emperor Asoka in the Indian history.

Existence of number of manuscripts of Mahavamsa in several countries as well as the transliteration and translation of the text to several Southeast Asian and European languages stand testimony to its immense historical, cultural, literal, linguistic and scholarly values,” the description added.

Mahavamsa also incorporates a period in time relative to Sri Lanka and the Sinhala race together with its companion text the Culavamsa.

The UNESCO recognition of its authenticity bears testimony to the origins of Sri Lanka as fact and not fiction.

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