Posted on September 27th, 2023

Priyantha Hettige

The source for the collection of ideas and practices called ‘fascism’ (an Italian word) is to be found in the Holy Bible – the word of God. The Popes are fully fascist and rule through the power of God. Their rules are to be imposed on all of humanity without question or answer-back.

Fascism is a Christian political theory which states that a God-believing Head of State, deriving his legitimacy from the representative of God on earth – the Pope, must impose his power and authority over all his people including non believers.

It rejects “… ideas of individual liberty and equality, emphasizing national or racial superiority and concentrates authority on a dictatorial cult figure.” *

Fascism first arose and was first practiced by in Europe by the dictators General Franco of Spain, Dr. Salazar of Portugal, Hitler, Mussolini of Italy and Ante Pavlic of Croatia. All these men were Roman Catholic Christians. They blindly believed in God, the infallibility of the Pope and in their own infallibility. This movement culminated in the Second World War (1940- 1945CE) against Hitler, Mussolini and Pavlic. By simple common sense and sanity other European governments had to put an end to this “Bible-inspired” madness which resulted in 58 million people dead in World War II.

But even now, Roman Catholics continue to work quietly to make their fascist ideas of “One God, One Religion; One Pope, one (Christian) World” come to reality.

Other Christian groups, although in fierce competition even conflict with each other, do all agree to, and will collaborate to achieve the common goal of one world of Christians with one God reigning supreme which leads to “order” (and control) by the ruling elites.

All Christian sects work quietly to get their ideas accepted by the general population, using the press and friendly reporters, unsuspecting government agencies, etc.

They are busy now, targeting ex-Communist China and Vietnam and most Buddhist countries which they would like to slowly convert to Christianity over time.

You can see how Buddhist society in Sri Lanka has been corrupted by Christian ideas due to Christian colonization and its churches. Christian society has a good control of newspapers, news making and entertainment. They use these for their own propaganda purposes.

This is totally bad because Sri Lanka is the last place on earth that has a large society of free and independent thinkers who are able to openly criticize Christianity and its terrible history and insane beliefs.

* The Macmillan Encyclopedia 1983                        Adjutorium. August 2006

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