Poet, & Astrologer Martin Jayawardena no more.
Posted on December 28th, 2023

Garvin Karunaratne, former GA Matara 

I fist met Martin when I was appointed the Government Agent at Matara in March 1971.

A Senior Clerical Officer in the Katcheri, his work was impeccable,

Martin was more a poet. He could turn a stone to gold- detail anything in an amazing manner that evoked a catharsis within seconds in a listener. It was a gift that very few have.

On may an occasion when we trio- Martin, Sumane and I together tried hitivana kavi, the crown went to Martin, followed by Sumane with me straggling far behind. .

Sumane was no other than Sumanapala Dahanayake, the member of parliament for Deniyaya, who within two and a half weeks established Coop Crayon, making crayons that were sold islandwide, the crown of the Divisional Development Councils Programmre of 1970-1977- the last real development programme we had. I remember Martin sang a verse on Coop Crayon too. Sadly that has left my memory.

Martin was gifted with the knack to turn a ordinary scene into a glorious vendetta, and one would be borne away into the clouds.

Sadly I left all of them for studies overseas. Life takes its own course, heedless, and I lost touch with Martin and other officers whom I came to love and whose association I cherished when I once adorned the desk at Matara. That was my decade stint overseas

Back in the saddle in Sri Lanka in the Eighties, I plod on whenever I heard of any of my officers who gave a gleaming touch to my administrative life- Once I heard that Martin lived somewhere in Uyanwatta, Matara and I traced him to a gleaming small abode and then I found him, now more an astrologer.

Thence whenever I came to Sri Lanka, a telephone call and I met Martin several times. He was then an acclaimed poet, an astrologer.

Life nevertheless, takes its own course and we live and depart, make friends, admire and loose touch. Martin however, was no passer bye. He did distinctly contribute to Mother Lanka, greater as a Poet.

May his path in Samsara be happy and bountiful.

Garvin Karunaratne,

former GA Matara 28/12/23

His funeral ceremony is at Jayaratnes Kanatta, 29 th. Dec. eve

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