Jayalalitha dreams she is playing Durga in a South Indian film.
Posted on May 13th, 2009

By Charles.S.Perera

Jayalalitha Jeyaram  has a big mouth to talk with,  but a considerably small brain to think with.  Therefore, what she talks and what she thinks seem to be in constant conflict. 

She is against terrorism she once said but she is  now for an Eelam  in Sri Lanka.  Why not an Eelam in India ?  That would avoid a war against the Sri Lanka Army ?  TamilNadu could easily be  converted to an Eelam State to accommodate the Tamils in India, Sri Lanka and those in the Diaspora.

Sometime back she also said she is a patriot.  As a patriot she probably does not want to make TamilNadu an Eelam State.  Therefore, she claims other peoples’ property to set up the Eelam for Tamils.

If she would spend as much time  as she talks  to think, she may be able to say something intelligent, which would be useful to Tamilnadu Tamils and  India of which she says she is a patriot.

She asserts her patriotism by proposing political devastation in neighbouring Sri Lanka.  If she loves the Tamils of Sri Lanka, she should not fight to have a Eelam State set in Sri Lanka, but start a Tamil Eelam in Tamil Nadu and bring down the Tamils from Sri Lanka into it.  That way she can have all the Tamils around her, and be the grand thalaivar after Prabhakaran or Ammu.

Jayalalitha is a recent comer to politics, after playing Valli Amma the consort of Muruga in South Indian film sagas.  She played many divine roles and she seems to be thinking that she is still playing a film role.  It is time that she wakes up  to  understand that playing politics is different from playing the role of  Valli Amma or Durgha “”…”the evil.

She who prides  herself of being the saviour of the Tamils should be ashamed  of her haughty declarations for the world to hear ,  and her miserable performance at home.   It was none other than Sri Sri  Ravishankar who visited Sri Lanka refugee camps providing accommodations to thousands of  Tamils who had run away from the ” Eelam Makers”, who  said that the IDP camps in Sri Lanka are far better than those in India.

If Jayalalitha wants to refurbish her celluloid image to make it half as real, it is better she takes up the cause of the  refugees in TamilNadu.  If she cannot look after the refugees as human beings in  her own back yard, how can she create a Eelam for Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Let alone sending an army Jayalalitha will not be able to even send a brigade of sweepers, to clean the mess Prabhkaran and his terrorists had made in Vanni.  Before she speaks for the Tamils in Sri Lanka she should speak for the Tamils in Tamil Nadu and the untouchables  in India.   Sri Lanka, is far more civilized and  there are no untouchables  treated as animals in Sri Lanka. The Tamils in Sri Lanka are treated as part of the Nation with due respect. 

We are no more in 1987 and  Jayalalitha will have to think, not twice but many times before she even speaks of sending the Indian Army to Sri Lanka.  Jayalalitha may still be the beloved “Ammu” of the former South Indian film fans, but her pronouncements  shows her political immaturity, which  would be an impediment to rope in  more educated voters of Tamil Nadu on to her side.   Perhaps the Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora whose minds have lately been affected by the  calamities that had befallen  their  dear terrorist heroes may support her, as they are desperate to have the blood thirsty Prabhakaran saved.

Jayalalitha has still not understood that she is batting on the wrong side, taking terrorists for Tamils.  If she is defending the Tamils  in Sri Lanka then she has to demand her terrorist friend Prabhakaran to release the thousands of Tamil Civilians he is keeping as a  human shield to save his skin,  and for once in his life fight like a man at least now.  Prabhakaran as Jayalalitha should know had been the greatest cowered who had been terrorising the length and breath of Sri Lanka, hiding  in a bunker and getting  among  others , Children, and women to fight  his terrorist war.

He also like Jayalalith makes speeches for the world to hear but his activities had been that of a cowardly psychopath. Jayalalitha is in a dream land talking about sending  an army like Rama, with Hanumans and Kumbhakarnas.  Only thing is there are no more Ramas in India, though there is a Rawana in Sri Lanka. 

Rawana in Sri Lanka has the solution for the Sri Lankan Tamils and nobody else can usurp that role, least of all Jayalalitha.

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