Fallen heroes…our national idols!
Posted on May 25th, 2009

Daya Nikahetiya

 You devoted your life
to defend other’s lives
Marched to the battle field
to face the enemy challenges
Leaving behind the family
the kith and kin….
and all your loved ones
Knowing the danger
Risking your own life
for the sake of other’s lives!

You sacrificed everything you had
and joined the battle front
To fulfil your commitments
in the name of our motherland
To maintain its dignity
…..and territorial interiority
You have regained our freedom
…and the democratic rights
Sacrificing your own life!

It’s an incomparable devotion
….the sacrifices of our idols
You’re our national heroes
Our national pride!
Who faced the enemy….
with determination and courage
It was not a cake-walk,
But you did it and faced the challenges
All the way to your last second!

Nothing can be compared,
to your utter devotion and gallantry
Your commitment is not second to any
Please forgive us for being late…
Being so late to say a word of praise
You are not any longer with us
….to share our feelings
and to celebrate the victory together
Sing together our national anthem
and to enjoy the regained freedom!

You have won for us not only our motherland
but also our national dignity and freedom!
While delivering them the final blow
But there’s no way now to show you our feelings
to express our gratitude and inspirations
May you never have to deal with such evils
Your loss has caused a vacuum to the nation
Witch cannot be easily replaced!

Our fallen heroes…
The sons and daughters of one family
You are our national pride…our idols
The saviours of the nation
Who set an example to all youths
…..and to future generations
Gave us the chance to feel the air of freedom!
Sacrificed your life in the name of our nation
Though you fell in the battle ground
May you livelong alive in our hearts and thoughts!
We’ll always remember you in our daily prayers!

Though you are no longer with us
We’ll never forget you…..our national heroes
You’ll livelong alive in our hearts and thoughts!
It’s not the weapons that won the battle
Through your devotion the mission is accomplished
You gave us the chance to feel the air of freedom
We’ll never forget your sacrifice and devotion
Will ever be remembered as our national heroes
May the blessing of the triple-gem be upon you!

One Response to “Fallen heroes…our national idols!”

  1. Dutugamunu Says:

    They will live in the hearts of generations to come.
    The ones who are dead are the ones who are forgotten.

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