Posted on June 3rd, 2009

Mr N. Vasantha Kumar Senior Deputy General Manager – Treasury and Investment BankinPeople’s Bank, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka

 Hi All Sri Lankans

The SL govt has taken many hard stands and made many sacrifices in the recent past in its effort to bring peace to our country. These hard stands could even result in various countries pushing to delay the funds pledged as loans to Sri Lanka including the IMF loan of US$ 1.9bn.

Its now our duty to help the govt quickly so that we minimise the possibilities of other countries influencing and the IMF providing the loan on various conditions which may not be the best for our country. We are very proud to be Sri Lankans and we should do everything possible to help the govt financially so that they can negotiate even with the IMF from a position of strength and perhaps even go to the extent to tell that Sri Lanka does not need this money on conditions which are not favourable to the country. This can be done only if the Government has adequate funds and resources at its disposal needed for all the proposed development work etc. We must demonstrate that vast majority of Sri Lankans wherever they live are with the Govt.

Imagine the amount of funds collected by LTTE from expats all over the world. If this was possible why can’t all the expat Sri Lankans (Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and others who are patriots of Sri Lanka) help the govt in the same way. You don’t need to only donate funds but you can invest in Govt of Sri Lanka bonds. This way the govt borrows, pays interest and repays the debt not to IMF or other foreign sources but back to our own country men. I believe this has to be done in an organised manner. From your point you only shift your investment from an investment in a foreign bank to an investment in Govt of Sri Lanka Bonds. In simple mathematical terms you only need 100,000 people investing US$10,000 to raise US$ 1 Billion. Therefore the more people we get on board the better it would be for Sri Lanka.

The govt I’m sure would also welcome donations from those who are willing. If the LTTE could do, so can all other Sri Lankans. Pls look into this.

I have contacted some officials of Central Bank of Sri Lanka who informed that they will be issuing a “Dollar Denominated Development Bond” by mid June which would be available for subscription by Sri Lankan diaspora. I have also contacted the Head of Treasury at Peoples Bank N. Vasantha Kumar and he expressed his willingness to help anyone who needed any information and clarifications and how one could invest in these bonds. His and his deputy Roshini’s contact details are as follows.

Mr N. Vasantha Kumar
Senior Deputy General Manager – Treasury and Investment Banking
People’s Bank, No. 34, Sir Mohamed Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka
Tel No : +94 11 2308782
Mobile : +9…
Fax No : +94 11 2304491
Email : [email protected]


Email : [email protected]

I have also attached a list of contacts of other banks as recommended by Central Bank. You could contact any of these banks to get more information.

If you can think of any other alternatives to help fund the govt I’m sure it will be appreciated by the govt. Sri Lankans pls pass this thought to as many of your Sri Lankan friends living overseas. Sri Lanka needs you now. Together we can do it. As President Obama said “Yes We Can”.

This is only my personal view and does not represent any views of the organisation I represent. I have not been told or requested by the govt to do this nor am I trying to represent the govt in any way but attempting to make some contribution to my country even in a small way. My sincere apologies if this mail reached someone to whom it was not intended to be sent to.

Pls think and act fast we should all rally round our country.

Best wishes



Contact Details of Lead Managers

Lead Mangers Contact Details
Bank of Ceylon Name : Mr S M S C Jayasuriya
Designation : Chief Manager – Treasury
Address : Bank of Ceylon, Treasury Division, 7th Floor, Head Office, Colombo 01, Sri Lanka
Tel No : +94 11 2471605/ +94 11 2395804
Fax No: +94 11 2445788
E-mail :[email protected] / [email protected]
Website :

Commercial Bank of
Ceylon PLC Name : Mr Dula Weerathunga
Designation : Head of Global Treasury
Address : Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC, 21, Bristol Street, Colombo 01, Sri Lanka
Tel No : +94 11 2432116
Fax No : +94 11 2384650
Email : [email protected]
Website :
National Savings Bank Name : Mr N K Dahanayake
Designation : Chief Executive Officer
Address : NSB Fund Management Co. Ltd. , NSB Head Office, #255, Galle Road, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka
Tel No : +94 11 2467431/ +94 11 2467731
Fax No : +94 11 2564706
Email : [email protected]
Website :

NatWealth Securities Ltd Name : Mr Chandra J Dias
Designation : Chief Executive Officer
Address : NatWealth Securities Limited, 17A, Barnes Place,
Colombo 07, Sri Lanka
Tel No : +94 11 4716274 / +94 712779867
Fax No : +94 11 4716275
Email : [email protected]
Website :

People’s Bank Name : Mr N. Vasantha Kumar
Designation : Senior Deputy General Manager – Treasury and Investment Banking
Address : People’s Bank, No. 34, Sir Mohamed Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka
Tel No : +94 11 2308782
Fax No : +94 11 2304491
Email : [email protected]
Website :

Sampath Bank PLC Name : Mr Wije Dambawinne
Designation : Assistant General Manger – Treasury
Address : Sampath Bank PLC, 110 Sir James Peiris Mawatha Colombo 02, Sri Lanka
Tel No : +94 11 2300145 / +94 11 4730347
Fax No : +94 11 2300144
Email : [email protected]
Website :

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