Sri Lanka – erasure of terrorism
Posted on June 5th, 2009

Ranjit Rupesinghe  Brisbane, Australia.

This is a letter I sent to Prime Minister Rudd who happens to be my local MP!

Hon’ble Kevin Rudd, MP
Dear Prime Minister

It is with a sense of great concern that I write to you regarding the motion to be tabled tomorrow 4 June 09 by Ms Melissa Parke, MP on your side of politics, regarding the “human rights situation” in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka will enter the annals of history as a tiny nation that took on the most barbaric terrorist group in the world and succesfully prevailed, whilst fiercely guarding the values of human rights and democracy. Instead of giving that country the kudos and praise it deserves, individuals such as Ms Parke seem to hold an imperialist view that if you are small and poor you have no right to go it alone and take on a problem of such proportions without consulting “your colonial masters”. Funny though it might seem, I suspect this is a classic case of being green with envy!

For over quarter of a century Sri Lanka has been crying out for help to counter terrorism in that country which has caused such devastation but to no avail. They were always told to “negotiate” even though the so-called “cease fires” that followed “negotiations” never worked. The interesting point is that “negotiations” as a principle was something western powers themselves never embraced, the famous line being”we will never negotiate with terrorists”. After deciding that enough was enough, President Mahinda Rajapakse’s government, with all its imperfections, decided to take on the terrorists and the rest, as they say, is history.

Then come along “do gooders” like Ms Parke who have swallowed hook, line and sinker the garbage propogated by the eelam diaspora and their cohorts in the western media, shouting from the roof tops about human rights abuses in Sri Lanka, a country who single handedly have just pulled off with brilliant military strategy, one of the most spectacular victories in contemporary warfare. Instead of being applauded for ridding the region of this scourge, Ms Parke and company are most unfairly shooting the messenger, so to speak.

It was only on 27 May 09 that the Human Rights Council of the United Nations found, by a majority of 27 to 12, that there was no need of any war crimes investigation as demanded by a minority of members and that’s where the matter should rest despite the rumblings and grumblings of some anti-Sri Lanka elements. Having ignored her cries for help in the past to fight terrorism, the so-called International community should now be assisting Sri Lanka in its mammoth task of rehabilitation and re-construction of the North and east of the that beautiful land

Therefore, on behalf of Sri Lankan Australians, I urge you to use your good offices and stop the tabling of the motion referred to above which if tabled will give succour to those who wish to see the continuance of the LTTE and their evil agenda.

Ranjit Rupesinghe

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