The Trial of Gordon Brown and Ban Ki-moon
Posted on June 19th, 2009

by Lucien Rajakarunanayake Courtesy The Island (Sri Lanka)

In the Court of International Opinion The Public of the Countries that do not comprise what is commonly known as the International Community, which latter group represents a minority of the Peoples of the World – Petitioners Vs James Gordon Brown MP, British politician, Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party David Wright Miliband MP, British politician, and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

Alistair Maclean Darling MP, British politician, and Chancellor of the Exchequer And others, all of the United Kingdom – Respondents Together with Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

Know ye, that you are hereby charged in this Court of International Opinion of deceit, lack of transparency, contemptible disregard for international opinion, and gross violation of all norms of decency in the conduct of international affairs, in the matter of conducting an inquiry into the causes that led to the United Kingdom’s participation in, the conduct of, and the eventual outcome of the invasion of the sovereign State of Iraq,

Which act was done under cover of a resolution passed by the United Nations Security Council, that was misled by Anthony aka Tony Blair, the predecessor in the Office of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (hereinafter known as the UK) of the said James Gordon Brown (First Respondent), with the full knowledge and consent of the same James Gordon Brown, in keeping with a secret and unethical understanding reached with George W Bush, former President of the United States of America, (hereinafter known as the USA), in furtherance of what is said to be a Special Relationship between the said USA and UK,

And thereby did deliberately, maliciously, wrongfully, criminally and for the purpose of economic benefit to the countries that functioned in an armed coalition with the USA and UK, and in total violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the State of Iraq and its people, invade for the purpose of Regime Change in the State of Iraq

That in doing so the said James Gordon Brown, wholly acquiesced and acted in complicity with his predecessor in the Office of Prime Minister of the UK, to deliberately and grossly mislead the elected representatives of the people of the UK who meet and deliberate on public policy in what is known as the House of Commons, by falsely stating that the State of Iraq posed a threat to the world by its imminent acquisition of Weapons of Mass Destruction, thereby posing a grave danger to the peace and stability of the world

And that the said misleading of the House of Commons was done in concert and full connivance and complicity with the said President of the USA George W Bush who too did deliberately and grossly mislead the Houses of Congress of the USA, to wit the House of Representatives and Senate, by falsely informing them, that the then ruler of the State of Iraq, the late brutally executed Saddam Hussein, was in possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

That the misleading of both the House of Commons of the UK and the Houses of Congress of the USA was done on the basis of false, unconfirmed, unverified, manipulated and distorted information said to have been supplied by the Intelligence Services of the USA and UK, namely the CIA and MI5 respectively

And that both the UK and USA did mislead the United Nations Security Council to endorse the illegal and criminal invasion of the State of Iraq by falsely informing it that Iraq was at that time in possession of WMD, while UN weapons inspectors presented wholly contrary views on the matter

That this has led to the death of more that One Million Three Hundred and Twenty Thousand One Hundred and Ten Iraqi citizens, more than Four Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety troops of the USA and more than One Hundred and Forty troops of the UK and many more troops of the other partners of this crooked coalition of force

And that this invasion of a foreign and sovereign state has led to more than Three Million Iraqi citizens being made refuges within Iraq and in neighbouring states, especially Syria and Jordon

And that the said brutal invasion has led to widespread sectarian clashes within Iraq, which were not seen in the days of the late Saddam Hussein, in which many thousands more Iraqis have been killed, maimed and otherwise injured and disabled

That with such a treacherous, bloody and contemptible record in international affairs, the said James Gordon Brown and the Government he leads in the UK, has announced an inquiry into the causes that led to the invasion of Iraq by troops of the UK, the conduct of the said war and the consequences of this war

And in total violation of the public stance and posturing of the International Community, to which the UK owes allegiance and often claims to speak on behalf of, has declared that such inquiry shall be held in private with no access to outsiders, to human rights activists and such groups who also owe great allegiance to the same International Community, as well as any representative of the United Nations, as well as to the media, whose right and freedom for unfettered reporting you loudly claim to support and defend

And that you are jointly and severally further charged with disgraceful, shameful, loathsome and contemptible act of duplicity, deceit, dishonesty and doublespeak in the eyes of the vast majority of people of the world who comprise the Bar of International Opinion, in that you are not adhering to the demands made recently on the much smaller, less powerful, and economically weaker state of Sri Lanka, for transparency in the conduct of inquiries and probes into what the so-called International Community to which you owe allegiance, claimed to be a humanitarian crisis and an impending bloodbath, which did not produce any such prophesied bloodbath or anywhere near the two million killed, maimed and otherwise injured among the citizens of Iraq

That you are not willing to apply the same standards of inquiry you so loudly demand of the little state of Sri Lanka, but are ready and willing to hold the said inquiry into the invasion of Iraq private, with not even the media of your own country allowed to be present, although you have so loudly and stridently demanded that Sri Lanka allow free access to any and all journalists to its areas affected by the aftermath of the destruction caused by the most ruthless terrorist organisation in the world, so described by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI of the USA, and known to be so by the MI5 of the UK, too.

And further that the additional respondent Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, is acting in complicity and cahoots with the said James Gordon Brown and other respondents, by not demanding an open and public inquiry into what led to the UK invading Iraq, the conduct of the war against the Iraqi people and the consequences of it

That the said Ban Ki-moon has also not said anything to that effect that he has been “sobered”, “saddened” and finally “appalled” by the conditions of continuing bloodshed in Iraq, and the massive and colossal number of refugees among Iraqi citizens

And that his complicity and undisguised conspiracy with the duplicity of James Gordon Brown and other respondents, is further compounded by his failure so far to demand an open inquiry into the why, how and result of the invasion of Iraq by the UK together with the USA, in the same manner that he has been making loud demands for “unfettered” and “unimpeded” access to the refugee centres in Sri Lanka to United Nations and other aid workers, in total disregard to Sri Lanka’s sovereign right to decide who should travel where and for what within its territory

And that he has shown himself to be a pawn of the western led so-called International Community by calling for public accountability, transparency and openness of inquiries conducted into the harsh days of the liberation of civilians in Sri Lanka, held hostage and as human shields by the most brutal terrorists the world has known, while not asking the UK to hold an open, transparent and public inquiry into the causes, conduct and consequences of its war with the sovereign state of Iraq

Accordingly, this Court calls on the Bar of International Opinion to hold all of these respondents guilty as charged of all the charge laid before them and consider them, as enemies of civilised society, in all future dealings with them, with all the consequences that should flow from such determination.

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