Tamil Tiger Mobs Attack Sri Lankan Cricket fans after the ICC Twenty20 Final
Posted on June 24th, 2009

By Janaka Alahapperuma from London

Several Sri Lankans were attacked by Tamil Tiger mobs in London soon after the ICC Twenty20 Final cricket match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan on 21st (Sunday) June 2009. These despicable incidents were happened near the main gate (Taverns Stand entrance) of the Lord’s Cricket ground despite the police presence.

So far eight such incidents had been reported and 16 youths were injured. Two of them had serious injuries and were taken to the nearby hospital. They were later discharged after treatment. All these pre planned attacks took place while Police were present and so far no proper action has been taken to catch the culprits. However when Police officers were about the attacks, they have replied to the victims that they do not have enough manpower (police officers) to take effective action..

Later the victims of three separate incidents have reported to the Paddington Green Police Station. Almost all the victims were British Sri Lankans mainly Sinhalese and one British Tamil received minor bruises from the attacks. There were many such incidents according to the information getting but unreported. Few vehicles belongs to Sri Lankans parked closer by were damaged too.

The London Metropolitan Police had given permission for a demonstration by the pro Tamil Tiger supporters in front of the Lords cricket grounds. When the Officer-In-Charge was asked as why there was no increase in the number of Police officers to ensure the safety of the spectators, he replied that according to the Police intelligence report there were no threats to the Sri Lankan cricket fans. When it was pointed out that these groups are violent and always looking to create troubles, specially at high profile Sri Lankan events, there were no comments from the Police officer. Further more it was pointed out that Police who must take the responsibility of those cowardly attacks by the Tamil Tiger supporters on peace loving Sri Lankan cricket fans. When pre-event police intelligence report was challenged, explaining recent attacks on many peace loving Sri Lankans, Buddhist temples and some businesses by Tamil Tiger thugs in London he could not answer any further questions. Finally he was told that Police had put British Sri Lankan cricket fans at risk not providing enough security, the officer got angry and asked victims to complain to the Paddington Green Police.

There were many reported incidents where Tamil mobs had snatched Sri Lankan flags from cricket fans and verbally abused Sri Lankan ladies. One Sri Lankan in his mid 50s was verbally abused and his Sri Lankan flag snatched, but escaped being attacked because of the presence of his English friends. According to one eye witness many spectators returning home had been agitated to see the Sri-Lankan National flags been burned and stamped upon by the pro LTTE Tamil protesters. When one moved to stop it, he had been verbally abused by the protesters and the Metropolitan Police looked on, saying that the protesters have obtained permission to protest legally.

It is now clear that these Tamil mobs belonged to the same group of so called ‘peaceful legal protesters’. However Diaspora and the Police are aware of the behaviour of Pro Tamil Tiger protesters and their thugs who are involved in many criminal activities here in the UK. There are many reported and recorded incidents of violent behaviours filed by the Met Police officers.

When ever there is a high profile Sri Lankan event these Pro Tamil Tiger groups organize demonstrations and they call them ‘Peaceful’ demonstrations. But with their consent these mobs behave violently and try to jeopardize the event. When people complain protesters always say that those mobs do not belong to their groups and when ever Police catch any illegal Tamil activity, Tamil Tiger supporters say that these groups are not part of their membership. However contrary to these claims the Police has found that they are actively involved in Tamil Tiger events. This hide and seek game has been tried for many years to deceive Western world including the British government, Police and other authorities.

The Officer-In-Charge told they haven’t received any complaints regarding any attacks on spectators and they require witnesses who saw these incidents to come forward. Several people have already approached the London Metropolitan Police (Paddington) to complain about their own injuries, but the police response had been very lethargic.

One Sri Lankan community leader has seen the Tamil gangs isolate Sinhalese and attack them and hastened to some police officers nearby and complained about the attacks. At first they were not interested in doing anything, but when he repeatedly told them about the attacks they had then run towards the attackers and surrounded a number of them. He has given his name and phone number to the Officer in Charge to contact him as he was a witness. But so far he has not been contacted.

However there were few violent groups along the road up to the St.Johns Wood underground station but Police managed to arrest only one Tamil protester in this connection. He was later released. The fact remains that there was inadequate police to patrol the area and that they were slow to respond even though the Sri Lankan spectators were at risk from the Tamil Tiger protesters who had been allowed to stage a demonstration.

Police said if there are any victims, they should complain to the local Police or to the Paddington Green Police as soon as possible. If there are any witnesses or recorded images relevant to the incidents those should be forward to the Police as well. They should also inform the Sri Lanka High Commission in London with details in order to lodge a formal complaint to the British government through diplomatic channels.

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  1. Senorita Says:

    Sri Lanka needs to setp up with their media campaign to counter these attacks and the negative press remarks world over. It is a fact that minorities always get the sympathy vote and the LTTE supporters are no different. Unlike the Sri Lankan government, they have been very effective, in every department, promoting their cause. The world has forgotten the attrocities commited by these terrorists and their sympathisers in the 80s, 90s and the 20s. No newspaper talks about the many bombings and the masses killed in non-Tamil areas. So, the attacks on British SriLankans (Sinhlala) is no surprise. The government must ensure through the world wide SL diplomatic missions that SriLankans attacked by these mobs should be brought to justice. However, it is up to the British government to make sure that all its´citizens are given proper protection. So the Sinhala (British) people who were attacked after the Twenty20 game must complain directly to the Police and through their MP that these attacks do not go unpunished.

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