Rejoinder to Island Editorial – Hurrah Boys Staking Claim for War Victory
Posted on July 2nd, 2009

Wasantha Bandara Ranagala

“He won the war but it is his hurrah boys who are trying to go places on victory! It is like a bevy of dancing girls staking claims for the IPL trophy on grounds that they cheered for the winning side!”

I am absolutely with you on the foregoing part in your yesterday’s editorial. Being fervent fans of your art of writing, we wouldn’t miss your editorials after the headline even from this far flung land. Aren’t they resourceful?

Having said that would you mind if I add to your editorial a few lines in the fowling order.

1. Up until 17 Nov 2005 where was HE MR? Queen Chandrika and the gang including the SLFP bigwigs were getting ready to perform the last rites for him.  Wasn’t this hurrah boys at the risk of their lives made the impossible a possible. No lesser person than MR himself paid tribute to their -JHU/JVP- unrelenting effort attributing the razor thin victory to them.

2. Remember where MR was when the Queen with her hurrah boys nearly gave ISGA/PTOM on a platter to that megalomaniac. While HE was maintaining a deafening silence these hurrah boys did not hesitate to put their lives on the path of the juggernaut formed by Ranil, rolling at break neck speed with peaceniks/IC/India et al. We still believe HR was patiently waiting for the right moment, sign of a mastermind.

So “This is the harsh political reality that not only the Saffrons but also the Rajidano must come to terms with.”

On the other hand, with no MR at the helm in the nick of time, today we would have been applying for Eelam Visa from down under.

Wasantha Bandara Ranagala

One Response to “Rejoinder to Island Editorial – Hurrah Boys Staking Claim for War Victory”

  1. Abbey Says:

    The reference to the Island newspaper and its editorials is an interesting point. As a regular visitor to their website, I tend to read some of their articles. However, as you say, they too lack the capability to provide facts and have their own agenda, in some cases acting like another self-appointed government. Some of the articles are clearly spreading hatred against Sinhala people and should have the approval of the editors. While clamouring for free media, none of these media deserves any freedom but thorough scrutiny. Being an English publication, they forget their domain of interests and even go to dictate to Sinhala people as regals with vested power. All these papers use their commercial ventures as political tools to appease their politicians of choice and never give up any opportunity for Sinhala bashing. Being subjugated by English invaders, Sinhala people should not be willing partners of this English servility to let themselves ridiculed by traitorous individuals or organisations. Our freedom comes only when we fight and free ourselves from the vestiges of occupation, especially submission to English impositions. None of these media has ever supported interests of Sinhala majority through their news outlets, but behaves like they are the people who decide on behalf of Sinhala people. While clamouring for minorities and their rights, none comes forward with the truth or talk about the flight of the Sinhala majority, who are the most disadvantaged majority in comparison to any other country around the world, and suffering without their right to be Sinhala and follow Sinhala way of life. As someone determined to stand up for Sinhala people, I like to tell anyone concerned that we do not have any school, any business or other venture that help Sinhala children to regain Sinhala knowledge or way of life. None of these people talk about the abuse of resources, assets and country at large that belong to Sinhala people by their fellow travellers in politics. What we find today is the same English rule and same old English hegemony championed by the traitorous group of politicians. Disgustingly, these media stooges think English is the mother language of Sinhala people and Sinhala people should worship them for their Englishness instead of kicking them out.

    Your reminder on the conduct of current president, MR, is timely. We have a pseudo-independent government run by people who inherited leadership from their parents who acted as the drumbeaters of English occupiers. We also have the same old English establishment dispensing the same old outdated English rule. Though I see this worthless illegal establishment only as a dispensable nuisance, there are many others who are directly affected by their actions illegally enforced through the misguided poor and disadvantaged Sinhala speaking individuals. This government system has no legitimacy and what it does has no lasting effect on our future. As the head of this establishment, MR does what exactly others of his ilk did and is apparently overjoyed by the recent military successes gained by recovering ground that was lost to Tamil terrorists over the years with the sacrifice of many dedicated youngsters who faced the most unhuman and barbaric enemy. Though I admire the achievements of those who faced the wrath of terrorists under trying conditions imposed by alien force structure and regimented action without any proper individual contributions inherent in English school of warfare, I am wondering whether it is a victory of sort given the undisclosed undertakings made to foreigners behind our backs. War is a necessarily evil that comes our way, not by request but by the will of our enemies. I believe that end of a war is the time to prepare for another war. It is always a matter of urgency to think of self-improvement and to see better ways to fight future wars. One of the main reasons for our suffering today is our lack of preparedness for war and defensive thinking. I wonder whether it is time to introduce offensive thinking, which if had, would not have allowed many of our past invaders any room to attack us while we were sleeping. (I mean, when we take the fight to our enemy’s backyard when attacked, they are as vulnerable as us.) As it seems, with so many personal, religious, political, local and international undertakings, there is nothing for MR to rejoice over the military achievements. I wonder what kind of confidence MR had in victory. In time to come, I am sure all will be revealed. But there are all the indications that MR is hell bent on suppressing Sinhala people and their rights, presumably to keep his word. If so, what about the words told to our people? Under various guises, there are many programs with very funny (you may call very attractive) names. Having faced their English master for nearly one and half centuries and miraculously survived, Sinhala civilisation will survive any post-English attempts to destroy it. It is our mission as supporters of Sinhala civilisation to regain our glory and to send our enemies to where they deserve. Some of the policies adopted by this government against Sinhala people under various disguises labelled as development initiatives are really appalling. The most disgusting venture is the masked effort in eradication of Sinhala identity, their history and their heritage. I am yet to find the secrets in their closets though very sure of their failure. Those who talk of destroying ethnic identities and trying to mould one new identity in a new land of hope sounds very familiar to the themes of English colonisation in many parts of the world adopted after occupation. I do not have much hope in a better future under any of the current politicians and hope that MR would not make it worse though it sounds wishful thinking. I believe, only thing that makes MR relevant is whether he is better than RW.

    Regarding what if they had failed to succeed in their war effort and seeking a Visa to go home, I like to tell that I would be one of those doing my best to build tools of war in a friendly country or in other secure place to eradicate this menace for once and all. Those who are concerned should note that the regime lives in fear of our people and does not allow or promote any local defence industry to date. As a matter of fact, our ancient fore-parents did not become gods worthy of worship by going behind servile politicians, but by their deeds. If it demands that kind of feats to protect our people, there are many amongst us today who can take their place. The extension of compassion and tolerance, once we exclusive had for our dear ones, to enemies of life has brought us all these tragedies. It is also time to adopt the practice of protecting our loved ones and fighting off our adversaries to the bitter end. At the end, we are Sinhala people who love life and living longer as true humans out side the jungle and no body can turn us back ever.

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