The 13th amendment, deadly to Sri Lanka, leading to disaster
Posted on July 12th, 2009

Ben Silva

A Promise should be honoured, if  the promise  was made willingly and if all the relevant  information related to the promise was known, at the time the promise was made. With reference to the 13th amendment, it was forced upon us by India, who destabilised  us, by forming and arming LTTE. Any agreement that  has been made under duress  has no legal validity.

People can be made to promise various things under gun point, but these.  promises or agreements are not valid. and unenforceable. We have to bear in mind that foreigners would like a divided Sri Lanka as it would enable “ƒ”¹…”divide and rule’. Whatever the solution to the “ƒ”¹…”ethnic problem’, a hazard identification and a risk analysis has to be carried out before a solution is implemented. 

 The 13th amendment is simply an expensive division of the country through the back door. Enemies of Sri Lanka will do their best to divide us. We need to remember that   “ƒ”¹…”united we stand, divided we fall’. The  Sri Lankan  tax payer has to bear the burden of additional politicians and the bureaucrats. We also have to bear in mind that those countries that support the 13th amendment either created the terrorists or supported the terrorists.

Basically the enemies of Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese, support the 13th amendment.. It has to be mentioned that the whole of Sri Lanka was the homeland of the Sinhalese. Implementing the 13th   amendment will legitimise the ethnic cleansing carried out  by Tamils war lords, who destroyed the Sinhala civilisation.

 A far better solution is to treat all Sri Lankans as members of the same family and have justice and fair play for all. Those who support the 13th  amendment should read up on Sri Lanka’s history and also what happened to ethnic groups such as the Aztecs that could not stand up to foreign pressures.

A simple investigation may reveal that the most disadvantaged group, without a voice are the Sinhala peasants. The Sinhala peasants  are economically weak and  do not have overseas relatives or NGOs to support them.

The writers that support devolution appear to be naƒÆ’†’¯ve, ignorant, lacking in critical thinking skills and believe that appeasing racists will solve problems, similar to the manner RW believed that appeasing terrorists will solve problems. The only way Sri Lanka will have peace is, if we are strong militarily and economically. Devolution will increase the forces that will tear the country apart  and dynamics that we have not seen will come into play.

Tamils are part of the Sri Lankan family and should e treated as such. If we give the Tamils a separate identity, then we will be breaking up the family. Integration would be a better solution than division and disintegration. Devolution will simply give power to politicians to become racists   and play the race card, to win votes.

 Information is now emerging that  rich, powerful global Tamils wanted to carve out a part of Sri Lanka to  acquire real estate for their use. If they were allowed to achieve their objectives, they would have achieved control over Sri Lanka over a period of time. We have to first recognise the threat from Global Tamils and then take steps to protect Sri Lanka  and the Sinhalese from the evil plans of Global Tamils.  Also it is generally known that Powerful Tamils, some of them academics and LTTE sympathizers are plotting against Sri Lanka.

Implementing the 13 t amendment will lay the foundation for Ealam and would delight KP .Remember  that some Tamil Nadu politicians have openly threatened Sri Lanka, and these threats should not be ignored.  Remember what happened to the Soviet Union under Gorbechev. Implementing the 13th amendment will legitimise Chola  invasions and also legitimise ethnic cleansing of the Sinhalese carried out by Tamil war lords .

As  majority of Tamils now live amongst other Sri Lankans, it is meaningless to give Tamils separate devolved areas. It is generally known that anti Sri Lankan forces, that includes many NGOs are hell  bent on the concept of devolution and division of Sri Lanka. It is a sad day for Sri Lanka, if the President yield to these anti Sri Lankan forces and implement the 13th amendment without thinking through the impact on Sri Lanka  and the Sinhalese. Implementing the 13th  amendment will  lead to  Ealam through the back door  and would be the start of the end of the Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.

It is rather sad that some are so blind that they cannot see what would happen if race based devolution is carried out. Terrorists and anti Sri Lankans have  plans for Sri Lanka that  are hidden and we should have  enough sense to see through their plans and hidden agendas. RW was such a big fool that he did not see through LTTE plans, but we hope that MR is able to see through the hidden agendas of our enemies. Many prominent persons have shown strong objections to the 13th amendment and all these people cannot be wrong.

As the brains and financial backers of LTTE  around the world  are  still at large , If power is devolved  on the basis of ethnicity , it it may allow the remnants of LTTE to regroup and grab power. It is dangerous to have situations, where racists could get into power in devolved areas.  It has to be recognised that the true minority in the world are the Sinhalese and they have to be protected from destructive, powerful, rich Global Tamils.

In my view, the most disadvantaged group in Sri Lanka are the poor Sinhala peasants, who appear to receive  no help at all. Number of academics have reported that people in NCP are dying in thousands due to consumption of water contaminated with heavy metals and toxins used in agriculture. Yet very little help is given to these people.

There has to be justice and fair play for all Sri Lankans irrespective of the ethnicity and  the society need to be inclusive.

 Let us look at some facts  again. The whole of Sri Lanka was the home land of the Sinhalese. Over a period of time, we have lost the North, the East, the up country,  and now the Colombo province. If the 13th amendment is implemented, the extinction of the Sinhalese would accelerate, and the Sinhalese may end up as second class citizens in their own homeland. This has happened in Bolivia. Further, the native  American  Indians were wiped out  by the Spanish. If the Sinhalese are not careful, they will suffer the same fate, as  some Tamil Nadu Politicians have already threatened Sri Lanka. It is worthwhile remembering that it was the Cholas that destroyed the Sinhala irrigation system and the civilisation. Remember that Praakaran was created, trained and funded by India.

If Sri Lanka want to survive, we must have the will power to fight our enemies rather than find excuses to yield to their wishes.

Issues related to the 13th amendment

1. The 13th amendment was forced on us by India under threat.

2. At the time any promises related to the 13th agreement was made, the threats by global Tamils and their aims may not have been known or understood. However, any one who keeps an eye on global affairs would know the  political, financial power   and the mission of global Tamils.

 Before any promises related to the 13th amendment are honoured, which will be disastrous to the Sinhalese, the  two points given  above has to be considered. It will be utterly foolish and stupid to honour promises that were made under duress and that were based on wrong or incomplete information.

Over 6000 have sacrificed their lives to save the only homeland of the  Sinhalese from racist Tamils. Many have been disabled trying to protect Lanka. Many have sacrificed their time and health to lobby for Sri Lanka. Surely, the sacrifices made by many    safeguarding  the only homeland of the Sinhalese is more important than keeping the promise of the President that was perhaps made under duress and incomplete or wrong information.

 Any changes to the Political structure of Sri Lanka or devolving of power should be based on the results of a referendum and not on the judgement of an individual.  The wisdom of many is better than the wisdom of an individual.


1.   Sri Lanka’s Solution should be Sri Lanka’s Solution  By Shenali Waduge

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    Tamils are extremely anxious on carrying out their own affairs and to achieve this they will do anything and everything in the North and East by force or any other means. If we and our politicians including our Presidenet and the family have not yet realised this then we are Sinhalese and the Sri Lankan Family are heading for a slow but real extinction. Tamils say that they are disadvantaged but it is hard to estimate its extent as there are very many poor peasants of Sinhalese origin who are living much below poverty levels by any standard. Tamils since independence were planning to separate and its in their flesh and blood and more seriously in their culture. Rich Tamils will continue to buy out the best real estate of anywhere in Sri Lanka at a pace the poor Sri Lankans can not even think of. With all this on to Tamils’ advantage if you provide them with a legitimate means of separation like power devolution they would only laugh at us and say “Sinhalaya modaya kaun kanna Yodaya”. So pl…..ease, pl…..ease, pl…..ease, say no to devolution. What we need is “equal rights and opportunity” legislation and speedy development of North and East.

  2. cassandra Says:

    We need to redress the ‘legitimate grievances’ of the Tamils but not necessarily their so-called ‘aspirations’. These ‘aspirations’ are rarely defined and can include wishing to have a separate state. If these ‘aspirations’ are not consistent with a unitary state and are not justified, no way can they be granted.

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