Dump the 13th amendment, the product of an illegal and immoral agreement
Posted on July 29th, 2009

Ben Silva

The tremendous contribution made by DJ in defending Sri Lanka has to be acknowledged and several have already done so.

There is a flaw in the logic of those who support the 13th amendment. DJ and Prof Witharana have flawed thinking, as they assume that the world consist of ideal humans. It is important to be ale to train the brain to think critically, analyse situations looking at evidence, rather than hang on to beliefs and dogmas. The 13th amendment was forced on us by India, that invaded Sri Lanka,  to satisfy Indian needs, after an illegal and immoral agreement. Even part of the agreement, ie to disarm the LTTE was not carried out by  India. Even the Indians may have not known all the facts. Ie the Indians may have not known that the Global Tamils were using their wealth   and power to carve out a part of Sri Lanka, for a racist Tamil state. We should  take into account the wealth and power of global Tamils, when we take decisions on devolution. Now, there is no need to implement the terms of  the illegal and immoral agreement that will lead to the extinction of  the Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. In my view it would be complete madness to implement the 13th amendment. Remember India armed and trained LTTE terrorists, causing death and destruction in Sri Lanka. We need to tell the world that  this whole episode of Terrorism in Sri Lanka was originated by the Indian Secret Service during Indira Ghandi’s time. Many have mentioned on many occasions the need to have a communication team to tell the truth to the world: The Sinhalese are trying to survive and the Tamls are trying to create empires.

 I would support justice and fair play for all Sri Lankans, irrespective of the ethnicity and would strongly oppose the racial division of the country. Not only Tamils, all Sri Lankans have aspirations and all should have rights too!, including Sinhala peasants. Some Sinhala peasants such as those in the NCP, do not have even clean drinking water. They do not have proper meals and shelter and are dying in thousands due to kidney disease. They too should at least have basic human rights!, at least equal to that of IDPs. Number of Academics have published the plight of the poor in NCP, but no one seems to care , as if they have no human rights !.

  DJ has done a lot for Sri Lanka and I  have supported DJ strongly in the past. If  DJ  want to regain respect, then he has to engage his brain and think critically, rather than depend on beliefs. DJ has to move away from being an idealist and be aware of the real nasty world, where you get wiped out if you are not strong!. In reality, if we give opportunity for people to divide the country, they will do just that This is evident from the action of Varatharaja who declared UDI. Just as if we give foreigners  opportunity to invade the country by being weak, they will invade the country. Milliband and co tried to bully us and fortunately Prez. MR did not yield to bullying. If he yielded, we would still be under terrorist threat.  Those that support the 13th amendment believe (mind you  they believe, without evidence ) that appeasing Tamil racists  will avoid trouble. Their belief is the same as that of the fool RW who thought that appeasing LTTE would bring peace. I wonder if there are many in Sri Lanka, who do not realise that RW is a fool on a grand scale.  As we now find, LTTE used the peace time to rearm, regroup and prepare for war. In the same manner, any devolution of power will be used to create mini Ealams. We need to promote justice and fair play to all Sri Lankans, irrespective of the race, without creating racist enclaves

 If we give opportunity to foreigners to steal from us by being weak, they will steal from us. This is human nature, and history  has plenty of evidence of the above statement. The law of nature is survival of the fittest.

The Sinhalese have already lost most of their home  country to invaders. They have to be strong to prevent invasions rather than appease people who want to divide the country. It is time the Sinalese woke up!  I have to clearly state that I do not support racism by any group and I am merely resisting Tamil racism.

In my opinion all Sri Lankans should be treated as members of the same family, rather than treating people differently depending on the race. We have however seriously note the threats  made by TN politicians. We should spend our energy and time on working out  how to minimise danger due to external and internal threats rather than appease racists or facilitate the division of the country.

 It is now evident that LTTE used Tamil Nadu as a supply line for their  weapons  Ref:  “ƒ”¹…”Tigers received explosives, aviation gasoline from India’ http://www.island.lk/2009/07/29/news16.html. If we devolve power, then racists will  abuse their power to bring in weapons from Tamil Nadu. It will be a very expensive affair to prevent  Tamil Nadu weapons coming to Lanka and prevent annexation.

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  1. cassandra Says:

    The 13th Amendment is a fraud and part of an even greater fraud called the Indo Sri Lanka Accord, something that Rajiv Gandhi’s arrogant (and powerful) India slammed down our throats. It is terribly flawed, India has not fulfilled its obligations under it and for all practical purposes, it is a dead letter. The Tamils have shown no signs of giving up their demand for a separate state. The TNA MPs are even now saying it. These MPs at least are stating it openly. At every turn they run to South India for consultations, so much so that one wonders what on earth they are doing as members of the Sri Lankan parliament. Implementation of 13A will be the thin end of the wedge for Sri Lanka. It will be as SJV Chelvanayagam said, ‘a little now’ on the road to separatism. As MR has said, we should have a home grown solution and one that will secure the rights of everyone including the Sinhalese.

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