13th Amendment – a Lesson from Basque Separatist
Posted on August 12th, 2009


The 13th amendment is the cry of the day for the sinhala lotus eaters, Tamil separatists and the Indian and International geopolitical aspirants. It is an illegal document signed under the pressure of Indian invasion by a spineless traitor, legitimised by an illegal parliament held to ransom by the traitor who had resignation letters of the government MPs with which he threatened them. This piece of legislations handed over Sinhala land to a so called Tamil homeland and foisted on the people another group of parasitic politicians which the country cannot afford. One must not forget of course that 70,000 brave Sinhala youth gave there life fighting against it. The amendment is illegal and hence must be abolished or held to a referendum.

The Sinhala lotus eaters must learn a lesson from Spain. It is 50 years since the Basque separatists movement was started. The basque region is an autonomous region with there own police . Still that has not prevented terrorists actions. The most recent terrorists bombing in spain should be an eye opener to any sinhala pacifists who are willing to give anything for a mirage of peace. The Tamils will never stop until they completely dominate the Sinhala people with the help of Tamil Nadu.  A referendum and redrawing of the land is essential to establish peace in SL .




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  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    Dear Realist!
    What your say is exactly true.Tamil terrorist and Tamil Country’s(Nadu) politicians wanted to invade Sri Lanka and chase Sinhala nation from our mother land.Ever since our history our freedom fight was fighting with Tamil invaders.King Gemunu, King Walagamba, King Gajaba,King Vijayabahu, King Parakramabahu and most kings had to fight with this tamil invaders continously.Tamils have not given up the idea of take control of Sri Lanka.
    After British invaders left our country Velupillai Chelvanayakam,GG Ponambalam,Appapilai Amirthalingam and Velupillai Prabakaran all wanted a seperate tamil state from Sri Lanka.It’s more than 50% of present land mass.This idea is well supported by Tamil Country’s politicians such as MG Ramachandran,M Karunanidhi, Jaya Lalitha,Vaiko, Nedumaran etc. This is real expansionism.They have a truly a Tamil country(Tamil Nadu)”Nadu” is in tamil language “Country” and more they wanted to invade Sri Lanka.This is how India invade Sikkim and now no more Sikkim nation.It’s just another region in India.So Tamil Country’s politicians tried the same to Sri Lanka.
    First they wanted a north and east of Sri Lanka for tamils then the UVA and Nuwaraeliya Districts then Central and Sabboragamuwa etc this was there plan to capture Sri Lanka.If we give any part to Tamils this is end of Sinhala race.
    JR and spine less politicians and anti Sinhalese triaters like Chandrika, Ranil wanted to divide our country to please Tamil racists,British and American imperialist and Norwegian,French, German and other Europeans who are anti Sinhala buddists. 13 th amendment is a stepping stone.Then the seperation, then the invasion, then the endless war like in India-Pakistan,Israel- Palastine,North /South Korea etc.
    Our three Lions (Honerable President Mahinda, Gotabaya and Sarath) eleminate one danger bravely.But other danger is still alive(13th Amendment)hope they will take action at proper way to eliminate this danger too.So then we Sinhalese and Tamil brothers and sister can live in our mother Sri Lanka peacefully.

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