Posted on August 23rd, 2009

From Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

Dear Hon. Chief Minister,

Congratulations on your historical landslide win in this provincial council election!

The marvelous record you could set up during the election proves how much the citizens of Uva province trust in President Mahinda Rajapaksha and his government and in you with your energetic team. In fact it is a well known truth that not only Uva but all the citizens of Sri Lanka trust and love President Rajapaksha and his efficient team.

We strongly believe that, this definitely is just a beginning of your political career. You shall proceed longer and contribute the best of the best to the progress of Sri Lanka courageously and honestly.

 The Hon. Chief Minister Rajapaksha is respectfully informed hereby that this open letter of press article is written to you especially on behalf of some of my close friends and associates who hail from the district of Monaragala which is under your control and new administration. Most Venerable Deliwa Indarathana who is an extremely active patriot of Sri Lanka and a popular monk in Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara in Michigan is one of those friends who requested me to write this letter. According to them today the constituents in Monaragala district and suburbs have a high sigh of  relief hoping their much overdue basic needs shall be fulfilled by you.

As you may already know, the local secretariat region of Madulla in Monaragala district is a least developed region in Uva.

The villages of Ruwalwela, Daliwa, Thalkotayaya, Baduluwela, Panguwa and Thambana are some of those villages which suffer with no basic facilities. These villages do not have any electricity services and never had any paved road till to date. All the previous election contestants had promised these constituents that they will receive these basic facilities when they are elected but after coming into power they had not even visited the areas. All the requests and appeals have been fallen on to deaf ears of those politicians. Despite the fact that majority of these villagers are SLFP supporters historically, no politician has been kind enough to see that these villages are truly developed.

Therefore in the light of the above you are most respectfully urged hereby to implement speedy and necessary action to provide electricity and paved high ways to those villages namely Ruwalwela, Daliwa, Thalkotayaya, Baduluwela, Panguwa and Thambana.

It is believed that as this request also falls into the concept of “ƒ”¹…”Gama Nenguma’ or “ƒ”¹…”Gama Hadamu-Rata Wadamu’ which belongs to the vastly popular and well recognized philosophical and practical theme of progress and development called “Mahinda Chinthana”, the above task should not be a huge and tedious project for your new administration to accomplish.

Lastly while congratulating you again for the great victory you and the party achieved during the last provincial council elections, you are informed profoundly that the constituents of the above mentioned villages shall be fully corporative to you for all the efforts towards the regional development programs and related work.

 May your noble endeavours be met with great success!

 Thank you.     

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