Posted on October 2nd, 2009

by Gomin Dayasri

Fury of a woman knows no bounds. Worse, when she is powerful and arrogant but yet failed to achieve her goals. Such is Hilary Clinton. The mighty Secretary of State failed to tame Sri Lanka. The failed Presidential aspirant, knowingly or unknowingly, received terrorist funding for her election campaign and was compelled to return the cash to comply with the law. Notwithstanding her strenuous efforts she could not save the lives of the terrorists, to whom she is obliged. Therein lays the story.

The anger is intensified because Sri Lanka in its drive to dismantle terrorism, did not heed to the pleas and pressures of Hillary Clinton to save the terrorists. Her pride is wounded but the country rid itself of terrorism. Having to hang her head in shame, she is hell bent to damage and destroy the country that defeated terrorism comprehensively, which her country has failed to achieve and continue to unsuccessfully grapple with forces of terrorism. Green Eyes, Madam? Understandably, a jealous woman is an angry woman.

Her recent intemperate outburst was in her capacity as the representative of the USA at the Security Council where she named and implied Sri Lanka as a country where women are raped and its Armed forces use rape as a weapon of war and remain unpunished.

In law it means she has to establish the defense establishment, willfully and intentionally, on a premeditated design uses and/or permits it forces to rape women on a pre arranged scale to achieve its objectives in war. Otherwise she fails flat on the charge. The significance here is that- there is not even a scintilla of evidence, not even a complaint- of simple rape during the course of the war against an individual member of the defense forces. While Clinton bases her charge on collective structured rape as a tool of war, in fact, there is not even an allegation of rape of a single woman by a rapacious member of the defense forces. Where do you stand in the dock, fair lady?

Except for the verbal indictment, not an iota of evidence was provided by Mrs. Clinton to substantiate the charge. She has a right to make a charge provided she can support it with material to reveal that rape was used as a weapon of war .The charge is not plain and simple rape but more serious since it is made against a State. Therefore accuser has to be responsible as to substantiate with hard facts. She accuses the Sri Lankan Forces having used rape as a tool to defeat terrorism. It requires proof of collective pre meditated rape on an organized scale. A charge unheard and unleveled against Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces except by the Diaspora who is forever making irresponsible accusations without proof. Then Hillary Clinton stepped on the podium. Have her previous financiers sold her a fabricated story? Is it a meeting of minds between birds of one feather!

Where is the proof with credible evidence? Was there a single complaint lodged against the Forces of having raped a woman during the period of conflict? Where are the complainants- where are the victims? There is not a scintilla of evidence against any other than in the fertile imaginary mind of Hillary Clinton and the Diaspora. When a charge of rape was presented as in the Krishanthi Kumaraswamy’s case indictments were filed in court and after trial the accused were sentenced. In the USA only 6% of those accused of rape even spend a single night in a lock up. Such is Justice in the USA.

There is established rape by the US Forces in Iraq in conflict situations with photographs produced (see Ernesto Cienfuegos in La Voz de Aztlan) wherein it is alleged that many of the photographs were freely disseminated to US occupying forces perhaps to inflame their nefarious desires and to motivate them to strike out against the Iraqi populace in a perverse manner. It is reported many of these pictures were found when the luggage of the soldiers were searched before they left for the US from Iraq.

The charge of rape is established against the Security Forces of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton talks of rape during periods of conflict. In her back yard in the United States in times of peace there were 232960 cases of rape in 2006 which increased to 248300 in 2007 [Justice Department(US) Table 2 page 17]. That amounts to 600 cases a day mostly women between 20 -24 of rape in times of peace [Justice Department (US) Table 4 page 17] on a normal working day in her home country. Justice Department reports 1 in 5 college girls in US universities have been raped or experienced attempted rape. It also reports the Indian American women are subjected to rape at a rate twice the national average and black Americans are raped more than white American women. These are statistics originating from a society where only 60%of rape is reported! Are not our women safer both in times of war and peace than their sisters in America?

Why does Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State not look after the folk back home before opening her dainty lips in the UN! Is she not concerned of her own electorate who are experiencing frequent rape from the criminal elements in her society and the women of the world from the unruly elements in her armed forces?

Practice before you preach, lady!

Mrs Clinton, learn the basic lesson-fast and furiously- from our Armed Forces to beat Terrorism. The art of carrying effectively a Humanitarian War where you win the hearts and minds of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan so that they do not provide men and material to the terrorist but wait to flee to the forces of liberation.

Women- inclusive of you- are a precious possession of society in times of war and peace.

Teach US Forces, to treat women with respect and not to make love to them in an improper way to offend the people in such a manner which makes it necessary for your Commanders to seek frequently additional forces in occupying countries to control terrorism.

Do control terrorism and rape in your own country, Mrs Clinton, and then you can speak with your head held high in the UN.

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    Top article. This woman is confused. I think she is having ‘flash backs’ of her husband’s past adulterous behaviour. How on earth would have sex with a woman in a presidential office other than her husband??

    Is there anyway we can sue her?


    Top article. This woman is confused. I think she is having ‘flash backs’ of her husband’s past adulterous behaviour. Who on earth would have sex with a woman in a presidential office other than her husband??

    Is there anyway we can sue her?

  3. Ratanapala Says:

    Hillary Clinton is responsible for 9/11 and the rape of Middle East!

    If Hillary Clinton was a good wife to her husband, Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones nor Monica Lewinsky nor many other victims of Bill Clinton would have ‘happened’. If Hillary Clinton feigns ignorance of all these affairs she is not suitable to hold her current office – the second most important in the American Presidency. Otherwise she should be rated a rank liar. It is due to her ambition for office that she pretended not to see all this happen and did her ostrich act ?

    If Monica Lewinsky did not happen there wouldn’t have been any ‘Cigar Rape nor a tell tale ‘blue dress’. If there was no ‘blue dress’ there wouldn’t have been an attempt to impeach Bill Clinton. If there was no attempt to impeach Bill Clinton by the American Congress, there wouldn’t have been a Boy Scout President and Al Gore would have got elected to the American Presidency. If Al Gore got elected there wouldn’t have been a 9/11. If there was no 9/11 there wouldn’t have been a trumped up case of ” of Mass Destruction” and no Iraq war nor a war in Afghanistan. There would be no Guantanamo internment camp or Abu Ghraib and prisoner abuse. There would be no rape of Iraq and Afghanistan which continues to this day.

    This Hillary Clinton is simply deluded and seething in discomfort having to play second fiddle to her nemesis – Barrack Obama. Wherever she is, her body language simply reveals this discomfort. She will end up discrediting the first Black President and she will be Barrack Obama’s Achilles Heel and undoing.

    Where is Monica Lewinsky – the ‘Cigar Raped’ victim of her husband? She is another statistic among the hundreds of raped and made destitute victims in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Hillary Clinton and her America must atone themselves of the genocide in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, of the genocide in Vietnam and now genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan before they can start preaching to Sri Lanka!

    There is not a single shred of evidence that any rape took place during the war against terrorism in Sri Lanka in the way she is has ascribed – that the Sri Lankan defense establishment, willfully and intentionally, on a premeditated design used and/or permited it forces to rape women on a pre arranged scale to achieve its objectives in war.

    Hillary Clinton must realize that Sri Lanka is a far more civilized society than her own as so eminently illustrated by the writer of this article.


  4. cassandra Says:

    Last November Barack Obama scored a famous victory, and, no doubt, internationally, a very popular one. But I cannot help feeling he squandered a fair amount of the goodwill he earned on that occasion when he picked Hilary Clinton as his Secretary of State.

    The Clintons came to Washington from Arkansas with not very good reputations and left the White House with their record further sullied. And now we see that Hilary Clinton is set on adding ineptitude to her dismal CV.

    How strange it is that she can make unfounded accusations of rape against the SL armed forces and say not a word of rape in the wars in which her country is and was involved. Oh, no. We are to believe that the US forces never were guilty of rape – not in Vietnam, not in Iraq, not elsewhere! Perhaps, no mention of them was made because none was necessary. After all, they rape women even in non combat situations, like at the US bases in Japan and elsewhere and whenever the US sailors come to town on shore leave.

    For all his blundering and apparent lack of depth, George Bush was at least able to pick people of talent to handle foreign affairs. Hilary Clinton is not a patch on her immediate predecessor in the job, Condoleeza Rice – an accomplished woman who handled herself well and was a credit to the office she held.

  5. Nihal Fernando Says:

    Hillary has been hilarious since she was appointed as the Secretary of State. She has exhibited herself as a blabbering, unsophisticated woman not suitalble for the post at all. At least now onwards she should chanall her husband before she makes any statements on world affairs so as to avoid making any blatant disinformation.

  6. De Mel Says:

    Please click this link to the financial affairs of Hilary Clinton and ask the question whether there is a link between her debt repayments and accusing Sri Lanka of using rape as a weapon of war.


    •Secretary of state owed five vendors $5.9 million left over from campaign in Jan 2009.
    •Her debt peaked in June 2009 at $25.2 million
    •She is not allowed to solicit or accept contributions in her new position
    •Her mother issued a fundraising pitch on her behalf

    It is questionable whether a person with such a debt should have been appointed as the Secretary of State, in view of the possibility of National Interests being undermined by Terrorist organisations such as LTTE, who are prepared to repay these debts with their ill gotten idle funds.

    The authority responsible for the monitoring funding by Terrorist Organizations should be alerted to investigate her financial affairs as a matter of National Interest.

  7. piyal Says:

    Do not insult our “pita rata inna Anula Devi ta “

  8. aravinda Says:

    The LTTE coffers are filled with money earned from arms smuggling, flesh trade, people smuggling, gold smuggling, robberies, drug trade, money laundring and taxing Tamil diaspora in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway,Switzerland and UK. They have number of ships and large number of legal front businesses.
    The LTTE money river is still flowing. It will take time for governments around the globe to curtail all LTTE illegal activities. Until such a time this money will buy lobbyist in Western nations to damage Sri Lanka. The LTTE and the diaspora which supported terrorism failed because their intentions were bad. Whatever they do, they will fail at the end. There are tens of thousands of Tamils who were always against LTTE tactics. They should speak out now. Speak now or hold your silence forever……

    Sri Lanka is a nation with a proud and ancient history. Empires will come and empires will go. Sri Lanka will always be there. The country needs time to heal after 30 years civil war. The actions of LTTE diaspora make this harder. Atleast now they should give up on this Eelam dream and try to help Sri Lanka to rebuild. They throw mud at Sri Lankan President and Army hoping that some will stick. Sri Lankans know better. Sri Lankans are very proud of Sri Lankan army. Just count how many new born boys are named Sarath, Mahinda and of course Gotabaya. This war has produced a new generation of strong willed proud Sri Lankans. The diaspora in Toranto is so divorced from reality they can not understand this. They are so bitter they can not forget or forgive the past. They are condemed to live in the past forever…but all their actions to damage Sri Lanka’s economy will fail.

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