Posted on October 5th, 2009

By Stanley Perera from Melbourne

Hillary Clinton’s parting shot aimed at Sri Lanka’s armed forces is a deliberate attempt to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka earned its image in combating the terrorism with the dedicated armed forces that are the world’s most disciplined armed forces. In the second world war Gurkas became the best disciplined army but the west did not recognise them fully.

Hillary’s dignity.

Hillary Clinton became a liar during the presidential election campaign when she made some derogatory statements against her opponent Barack Obama. She was humiliated when she couldn’t prove the allegations against Obama. Obama indirectly called Hillary a liar. Hillary tried a trick on shredding tears to gain the sympathy vote. But she failed. She has proved herself to be of no dignity after accepting a subordinate position with her presidential rival.

Secretary of State.

Secretaries of State have come and gone. James Baker, Madeline Albright, Condolesa Rice and others have come and gone with no results to show. When you analyse the service they have provided to the American constituency, the result is absolutely nothing. So one might think that they are powerful but in actual facts figures they are there only to be bludging their own country. Condolesa Rise walked so fast to solve the problems in the world. Sit back and think, you will arrive at a colossal amount of money has been gobbled up by them and the world achieved absolutely nothing. CDondolesa Rise atleast wlked very fast. But Hillary Clinton cannot walk 100 yards without holding hands with another person like Milliband. So, the reader will no doubt decide that the American Constituency is better off without a secretary of state.


During the Presidential election campaign, Hillary Clinton received funds from the pro Terrorists LTTE sympathisers knowing very well that the LTTE are the banned terrorist organisation in the USA, EU and so many other countries. Receiving financial benefits from a banned Terrorist organisation is bribery and corruption and its is a punishable offence. After receiving funds from the Terrorists, Hillary made a public speech in calling the LTTE are good Terrorists because they funded Hilolary’s election campaign. This proved herself as corrupt and would do anything for her personal gains. So Hillary is a corrupt politician and should be probed for receiving funds from the banned Terrorist group LTTE. Subsequently Hillary returned the funds back to the LTTE. That alone is good enough to put her in jail for Bribery and Corruption. After becoming the Secretary of State (only in the USA and not the Secretary of the world) her maiden speech was to support the Terrorists LTTE. To do that alone, she had not enough guts. So she made a joint statement with new to the job UK’s foreign minister Milliband and that was Milliband’s maiden speech also. The statement was to order Sri Lanka Government to seize fire against Hillary’s fund raiser LTTE in order to give a lifeline to the Terrorist. This act of Hillary and Milliband was clear evidence that the Hillary and Milliband to-gether with the whole wide west were supporting the terrorism in Sri Lanka.


Hillary Clinton failed all her attempts in rescuing her fund raiser LTTE. Hillary connived with Navaneetham Pillai to bring allegations before Security Council against Sri Lanka on war crimes. The allegations proved unfounded and the Security Council rejected Navaneetham pillais chages with a thumping majority. Navaneetham Pillai and Hillary Clinton failed. Thereafter Hillary Clinton with Navaneetham Pillai connived with Peter O Blake to forward a report to the American Congress on the subject of War Crimes against Sri Lanka. When the Patriotic Sri Lankans made a huge uproar against Peter O Blake, Peter took two steps backwards. For the moment it appears that Peter O Blake’s report has been shelved to be used at a later date. Just for the time being at least Navaneetham Pillai, Peter O Blake and Hillary Clinton appear to be failures. Becoming failure after failure, Hillary decided to skin the cat somehow or the other by using her last chance at the Security Council. She did it so cunningly in conniving with the other vultures, she used her position as the rotating chairwoman of the Security Council to include Sri Lanka with other countries used rape as a tool to win the war. That was unanimously adopted by the Security Council. She Hillary managed to pay back the Terrorists LTTE at least on this occasion. But it has backfired on Hillary as well as the USA. Hillary Clinton used her position for her personal gain. Hillary Clinton has proved herself as a corrupt politician who will go down to very low level and sacrificing her dignity, honesty and self pride. Hillary Clinton has to provide answers to the questions raised by the peace living and patriotic Sri Lankans including myself.

Ms. Clinton, now that you are proved a liar, corrupt politician unworthy of holding a responsible position as the Secretary of State, please apologise to Sri Lanka of your loose talk and biased against Sri Lanka attitude. Failure to do so will consider you as a liar, loose talker and a corrupt politician who cannot be taken seriously.

Stanley Perera.

Melbourne, Australia.


  1. Nick Says:

    It is amazing how the USA pose as a world leader and have this Hillary Clinton likes in high places that directly deal with the world!!! It is obvious she has NO admirable leadership. He husband at least had talent and brains, showing his brain power in finding solutions to problems without being blatantly unjust in decisions!!.. Remember the way Hillary Clinton got angry and answered in a very ugly way recently in Africa when a Congolese university student asked a question about her husband’s thinking on an international financial matter? That itself showed the world that she is not who she poses to be! At least Condelesa Rise carried out everything more diplomatically without showing a bad side even though she was doing “Bush” politics. I feel Obama appointed her to this position not because there are no such qualified persons in his party, but because some women were totally blinded themselves of everything else about her and supported her for her Presidential bid only because “she is one of us” and got 18 million votes! Wow!

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