Response sent to the Daily Telegraph and The AGE
Posted on October 16th, 2009

Asoka Subhawickrama North Strathfield

*Wrong signal to economic migrants and ex-terrorists*

Some of our leaders try to blame the flood of boatpeople (Refugee tide is at crisis point, October 16) on conflicts in South Asia and naively include Sri Lanka in the list of troubled countries. That is treated as a strong signal and a greenlight by the potential illegal migrants in Sri Lanka

The war in Sri Lanka is over. Guns are silent, bomb blasts have stopped.

The government is doing everything they can to demine the villages and resettle the displaced people. Any so called asylum seekers from that land, Tamils or not, are unscrupulous economic migrants who are queue jumping and displacing genuine refugees from elsewhere desperate to find a safe haven.

These bogus refugees concoct stories of rape, torture and killings because that is the only way they can set foot in Australia. By treating these fiction as fact, we let them insult our intelligence and tarnish the good name of that poor but friendly democratic country, Sri Lanka.

The international Tamil Tiger establishment is a sophisticated machine that would use any ruse to generate funds. People smuggling and then milking them once they are settled in their host countries is one of the important income avenues for the Tigers. These bogus refugees are eagerly playing their part in that vicious play.

What is more, among them you are sure to find dangerous ex Tamil Tiger terrorists, who are trained to kill.

Please don’t let them set foot in my country, Australia.

Asoka Subhawickrama

North Strathfield

One Response to “Response sent to the Daily Telegraph and The AGE”

  1. aravinda Says:

    My humble letter to Australians.

    All is quite in the northern front. The war in Sri Lanka is over. The guns are no more. There are still people in IDP camps. The mains reasons for that are as follows.

    1. Thirty (30) years of war has left north of the country scattered with land mines. The land mines were one of the main weapons used by Tiger terrorists. The land need to be demined. Sri Lankans are doing with help of many countries.

    2.According to Mr.Kevin Rudd, there are 40 million internaly and internationaly displaced people in the world . Sri lanka has around 250,000 in IDP camps after 30years of war. There are also 100,000 Sri Lankan Muslims homeless in Sr Lanka. They were ethinically cleansed by Tamil Tigers in 1990. The tamil terrorist groups ethinically cleansed and murdered others for 30 years. They need to be resettled in their homes first.

    3. Sri Lankan government need time to resettle these people. President Rajapaksa’s middle name is not Alladin. He does not have a magic lamp to rub. He is doing a great job under very difficult circumstances.

    4. The asylum seekers in this boat are not genuine refugees. Just look at the way they are acting! First they want to blow up the ship. Then they use children to emotionaly blackmail the public. Now they are going on a hunger strike.
    This whole saga is a well planned people smuggling operation. Just wait till the full story to come out.

    5. The spokepeople in Australia for this boat are well known tiger sympathisers.

    6. This human cargo in the boat is doing enormous damage to Sri Lanka’s reputation by misrepresenting facts. In Colombo over 30% if the population are Tamils. They live in peace with other communities. This boat group may have Sri Lankan Tamils, but from the their English accent, it is evident they did not come from Sri Lanka. Atleast not the ones who spoke in the TV.

    7. This “Boat operation ” would have cost at least 4 million dollars. My maths is $15000 x 260. This looks like well organised racket. Refugees don’t have that kind of money. Worse part of the operation is the blatent lies and sickening attacks on Sri Lanka, which they still call their mother country. If Australia allows them to resettle, comprehensive screening would be necessary. There could be escaped tiger terrorist(well trained killers), in these groups. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

    8. Have you heard the phrase ” Doctor shopping”. That is going from one doctor to another until you get a doctor who gives you the best service. This happens when the government is paying the medical fees. This boat is a case of “Country shopping”. They are going from one country to another until they get to the country with best economic service.

    9. What will happen to the refugees who are registered with UN and waited number of years for a home. They have done everything right but they get considered last or never.

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