Military and Politics in Peace Time Democracy
Posted on October 18th, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

Immediate aftermath of the World War 11, with Marshall Law governing many countries created opportunities to several Generals to lead countries such as USA, France and dictators to govern many countries.

During the past half a century both democratic and non-democracies suffered the misfortunes of having Captains, Colonels and Generals taking control of several countries but history has proved that military mentality and democracy do not travel well together.

Recent examples in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand are a case-in-point.

Ceylon as Sri Lanka was known, almost went under the hammer with Rear Admiral Royce de Mel and his brother Maurice, an army officer, colluded with several others to over throw the then Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike out of Temple Trees. And failed.

Since then, late Senator Edmund Cooray, Chairman of Browns Group attempted a (Coo..) Coup-de-Etat but fizzled out prematurely and the good Senator took a well deserved rest in his Westminster flat and worked his day at Tozer, Kempsley and Millburn Ltd.

I had the opportunity to peruse a very well presented, logically analysed, well balanced, brilliant article in Sunday Island Politics – “Gota’s Bombshell”……….. ………

…….which explained so well that even a blind idiot should understand. Complements to Editor, Island.

Well Done! Island!

President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brothers have done a fantastic job with the aid of the military led by General Sarath Fonseka. Both the Organ Grinder and the Monkey have performed in harmony to ultimate victory.

It is upto the Commander-in-Chief to ensure that his Officers are well treated, looked after and are satisfied. The C-i-C needs his Officers more than the Officers need him, to put it mildly. General Fonseka deserves a well remunerated and a challenging opportunity in commerce or in a combined role within High Government Office.

Said that it is plain ugly for the Chief of Defence Staff to spit at his C-i-C and throw in the glove!

As the article in the Island expressed very clearly, it is very likely there are evil forces behind this “stirring the pot”. I would go the extra mile and state that the rumour mongering is initiated by the LTTE Tamil Diaspora with the connivance of the likes of Solheim-Milliband-Clinton brigade to create dissent within the Rajapaksa inner circle.

UNP as a party is a spent force. The Leaders-in-Waiting ie: Karu Jayasuriya, S.B.Dissanayake, Sajith Premadasa, Rukman Senanyake with the President-in-Waiting Ranil Wickremesingha, will have a long wait. They have nothing to lose by sacrificing the proverbial “sacrificial lamb” in this case General Sarath Fonseka to the alter.

The good General, even as the unlikely sole candidate, is bound to lose if he goes against Mahinda Rajapaksa. If the General gets the backing of UNP and JVP, he will be in the same pot as a bunch of traitors who sold the country to the Tamil Terrorist LTTE and its cohort Erik Solheim.

Mahinda Rajapaksa would lose a highly competent military brain. The General would lose his face and probably emigrate to Australia or Canada and seek retirement employment in the security industry, in a subservient function, totally unfit for a top General. A dissident or a mutineer has little to offer to a bigger employer since the all vital loyalty factor ceases to exist.

With all options open, it is logical to assume that President Mahinda Rajapaksa will be returned to power with a greater mandate.

As the Island clearly presented, which ever comes first, the Presidential or Parliamentary elections, Mahinda Rajapaksa is set to dominate Sri Lankan politics in the foreseeable future.

Quoting Shakespeare, “Ambition Should be made of Sterner Stuff”, but lets not give Mahinda the opportunity to yell, “Et tu, Sarath?”

Its upto the two great personalities to sit down one2one over a bottle of Chivas Regal or Kasippu, supported by a few devilled prawns, to hold a grown-up civilized tete-a-tete and kiss and make-up, for the sake of the country which both men love so much, and fought for!

Lets hope that all this talk was just a loud burp after a jolly good lunch.

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One Response to “Military and Politics in Peace Time Democracy”

  1. Kit Athul Says:

    This disinformation was created by Indian RAW, you might disagree. General Fonseka has said that he wants to retire. So is Gotabhya (Now why would General Fonseka go to live in two backword countries suggested by you, when he has the permenent residency of USA?). If you go to you will read many articles clearly stating that India lost the land that it ruled for 40 odd years. Now the Thalathel Karaya’s in Tamil Nadu wants India to stop Sri Lanka claiming the extended maritime bounday. Please don’t live in the pre May 19th 2009. Please read the lecture by a visionary; Gomin Dayasiri given to the National Intellectual Council and repoted by Editorial writer for Asiantribune Janaka Perera.
    http// The next eye opener for you, I suggest is an article pubilished on the lankaweb by Shripal Nishshanka Fernando, on October 15th 2009. “Present Contitution Shall Be Completely Overhauled Soon After the General Elections” The last paragraph “Introduction of a Practical and Strong Patriotic Act into the Constitution” is what needs to be caerfully understood and written. Honorable Professor, this is constructive criticism do not get get offended. What happed to your articles about government crruption? Two or more articles you published on Sri Lanka Air Force mess was excellent. Now let the General and the President alone, so we have time to concentrate on this external threat. We killed the internal threat on May 19th. Kithsiri, Florida, USA

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