Some serious threats to democracy arising from the Abduction of a Buddhist Monk and pouring arrack on him by a SPC member.
Posted on October 21st, 2009

Sudath Gunasekara. President Senior Citizens Movement Maahnuwara 20. 10. 2009

It was reported that a Southern Provincial Council Member has been summoned to appear in court for abducting a Buddhist monk and pouring arrack on him. This high handed action on the part of this provincial councilor is unprecedented and therefore it should be taken very seriously by all concerned and should be condemned by all Buddhists in this country. In the first place it is a criminal offence infringing upon the freedom of an individual to cast his/her vote or preference in a manner he/she wishes to do. Secondly it sets a dangerous precedent for things to come at the future elections if we treat it lightly without suitable punishment. This might even prevent thousands of voters refraining from going to the polling station in future in fear of such treatment by the candidates and their catchers who will definitely take this as an example where they can behave with impunity and go scotch free.

 This also pause a serious threat to democracy in this country. Over and above all these threats to the political process it demonstrates a heinous crime against the Sasana as it had been committed on a Buddhist monk on this land of Dhamma. This I think is the first time such a thing has been committed against a Buddhist Monk since the Sitawaka period… I think the entire fraternity should rise against this dastardly act by a local politician in the South before it extends to the other parts of the country as well. I also think this should draw the immediate attention of the Mahanayaka Theras and the President of the country as this type of unfortunate things should never be allowed within the precincts of this Island…

In my opinion this man must not only be disqualified to sit in the council but his civil rights too should be removed disqualifying him for life for any political or public position so that all others will learn a lesson. Otherwise democracy in this country will permanently settle down to be government by the politicians for the politicians and of the politicians as it has already been described by many people.

Also at least now the government should take action to do away with the menace of proportional representation system that lies at the bottom of all these problems and go for the first past the post system. That will not only enable us to have relatively cleaner elections but also reduce the cost of elections for every one it will also enable every electorate to have a representative in Parliament making representative democracy more meaningful, avoid the present balupore for manapa and finally save our coconuts in millions that will be smashed in devalayas praying for punishments against the voters for not giving the manape following the ridiculous example set by Nishanta Mutuhettigama at Sinigama devale the other day.

Apart from this reform it is high time that the government at least now brig in far reaching amendments to the election law that

would impose some stringent qualifications for candidates for future elections like minimum education, wealth and above all a good character. Another compulsory condition should be the residential qualification. No one who is not a person from the electorate or who has been resident their in at least for ten years prior to the date of nomination should be given nominations for any electorate. The present practice of putting parachuters by the party leadership should be vehemently opposed by the voters if they want a man of their own to represent their interests in Parliament. I think, if we allow the voters of a given electorate to select their nominee for election without imposing him from above as it happens today, very often by the party leader, people will be able to select a better human being to represent them in parliament.  

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  1. wasalagedara Says:

    Sudath Gunasekara

    Reference pouring arrack on a buddhist priest incident. The circumstances are not mention. Anyway this is some

    kind of physical harassment and should be dealt with the law enforcement officers. My memories going through

    same kind of incident in Koswatta W P. In that incident Buddhist priests leads mob to attack an Evangelical

    Church building.

    Some politicians from radical nationalistic party also clearly identify by video clip were with the mob. This kind of

    action is not identified with democratic principals. If our country has to get at least international recognizance on

    our mutual understanding among different communities we must get rid of this kind of people or they must be

    educated .

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