Posted on October 27th, 2009

By Stanley Perera from Melbourne

My dear Bob,

You have called for sanctions against Sri Lanka. I must ask you to go ahead and impose sanctions against that Indian Ocean Tiny Island Sri Lanka of the size of Tasmania and has a population that is equivalent to that of Australia. You know Bob, when you said sanctions against Sri Lanka, I thought you have become Sri Lankan Tamil people’s spokes person and the first thing that came into my mind was of the forthcoming federal by elections.

Bob, this is what the Canadian, English, French and other politicians do where millions of bogus Tamil refugees are domiciled in bashing Sri Lanka to win the Tamil votes. Canadian and English politicians are famous in that respect.

When the LTTE terrorist sympathisers Tamil Diaspora made a financial donation to Obama and Hillary Clinton’s election campaign, Hillary took the trouble to call the LTTE Terrorists as good Terrorist.

When the Australian troops together with the allied forces are killing Iraqi and Afganistani civilians in large numbers committing war crimes, a former Australian High Commissioner Howard Debenham described Sri Lankan Armed Force as a salaried army. Then I asked him if the Australian army is a salvation army? So far I have not received a reply from him.

My dear Bob, we Sri Lankan people have no qualms with Tamil people. They are our countrymen. Majority Sri Lankan Tamils are living in peace and harmony with all other nationalities in Sri Lanka. In Capital city Colombo the majority population is Tamil people. Out of the total population only 3.5% are Tamil people. The Sinhalese people have never caused any problems to the world. If one looks at the recent past, you will see that the western countries influenced by the church only making a big noise about Sri Lanka. Reason being Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country. The world refugee council and the western world influenced by the church have been patronising Sri Lankan Tamils in the past thirty odd years accusing Sri Lanka unfairly. Sri Lanka fought a war with Terrorist organisation that was supported by the western countries and the church. Sri Lanka did it all single handed withought the help from the western countries and Australia. Sri Lanka did not wage a war against the Tamil people. What now? After annihilating the world’s most ruthless Terrorist Organisation. Australia did not pro scribe LTTE as a terrorist organisation when 32 other countries did. Why? Australia remained on the fence non-committal. Being an active participating member of the Commonwealth, Australia neglected its responsibility and obligations in protecting a member country from terrorism. Why? Because Sri Lanka happens to be a Buddhist country.

The western countries have given shelter to millions of bogus Tamil refugees with the blessings of the church. They are very valuable assets to some of those vociferous politicians who are after the cheap and low tactics to win ballots of the Tamil Diaspora. Bob, you have become a cheap politician having gone down to the low level and gutter type politics. You are only copying the Canadian corrupt politicians and falling into the category of hypercritics like Hillary, Miliband and Coushner noosed by the church.

Although I did not approve all of your policies, I admired you as a Greene. I respected you as Australian Green Party leader. When you announced the Monash University professor as the Greenies candidate for the forthcoming by-election, I thought of joining the election campaign to support the Australian Greens Party. After you have resort to the cheap and low tactics, I am having a second thought of my desire. You have lost my vote but you gained hundreds and thousands of my countrymen Tamil people’s votes. You are one who go for the quantity and don’t bother about the quality. That is politics Bob. Go bashing Sri Lanka. At the rate the west are going on sanctions, soon there will be no meaning in that word sanctions. At the drop of the hat west are imposing sanctions. Robert Mugabe gave raspberries to the western world including Australia. More you bash Sri Lanka more you gain in your ballot boxes Bob, you are a very clever man to copy corrupt world politicians. Bob, I know you are a politician.

Bob, those poor asylum seekers are spending up to $45000 to get to Australia and Canada on a leaky boat. I make this plea to those bleeding hearts to urge Australian government to let them in by air on a poultry sum of $600. Why do you let the human smugglers make a killing at the expense of the Australian tax payers? Australia can save millions and millions of dollars in requesting Sri Lankan government to open the flood gates to the suffering Sri Lankan Tamil people. There are 285,000 Tamil people in the IDP camps. There are over a million Sri Lankan Tamil people in the European countries who are suffering in the winter months. There are about 500,000 Sri Lankan Tamil people in Canada shivering in the ice cold winter. Australia is a vast country with abundance of natural resources. Australian tax payers are very generous people. All those suffering Tamil people are anxiously waiting to get on board now that the Rudd government has liberalised the immigration policy. Bob, say no to the Indonesian plan. Indonesians are beating the asylum seekers in the mid night after the lights are turned off. When they go on burgerstrike there are no hamburgers in Indonesia. Australia’s population is only 20 million. For a full continent Australia can easily accommodate another 60,000,000 people. The entire Tamil Nadu population can fill up your quota. Those Tamil Nadu people are also suffering. Bob, I don’t regard you as a quality politician if you did not comply with the foregoing and call you a loose talker who cannot be taken serious. Perhaps you may be eligible to join the politician’s joker club.

Yours faithfully,

Stanley Perera.

Melbourne, Australia.

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