JVP-UNP- USA – Norway- LTTE Conspiracy hatched and born !
Posted on October 30th, 2009

By Mahinda

General Sarth Fonseka is in USA despite the resistance to the war he conducted, and his daughters are studying in the USA , has been secured with a house and cash in a certain state there. His visit to USA and all other agendas behind is well understood, and the Washington DC Temple High priest who hosted and blessed him is a ex-JVP accused of the 1971 insurrection. This explains the whole episode as to how things are working behind the screen and at the theatre. (i.e. JVP-UNP- USA “”…” Norway-LTTE Conspiracy alliance)

US conspiracies come in different forms and methods using on going situations and conflicts in target countries with examples from history as well as contemporary incidents.

( Argentina, Panama, Columbia, Cuba, Iraq, Philippines, Honduras and so on to name a few.)

US lead West has a main agenda to expel President Mahinda Rajapaksha as soon as possible that has become a pain in the neck to them, and LTTE remnants are working round the clock to get back Ranil or his puppet to the presidency, so that LTTE and West can implement their agenda of establishing ELAAM for the fun and joy of the LTTE as well as to the whims and fancy of USA so that Sri Lanka could be made the backyard of the USA.

The process does not end up by swallowing General Sarath Fonseka, but also buying Govt. MP’s with huge bribes that will come from LTTE coffers via USA-Norway.

We cannot see how and why so suddenly the General Sarath Fonseka is taking this U Turn, certainly not in favor of Motherland, but only for personal benefits from Otherland!

The general public must be aware as to how is the leader who took the real initiative and bold decision to save the country from Western “”…”LTEE combined plot of subjugating the Mother Sri Lanka to the whims and fancies of USA-Norway and to facilitate ELAAM, certainly we can now realize that General is a real patriot or otherwise?

Much is there to explain, but the time is running out fast, thus this is the time that all patriotic mass to rally around President Mahinda Rajapaksha to save the motherland from US lead Western conspiracy together with hidden allegiance of the Sri Lankans, whether they are commissioned or otherwise.

Do you like Sri Lanka will not become the LTTE fortress?

Do you like Sri Lanka not be a Backyard of USA?

Lets protect our compromised leader Mahinda Rajapaska

 By Mahinda

2 Responses to “JVP-UNP- USA – Norway- LTTE Conspiracy hatched and born !”

  1. Sydney Zoyza Says:

    You are an imbecile and a idiot, who is slandering the Buddhism, the Sangha, the Country and the army.

    The Deputy Ambassador and the Defence Attache were present during General Sarath Fonseka’s speech at the temple. The Ambassador who was out at the time later gave a reception to General Fonseka at the Ambassador’s house

    Venerable Dharmasiri Thera who is a great patriot parised the tri-murthy (President, Gotabhaya and General Fonseka) for delivering the country during the speech.

    General Fonseka’s speech was non-political.

    Here is the video of his speech


  2. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Dear Mr. Sydney Zoyza , don’t blame others for discussing this issue, instead blame Gen Fonseka for not denying it so far, and blame Ranil Wickremasinghe for dragging Fonseka’s name to create a rumor as a campaign to plant the seed of this crazy and dangerous idea in Fonseka’s head. What Gen Fonseka doing is “කොලේ ඉරාගන්නවා “

    Mr Sydney Zoyza, now you have opened up your true colours. Yes, there is always other side of the story. Your can have your own view from the prospective of an upper middle class member of the society, typical representation of UNP hardcore vote base. But, we, as majority of Sri Lankans, Mr. Zoyza, understand the problem in a more realistic way.

    In essence, Gen Fosnseka is a military man who spent most of his life fighting LTTE. If he is so bright, so efficient and so fierce, why he had to spend most of his life fighting this terrorists which was only a few thousands strong earlier. Not only that, for the last 30 odd years, whole Sri Lankan army was struggling with the terrorist group and could not wipe them out until 2009. Mr. Zoyza, did you ever try to findout How this miracle happened.

    Mr.Zoyza, it was the people, it was the people who won the war, it was the people who won the war by electing a new leadership.

    Not only that, after electing a leadership, they really went further to scarify with all the comforts in their lives and with so much hardship to acquire the modern military equipment for the army. Mr.Zoyza, you should remember that every gun that used to fight the terrorists was given to the soldier by the people with their hard earned money.

    The new political leaders, in turn, gave them the correct leadership and the proper guidance. It was not a secret any more that the West was behind this appalling terrorism and US and its allies together with the powerless politician discourage the war effort, and the US has kept on saying that we will never be able to get rid of terrorism. So, If you have one ounce of grey matter in your head, you will be able see who won the war. Not the army top brass, its is the people, the majority, not the minority like you.

    The way the information reaching us, Gen Fonseka to become a surrogate politician in Sri Lanka by the illegitimate father of US and its allies. But we all have the answere.

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