Officers who engage in politics will be discharged- Army chief
Posted on October 30th, 2009

SRI LANKA Army Website

Commander Lieutenant General Jayasuriya during his interaction with Other Ranks assured them that the former transport service will be re-started while simultaneously exploring possibilities for re-launch of the transport facility for children in Army families.

“We should be partial to the government in power. All governments at the end of their tenure hold elections. Army officer or a soldier wearing a uniform has no right whatsoever to engage in political work with any contesting candidates and any such soldier or officer if found will be subjected to disciplinary action and faces discharge from the Army. Support given by the President and Secretary Defence for the victory of the war directly attributed to its win over terrorism,” Commander further said.

Though some elements during the times of the war alleged that the war was to be abruptly halted, neither the President nor the Secretary Defence has had any such need, he added.

“I personally knew about it myself since I was the Wanni Commander at that stage where the President and Secretary Defence personally phoned me to find the ground developments while giving necessary instructions. They did so even when both of them were overseas,” the Commander said.

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