Traffic Police, Make up your minds!
Posted on October 30th, 2009

By Dr. Mrs. Mareena Thaha Reffai, Dehiwela.

The other day I tried to stop at the curb of Galle road in front of a book shop in Wellawathe. A traffic cop came up to me and said ” You cannot stop here” I was quite surprised since I could see many cars parked further up and there was no “No parking” sign anywhere to be seen. When I asked him why, he said rather rudely, ” Do you see any parking sign here? There are no parking signs anywhere in Wellawathe up to Bambalapitiya”

This was news to me since we see vehicles parked right along the main road; when questioned about this he said, he has given tickets to all of them. I thought best is to avoid an argument and went into a side lane and parked. After finishing my business when I was driving further up I could see many vehicles parked along the curb within the sight of the said cop. I sighed at the “justice”.

But the story does not end there. The ext day, when I was driving along the same road, I saw many vehicles parked where I was refused parking the previous day, but further up a cop “”…” I am not sure whether it is the same one or not “”…” chasing the vehicles away from parking, but not at the previous day’s area, which was within his sight.

Now I would like someone to clarify one thing. Is it necessary to see a “Parking sign” to park or is it that we cannot park where there is “No parking sign” and other places along the curb all assume dot be parking areas? And does the parking area differ from day to day? Or is something fishy going on here?

 The rules of the road must be permanent not shifting from day to day. If such parking is illegal let them maintain the laws daily “”…” not at fits and starts. That will make the life easy for the people.

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