Posted on November 4th, 2009

By Stanley Perera from Melbourne

My dear law makers of Australia,

I wish to express my deep concern on the current issue of Sri Lankan Tamil boat people arriving in leaky boats seeking refuge in Australia.

Human smuggling is a very lucrative business to-day. There is an over one million bogus Tamil refugees residing in European countries. There is approximately half a million bogus Tamil refugees living in Canada. In Australia their numbers could be anything over three hundred thousand. These bogus Tamil refugees are well organised to support the terrorism in Sri Lanka. They spend all their time in propaganda campaign against Sri Lanka. The Tamil Diaspora has infiltrated into the UNO, International News Media, Politics local, National and International level, church and every institution that can be influenced. They employ politicians, journalists and many other influensive people in their propaganda campaign against Sri Lanka. Obama and Hillary Clinton’s election campaign was also funded by this Tamil Diaspora to describe the world’s most ruthless Terrorist group LTTE as good terrorists who are proscribed in 32 countries except Australia. Bishop TuTu was influenced to make a statement to deface Sri Lanka to draw sympathy on the Terrorists.

Amnesty International was influenced to harass Sri Lankan Cricket team at Barbados in the World Cup to the extent that Sri Lankan team had to bat in rain and in pitched dark. Australian cricketers made the second world record after the UNDER ARM RECORD.

Until 1948 and during the British colonial times Tamils in Sri Lanka enjoyed the privileged minority status and dominated the civil service discriminating and depriving the majority Sinhalese of English education and civil service. Vast majority of the Sri Lankan Tamils were brought into the then CEYLON from Tamil Nadu as cheap plantation labourers. Colonial masters conned the Tamils to come to Ceylon. They said that dried fish (Maldive Fish) is growing under the tea bushes in Ceylon. Lot more Tamils came into the country as illegal immigrants. After the independence in 1948 when Sri Lanka government enforced the equal opportunity to all Sri Lankans with free education to all, Tamils began to resist when they lost their privileged minority status. THIS IS THE BEGINING OF THE CONFLICT SITUATION. Indira Gandhi added fuel to the burning fire by giving birth to the made in India Tamil Tiger Terrorists to conduct terrorist activities in Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lanka out of the total population of 22,000,000 only 3.5% are Tamil people. In India there is over 60,000,000 Tamils in the State of Tamil Nadu. All the Tamils are united in setting up of a separate state called Ellam in Sri Lanka claiming 2/3 of the coast line. Sri Lanka is an independent country.

Nordic and some European countries to-gether with the Catholic Church supported the Tamils in their campaign against Sri Lanka.

After the Rudd government relaxed the border security policy, Australia is experiencing a huge influx of leaky boats filled with bogus refugees arriving in our shores. This is a well organised smuggling racket by the Tamil refugees settled in Australia. To justify the bogus Tamil refugee arrival, Tamils in Australia are conducting a smear campaign to accuse Sri Lanka of genocide, war crimes and human rights violation. It is a part of their propaganda campaign. Tamil Diaspora is funding the human smugglers. These bogus Tamil refugees are housed in Malaysia where there is a well established communication system with the Tamils in Australia. THESE TAMIL REFUGEES ARE NOT BRINGING INTO THE COUNTRY WITH THEM OF ANY SKILLS AT ALL. THE ONLY SKILL THEY ARE IN POSSESSION IS MOURN AND GROAN, WINGE AND WINGE AND RIPPING OFF THE SYSTEM. THEY ARE AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE TO THE DECENT LIVING TAMIL PEOPLE. THESE BOGUS REFUGEES ARE AN ABSOLUTE LIABILITY TO THE AUSTRALIAN TAX PAYERS.


My dear Bob how big is your back yard? How many Tamil votes you are expecting to vote you in the forth coming by-election. I smell a rat in you Bob.


You said that it is the responsibility of Australia to take those Sri Lankan Tamils on the boat in Indonesia to Australia. You are wrong Bob. It is the responsibility of Sri Lanka to take them back to Sri Lanka. Do you think you are some kind of a god to tell the world what is good for you? You have no free access to the public purse. You and Bob Brown are not accountable to the taxpayers while you two are rolling on luxuries at the expense of the taxpayers. It looks to me one parasite is supporting another parasite.


Rudd Government’s Pacific solution is falling apart. Indonesian solution is not working. Howard government border protection policy worked very well bringing the bogus asylum seekers to a trickle. These asylum seekers do not want to work. At least for ten years they cannot get into the workforce. Their only intention is to bludge the taxpayers. Indonesian solution is only duplicating the Christmas Island Camps.


Australia is planning to send a special envoy to Sri Lanka to discuss some arrangements. It is my wish to suggest in brief arranging bilateral agreement with Sri Lanka to: 1. that Sri Lankan Navy with Australian border protection naval and aerial frigate commence a patrolling scheme in the Sri Lanka’s coastal area to intercept any asylum seekers.

2. That all asylum seekers arriving in Australian border to be taken to Sri Lanka and process their refugee applications in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has the capacity to accommodate up to 300,000 refugees. Already Sri Lanka has rescued 300,000 Tamil Civilians taken hostage by the Tamil Terrorists. Those Tamil IDP camps are becoming vacant by the day. Lord Nesby from the UK, Banky Moon from the UNO, politicians from the Tamil Nadu State have visited those IDP camps and expressed that the facilities provided by Sri Lanka are satisfactory although they are not five star luxuries.

Sri Lanka will be too pleased to accept its responsibility to receive the asylum seekers and rehabilitate them and blend them in with the community. They are Sri Lankan people and blend in well back in their culture, religion and their own community.

If this concept is put in to practise one or more of the following can happen:

1. Asylum seekers arriving in Australia will drop down to zero overnight along with the first shipment of human cargo despatched to Sri Lanka.

2. Tamil Diaspora with the church and bleeding hearts will scream their heads off of genocide and human rights violation in Sri Lanka. They will go on hunger strike with hamburgers hidden under the pillow.

3. Bob Brown with all other do gooders,bleeding hearts,church ,AI, BBC, ABC will be out of work.

4. Australia can provide its best service to rehabilitate the bogus asylum seekers.

5. Tamil Diaspora will be dismantled or make some other avenues to fill their pockets.

6. Those hired politicians and vociferous professional gang on the payroll of the LTTE will be out of work.

The most important factor is in this critical situation, Rudd government must be very firm with these bogus asylum seekers. If any leniency is shown please be informed that there are 65,000,000 Tamils waiting to jump into the next available leaky boat.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Stanley Perera.

Melbourne, Australia.

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