Energy saving cooking technique demonstrated.
Posted on November 5th, 2009

Dr Hector Perera

I am delighted to say that I had a successful live demonstration of these scientific cooking thanks for ITN channel in Sri Lanka. It was broadcasted live on Sunday the 1st of November 2009 around 7.00 am. I mentioned that rice will be cooked in a given time then while rice is being cooked, I managed to cook fish and a vegetable dish as well, both the fish and vegetable dish were cooked in side by side with no an extra time. The reason I wanted to cook fish and another vegetable is because some people say that they have no time but I proved it can be done. In cooking rice, fish and the vegetable dish, I used this minimum amount of gas and showed in practice, demonstrated in live to the TV how to achieve this minimum amount of gas combustion. The use of minimum amount of gas for cooking means the customers do not spend that much money for gas that means they save some money. I have mentioned in one of my article the advantages of my scientific cooking. Some of the advantages are, save money on gas, cuts down carbon dioxide emission, cuts down waiting time in the kitchen.

I answered to the doubts and questions from the TV interviewer about this scientific cooking as this was a quite new method. I used only the basic things such as a two ring gas cooker, brown rice, fish and green leaves that are commonly eaten as they are healthy. I used two stainless steel cooking utensils and a non stick pan. The ingredients such as chilly powder, curry powder, goraka [garcinia indica], tamarind, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, turmeric powder, curry leaves, lemon grass, rampae, ginger, garlic, vinegar and table salt were used for cooking but no other special additives, colouring, preservatives and fish or beef or chicken stocks were used. I wanted to show this scientific cooking using the normal basic ingredients, using the normal utensils and I am sure this stainless steel cook ware is nothing special because I got them from a shop in Sri Lanka itself. The reason I didn’t use Aluminium cooking utensils is because there is a possibility of these acidic ingredients would attack Aluminium and the researchers have established that it could be not quite healthy to cook in these kinds of vessels, further in these stainless steel vessels there is a thick base of metal that has a high thermal capacity that would save energy.

I am sure if my work was good enough for ITN then certainly it should be good enough for any TV station in UK as well, am I correct? ITN in Sri Lanka has looked very carefully into my work before they decided to give me a live broad cast. First the cooking was recorded then taken to their studio for analysis then looked into the work by a team of people then they found it was up to their standard then only they called me back to the studio for a live broadcast. The cooking was recorded by a team of 6 people and they witnessed themselves before it was subjected to top officials at the ITN studios. During the live broadcast they took some clips of the actual cooking that was recorded four days ago then combined with it for the live chat. I talked in the live chat as the questions came to me from the interviewer then I answered then and there than looking at a piece of paper. I was quite confident what I was talking about.

May I request for a similar recording and a live chat with TV stations in UK then I am able to give an improved version of cooking. I have already shown how to save gas [approximately 70%] but it can be done better.

If necessary you may be able to get a copy of the interview from the program manager in ITN in Sri Lanka then there is enough evidence to prove that I had a successful cooking demonstration. If you need any further details please let me know. I am sure that I am able to do another live demonstration so that the general public would be benefitted.

A cooking challenge was done by me since February 2009 and it appeared in a few web sites and a leading magazines in Sri Lanka and in UK where I put Rs 100,000 [one hundred thousand Sri Lankan rupees] would be given to any person or an organisation, if it was proven that my technique was false. This challenge is still appearing in a web site called, on the first page itself but no one has challenged me back. After my successful live cooking demonstration to the ITN TV in Sri Lanka, let me increase it to Rs 250,000 [two hundred and fifty thousand Sri Lankan rupees] or equivalent in £ or $, I think it is little more than £1000/00 [one thousand sterling]. As I always said, every action has an equal and opposite reaction and if I proved my theory is right what would be my reward or the recognition?

You may contact me on or ring 020-7635-5595. I am not a cook or a chef but a chemistry and a science teacher but apply science laws for cooking and energy saving.

Thank you

Dr Hector Perera

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