Posted on November 6th, 2009

Wasantha Bandara Ranagala – Australia

The triumvirate need no introduction to their competence to deliver goods. Goods they delivered in style against all odds. Peace vendors, political buccaneers, robber barons in the corporate jargon ably propped up by the international policeman US and the neo colonialist EU tried all their covert and overt schemes to stop the threesome on their arduous journey to the banks of Nandi Kadal where no general dared to go before. Stage one completed.

 From the outset since the obliteration of the terrorist scourge the natural human instinct of claiming the spoils of the success took precedence over the critical rebuilding of the lives of a generation that suffered untold grief. The gallivanting over the victory by coronation of the emperor has become the new theme song. Undoubtedly, MR deserves the right to claim the throne for liberating the nation from subjugation. Nonetheless, it’s altogether a different story when you sideline the soldier who put his life on the firing line in defending his nation. The justice not only should be done but also should be seen done.

 What General Fonseka said in his short speech at Washington Vihara is anything to go by he will never rock the boat. In the name of Sinhala nation, the good man he is, Fonseka will put an end to all the bickering of the traitors by breaking the silence so that we will have a sigh of relief.

 Dear General, future generations might forget the entire Rajapaksa Sahodara Samagama, but your name will go down the history as the selfless soldier who, not only liberated the nation but also preserved its survival at the cost of the glory he richly deserved.

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