Posted on November 12th, 2009

Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

Nobody can stop General Sarath Fonseka entering politics by force. It is entirely up to him and in fact he should enter politics-but not right now!

By all means, he shall be a better leader tomorrow but not today, since we already have a better leader ruling the country.

General Fonseka shall not become a traitor to the Nation ever to which he was a saviour once!

As of today, General Sarath Fonseka has earned an honourable and perpetual place in the Golden History of War Heroes of the World by crushing the terrorism stylishly in Sri Lanka within a short and record time.

The character of General Fonseka is entirely different from the infamous Ranil and his team of traitors of Sri Lanka and his actions and ambitions are completely opposite of those.

At a time when the entire country is jubilant over the liberation of the nation from the terrorism, the traitors of the country and their political parties are historically bankrupt.

Initially Ranil and his fellow buffaloes were considering some other Sarath as their donkey to ride who helped the terrorists by trying to remove the security barriers in Colombo and suburbs and also challenged some of the President’s orders unsuccessfully in a crucial time of the war.

What Ranil, Mangala, Hakeem, Mano Ganeshan, Karu, JVP jokers and other hooligans are fishing today is somebody who can be a threat to the present President Rajapaksha.

Unfortunately they will never be able to find anybody who can beat the incumbent president from Sri Lanka or even anywhere else from the world.

Undoubtedly General Fonseka had very unorthodox and out of box war strategies which executed during the war successfully to see the end of the terrorism. Surely that shortened the duration of the war. But in the same time, if there were no Sarath Fonseka available for the war, still the result would have been the same as Defence Secretary would guide some other Army Commander to the same victory. General Sarath Fonseka should not forget these truthful facts. Then the duration for the victory would have been longer, but the result would be the same.

And also the giant and the biggest force behind this victory was the unwavering President whose commitment was never deterred. Virtually the whole world leaders were against him except for a few and he did not even bother to consider those threats whatsoever. That is a unique factor as we have seen presidents after presidents in Sri Lanka from JRJ.

In the meantime President Rajapaksha also shall act more wisely in the future in situations where he has to take decisions on key persons like General Sarath Fonseka, without behaving like a dictator, but protecting the rights and dignities of the others. The president shall sit with those key persons one on one without ANY third person and see the actual situation by himself. There shall not be any controversial decisions in the future paving way for the traitors to bait on.

General Fonseka has to wait for another time if he wants to become the president and shall not be the donkey for Ranil and his team of jokers to ride. Who is Ranil to dictate on General Fonseka and Mangala to praise him after condemning him shamelessly? Mano Ganeshan the buddy of Prabhakaran is waiting for the right time to get the General.

India or any other country has no right whatsoever to poke their noses into Sri Lankan internal matters and in fact it was India who created the forgone terrorism in Sri Lanka in the first place. Good Riddance of Bad Rubbish!

Finally Sri Lanka shall never see a political fight between Mahinda Rajapaksha and Sarath Fonseka ever!

Long Live Sri Lanka!


  1. Sydney Zoyza Says:

    True words of wisdom that our politicians and war heroes should heed !

  2. babaloo Says:

    Looks like all the sycophants are coming out of the woodwork!

  3. Nihal Fernando Says:

    True enough to the core. If General Fonseka falls prey to the newly formed UNA better known as ANU(S) the puppet traitors of some of the foregin alliance he will lose not only his face in shame from hero to zero but will make the triumphant cheer for winning the war a discordant note in a harmonious melody, also . It will be much more harder than wiining the 30 year old war in Sri Lanka if he is going to engage himself in verbal combats, and from that point to march forward to win a prestige battle. This is very obvious he wants more recongnition and tries to rub his shoulders with President Rajapaksha. A high rank soldier trying to rub shoulders with the Supreme Command of the Forces will only create a political Tsunami in the country. Time and again, Ranil and his goons denounced the General being not worthy to be even enlisted to the Salvation Army. They are trying to make you an easy target to gun you down. Dear Sir, you are cossetted as a war hero but will be detested in the political arena at htis juncture by the patriots Sri Lankans. Please wait and try later.

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