Posted on November 14th, 2009

Ananda De Costa

How fast the game has changed ?

Many pundits have predicted Sarath would lose the battle this time around, if he competes with Mahinda. But the fact is there is a great danger of Sri Lanka losing to LTTE again because of the eternal enemies of the universe, greed, hatred and illusion.

 Reading Sarath’s resignation, one could not fault him much; his frustration is justified , except that the ego and hatred clearly seen and in the last few lines he is caught trying to hide behind newly discovered compassion. We all know that the only LTTE family knowingly protected by the forces was those caught by Wasantha’s men, not Sarath’s. On the other hand, Mahinda’s fear of military takeover was totally unwarranted because Sarath could have easily done that long before.

The differences were clear during the ugly TV battle between the two commanders. Here, Wasantha behaved better than Sarath. True, Sarath’s men took the grunt of it, but as great heroes these men could have settled these minute differences before coming before the public.

Few months passed and we could not see any improvement within the government. The same old political problem goes on. Police killings subsided; but assaults, thuggery, stupid acts galore by politicians. There is no end to elections. Local government, provincial elections and now more and more elections are coming up with a clear display of verbal and physical abuse of power in abundance. There seems to be no end to the number of new politicians entering. How many governors do we have ? How many ministers do we have ? Under these circumstances even I might think of voting the ex-general, provided he does not team up with the big betrayer of the motherland. I am sure a lot of patriots will vote for him too.


Everything started with the Maharajanani song. Those who were associated with this song should be considered as national enemies. Innocent celebrations turned to big bum licking events, even those in robes joining the queue rather than giving valuable advice to Mahinda. Even the elephants had to join this disgusting perahera. Mahinda talked big but did little except receiving awards. A lot of bad kamma created and now it is the time to pay back.

In my view, Sarath will never join the big loser. That is for sure. But I may be wrong. Anyway, what will happen in case of all three compete. There is a very good chance that the fearless general will attract a considerable amount of votes Mahinda’s votes giving the big loser, the real Ponseka, a chance to win this time.


Advantage LTTE ?


But yet there is hope. This is because Sri Lanka has most valuable asset in the world, Buddhism. These leaders should take important decisions without greed, fear and hatred. There are good Sangha still around and they must come forward and advice these men. Sarath deserves a senior minster post rather than Mervin. Why not give him the responsibility of wining the hearts and mind of Tamils ? Let him become a good Buddhist and help the nation.

Mahinda too is losing the battle. He should clean up the house as soon as possible. Make an end to this “political problem “of the country; pass the laws and get rid of your own “pretending to be” bad friends. Why cannot Sarath be a good friend as well as Wasantha?

Mahinda ,Gota, Sarath and Wasantha should take a good hug and have a talk to put this stupid acts to end, in the name of the Motherland and in the name of those made the supreme sacrifice. Do not let greed and fear control you. All of you will otherwise be losers.

 Yo sahassaƒÆ’‚¡¹ƒ” -â„¢ sahassena, saƒÆ’‚¡¹”‚¦gƒÆ’-¾me mƒÆ’-¾nuse jine;

EkaƒÆ’†’±ca jeyyamattƒÆ’-¾naƒÆ’‚¡¹ƒ” -â„¢, sa ve saƒÆ’‚¡¹”‚¦gƒÆ’-¾majuttamo.

Greater in battle than the man who would conquer a thousand-thousand men,

is he who would conquer just one “”‚ himself.

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  1. jay-ran Says:

    How can SF come to some understanding as he STILL THINKS HE WON THE WAR BT HIMSELF!, without the support of Air Force,Navy, Police and the support of all civilian forces and the Medical Section.
    He is Mad Mad and Mad who thinks TOO BIG FOR HIS SHOES!!!
    Jay Ranaweera

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