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Posted on November 23rd, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

Every bullet fired at innocent Tamil civilians fetched kickbacks
By K.T.Rajasingham Colombo, 22 November, (Asiantribune.com):

Credit to K.T.Rajasingham and of course the Asiantribune to expose the Dirty Dozen (?) or are there more?

But Mr. Rajasingham forgot to mention the numbers of innocent Sri Lankan Sinhala who were decimated by both the Tamil Tiger Terrorist LTTE and by the Sri Lankan Army.

Also those valiant gallant sons of the soil who got slaughtered defending the country with dumb munitions supplied by HiCorp allegedly promoted by General Sarath Fonseka and other Defence Staff, are omitted. This is a Crime against Humanity! The Family of the most senior General commanding his own troops getting the bullet, due to fattening the wallet of his son-in-law?

Why Retd. Lieut.Gen.Sarath Fonseka Should Ride Out Graciously Into The Sunset!
Insight By Sunil Kumar

Military Officers without civilian political background tend to come with their excess military baggage and domineering attitude. History has proven that these two cultures do no good to democratic principles.

If the allegations are substantiated, General (retd) Fonseka, should simply Fade into the Sunset in USA.

Actually, the qusestion arises, Should the General (retd) Fonseka deserve any protection in Sri Lanka at the expense of the Sri Lankan (Sinhala & Tamil, alike) population?

Has General Fonseka done something wrong to President Mahinda Rajapaksa ?
Vipula Gunawardena

Actually, if the allegations are proven by an independent judicial non-partisan enquiry, General (retd) Fonseksa has won the war largely for himself and for his family, not so much for the country at large.

General (retd) Fonseka has betrayed his C-in-C, his own troops and the Country. Isn’t that enough? Neither Ethics Nor Principles. Simply Disgusting!

Forged Signatures, Kick-backs(?) – Chicks are Returning to Roost!
Prof. Hudson McLean

Subject to an independent judicial investigation, parallel to a criminal investigation the perpetrators of criminal fraud, forgery, tax evasion should be subject to the Laws of USA and Sri Lanka, as well as any other country where the perpetrators are domiciled.

Correct me if I am wrong, every American citizen is liable to American Tax law, irrespective where the income is generated and deposited.

The kick-backs should be thoroughly investigated into second and third levels to identify if any of the Government servants have benefited from the blood-money created by the bullets and shells.

The entire episode is disgusting, sickening and not worth a single medal!

Hopefully more readers of LankaWeb will participate in this enquiry.

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2 Responses to “A Story Board created by Writers to LankaWeb – The Dirty Side in Military Greed.”

  1. Kit Athul Says:

    Professor McLean, Good compilation. As you say what a comedy act, but some are true. AsianTribune majority owned by Tamils living out side of SL. K.T Rajasingham is furious because his candidate former CJ Sarath Silva will not run for presidency because of SF! Now, how did AsianTribune get all these info about the son-in-law? Why is the US federal government not looking in to this? Well, I got the following from e-mails floting about: Indian High Commissioner, Asok Prasad, a fully trained and qualified espinage agent disgusied as the high commissioner, saw an oppotunity to shine when the SL troops were brought in to Sugathadase stadium. Asok Prasad called Gotabhaya and told him about the Coup-De-Etat and wanted to speak to MR. He told MR to stop the army’s 60th celebration. MR could not agree to it! Now Asok Prasad has left country in a hurry, without completing his full term! Is there any truth in this? May be professor Gunarathne might be able to shed some light in to this. Kithsiri, Florida, USA

  2. ptraj Says:

    Prof. McLean, This revelation of Army corruption needs a thorough, full and an impartial investigation by the Government. There is widespread talk in the USA that Gothabaya Rajapakse and Basil Rajapakse have invested in very expensive real estate in Los Angeles. The government should investigate how they suddenly acquired this wealth.

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