Great Betrayal of the Sinhala Buddhist Trust!
Posted on November 24th, 2009


The Sinhala Buddhist consensus that has been forged over a number of years, to eradicate Tamil Tiger Terrorism has been shattered in a short span of 6 months. The enemies of the nation who were reeling in anger and frustration since the demise of their cat’s paw the Tamil Tiger Terrorists have done the second best they could accomplish under the circumstances “”…” the destruction of the team that led to the final victory over terrorism. They have succeed in sowing the seeds of disunity and dissention into our ranks “”…” the easiest and the commonest trick of the far-sighted enemy “”…” the Western nations, the Christian Church and last but not least India “”…” the Judas of South Asia and the land of the rotten Rose Apple Tree!

They did not have to look far to find the fault lines of this magnificent team to destroy it from within. They just had to look at the weaknesses of the leading players and their idiosyncrasies. The fact that the leading players walked into this mess with their eyes wide open, and they fell for the cheapest and the meanest sleight of hand in their bag of tricks, does not augur well for the nation or to them. They wholly misunderstood the historical significance of the victory over terrorism and their historical role in it. So much so the nation is bound to question the astuteness of their very roles in this enterprise to eradicate terrorism form our motherland. It looks as if their roles were merely dictated by the circumstances and not done as farsighted and deliberate acts to liberate the motherland; in the case of the President out of political necessity and in the case of the General out of personal ambition. If this were not so and they had the foresight to understand what they have together accomplished, they would have easily mended fences and kept the unity that they had during the great humanitarian exercise -for the greater good of the nation, before getting into the current fracas they are in. They should have placed the nation’s interest before their personal agendas

– the way real Statesmen act when confronted with adversity. What

the President and the General have together accomplished in the post war period is out right betrayal of the nation’s trust and a show of complete ignorance of their historical role. The Presidnet has done a Pilimatalawa and now we are waiting for the “ƒ”¹…”Britishers’ to accomplish the final reenactment of the neo colonial subjugation with an Ehelepola coming into the fray.

The General’s overrated ego and his childish ambition to be the one and only, his lack of humility and magnanimity, his taste for revenge so un-Buddhist together with President’s insecurity played into the hands of the nation’s enemies. A mere doubt placed on President’s ear by a well experienced Indian diplomat, mention of the Honduras coup and a promise to the General by the Western Powers of their backing seems to have been sufficient to crack the great edifice the nation so patiently built to eradicate terrorism and thereby the meddling by these very powers in the internal affairs of our nation.

The General’s lack of political acumen is seen by the fact that he is waiting to be received by any rag tag party in political wilderness to be its common candidate. If he has the necessary foresight he would have worked out his entry into politics much more patiently, staying with the victorious team, knowing that politics is yet unknown territory for a person from the military. His desire to be offered the Presidency on a plate shows his political immaturity. His letter of resignation poorly drafted and partly dictated by those in the political wilderness bear ample testimony to this fact. He should take a lesson from the great Mao Zedong and his Long March to understand the meaning and the significance of consolidating the backing of a nation before seeking that nation’s highest office and trust. At the moment in all likeness he will end up as an “ƒ”¹…”also ran’ presidential candidate and end up in ignominy. What a let down for a celebrated General to go from hero to zero as so ardently wished recently by an Anti Sinhala and Anti- Buddhist journalist “”…” Asaranee. Asaranee and her brand of Sinhala Buddhist haters must be in the 9th cloud, seeing the General being made a fool.

Today our enemies the Ealamists in Sri Lanka and in the diaspora abroad must be laughing through their sides as to how easy it was to destroy the unity of that magnificent team put together by the Defense Secretary “”…” Gotabhaya Rajapakse with the nation in the background providing logistical support.

It looks as if the President and his current team of politicos require constant acclamation from the nation to stay in politics “”…” thus the incessant rounds of receptions round the country to constantly remind him and his taggers on that they are the real architects of this victory. Without this constant acclamation they seem to wither like freshly planted seedlings under the sun. Acclamation seems to be the very Oxygen on which they live! The President must end this circus, show some depth in his governance and get into complete the yet unfinished business of consolidating the hard won victory over, terrorism, the attempt by our enemies to dismember our nation and their attempt to destroy the Buddhist faith and culture. These are the forces that made him the President and not the Western Powers, nor the Christian Church nor the Indian Establishment!

As was pointed out in article a few days ago, ” Finally the Masks are off!” the real architects of this victory over terrorism are none other than the patriotic organizations, the Ranaviruwoes of the Armed Forces and the Buddhist nation at large. They made it possible for the Defense Secretary Gotabhaya to put together the A-Team and keep it intact till the final victory over Tamils racists was achieved. The nation made that important turnaround at Soma Hamuduruwo’s funeral.

They are the one’s who carried on their shoulders the undying hope and trust that this nation will once again overcome all adversities and will finally drive out the invaders and their agents from Sri Lanka.

If the General swallow the big bait and contest the Presidency he will end up a traitor to the nation. It is yet not too late for him to realize his folly and back off. There is no way that he can serve the nation by joining with the politically bankrupt JVP nor with the

anti- Sinhala, anti- Buddhist Christian UNP. If not again the nation will be back to the stage when Sinhala Buddhist vote gets divided evenly into opposing camps and the minorities backed by Western Powers and the Christian Church will become the kingmakers and the tail will certainly wag the dog!

In all likelihood the President will win this election albeit with a reduced majority. Then it will be time for him to re-think his new Presidency “”…” give up self aggrandizement, give up the need for constant acclamation, give up the Rajapakse Inc. and take the nation towards a new era of justice to all and prosperity. I only hope that he will not fail the trust of the nation again and most importantly the trust placed on him by the Sinhala Buddhists. For this he must stop pandering to the Christian Church and to the Caesar in the Vatican who have nothing but ill-will towards non Christians! If he can consolidate the victory over terrorism with foresight and forbearance the Western Nations will once again come around to be Sri Lanka’s friends.

If the President and the General fail to understand their historical roles they will end up betraying the nation who gave them so much support and adoration.

May the Triple Gems Bless our Motherland!


25 Nov 2009














4 Responses to “Great Betrayal of the Sinhala Buddhist Trust!”

  1. KBS Says:

    This is what we need to think and understand at this very crucial juncture. Not finding faults with people involved. There may be enough lapses in all the parties. Presidents and Generals come and go. What maters in the long run is what will happen to the country. I humbly suggest you to send this article to the President and to the General. I pray they will understand the gravity.

  2. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Dear Ratanapala, you article is interesting and the answers to what happens lie within the same text. The drama, we see is purely a matter of interest to Sinhala people though you refer to a Sinhala Buddhist group. There are many who are disappointed on what happens, but I see nothing strange about it. This is what happened during the last two and half millennia when the Buddhist influences suppressed the Sinhala values and replaced with suicidal values derived form Hindu civilisation. We had a lot of big mouths shouting from rooftops about patriotic fervour, but without any tangible strength to achieve anything in realistic terms. We have a bunch of idiots who took over the custody of the Sinhala civilisation without any substance, contributing to the greatest debacle of our civilisation. We do not need any other information, but what is available is good enough to understand the great fall during the last two and half millennia. I never believe that there is any difference between MR, SF, Asaranee, NoDayan, NonCarlo, RW or SA (JVP) as individuals. They belong to the same group that were born to people who had one face to Sinhala people and a totally opposite one when in company with those who occupied our land, behind their backs (It is more than double faced – may be opposite faced or, faces and/or a*ses on both ends). Do they at least look like native Sinhala people? Such life style makes exactly the same people that we see today. Our problem is we believe them like idiots who got no eyes, no ears, no senses or no grey matter inside the skulls. What happened during recent times was the popular need to fight Tamil Terrorists and the hijacking of the agenda by the more ambitious of the lot to be the leaders, to gain the gold pot, just like the previous scum who made a fortune.

    I feel lucky as all the masks are off and the true faces are for the taking. What we need is not a bunch of idiots preaching to free them from sorrow, wishing good health or to get better while trying their best to give up humanity, but real Sinhala people, who love life and living like humans, similar to those who lived during ancient times (Yakas- people who could do marvellous things) to bury these subhuman scumbags alive and reclaim their country for themselves. Then the Jewish value based cannibalism, communism, capitalism and socialism, the Hindu value based animal worshiping and self-destruction, and Arabic Bedouin culture based barbarism must be replaced with the original Sinhala value system that secured our lives from extinction and ensured our survival to this day. The root cause of our problems is our sliding back to animal ways over time due to certain natural influences. Sadly, we see the latest obstruction to our evolution is caused by those many animals that are born as humans since the humanity was freed up by the ancient Sinhala people from nature’s controls. We must appreciate this turmoil, as it is the only way to unravel the grip of these supporters of cannibals, without fear or favour. It is a matter of time to see the kind of action that would be taken to solve our problems. Unfortunately, planting sweet potato leaves by mouth does not make any sense to anyone, as real work on the ground is the need of the hour. First step to recovery is to come out of the servile life without behaving like the way cattle grown up in caged farms that always return to cages when left loose. What I am trying to tell is to free up from the English value system and to abandon it completely to see the right path to regain what we lost for a long time. As long as we see salvation through English system, we are not different to fish trying to feed on baits. Unless we can overcome English domination in our thinking, we are nobodies though we try our best to be labelled as patriots or Sinhala for that matter. Then, we must give up other alien subjugations and replace by our own solutions that are superior. Having done that, we believe anyone could do better. As a matter of fact, English have succeeded where we failed because they never follow others but do better in what others do to reach where they are today. My prediction is that MR (SF got no chance) is the last puppet king of the leftover English colonial government, which will be buried soon for good. To do our bit, we urgently need those of you who got functioning brains, arms, legs and tummies.

  3. jayawardena Says:

    There are several myths exists in sri lanka
    1. there is a nation call Sinhalese Buddhist. facts. there are no nation call Sinhalese Buddhist . Buddhism is a religion, and Sinhalese are a nation. people of sri lanka belong to various religions. according to the constitution freedom of religion is safe guarded. from time to time satanic cults in sri lanka tries to brake the harmony of different communities by attacking their places of worships. ego behind this attacks is that sri lanka belong to Buddhist only, others has to suppressed. what a mad idea. all religions came to sri lanka from out side.

    2. quality of the religions of this country cannot measure from their values only. adherents behaviors, activities, also shows the real picture.

    3. according to paranawithana Christianity was exist in this country at the peak of its civilization. christian forces under Datusena march into Anuratdapura and liberate it from the king parendra.. all this things are reordered in The “story of sigiriya”. people like you must read the islands history in broad mind, but not sitting in isolated cages.

    4. other myth. Sinhalese has a superior culture. % wrong. simple meaning of the word is the behaviors of the peoples. our rural masses are generally poor. rich people has enough. no one is caring about poor. every one attack to west/ England, but send their children to those countries for schooling. why ? double standard. These so called patriots even live in west and attacks to west. these people getting all benefits from those countries and try to divide the real bumiputras of this country by encouraging hate and poison on their minds.

    5. this country belong to all people of this country. Sinhalese, Tamils,Muslims, Malays ,Vadddas,and Rodies and all other communities.

    6. Sinhalese and Tamil confrontation occurred only during last three or four decade. wrong. from the very beginning of this country these two ethnic groups fought one another for the supremesy of this country. more than half of our royalties were Dravidian origin. these are facts.

  4. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    The comment by “jayawardena” was something I was anticipating from Lankaweb readers for a long time. What I am going to say is not in any way related to a person, but take a more generic sense to what we really meant as humans. It is quite natural to get myths and facts mixed up for anyone. It is good to see some comments on a point form and I thought of adding my thoughts accordingly.

    Ref. 1: It is true that there are no Sinhala Buddhists as such. It is true that Buddhism is a religion, in the sense that there are followers of an individual who is there religious leader. I hardly understand why and how other humans could blindly follow another human raising the question that those following another could not be a full human based on the nature of individuality found among all forms of life. So, I rather like to consider the followers of any religion as belonging to a subhuman group. In contrast, an ethnic group (the word Nation is a meaningless English word designed to dilute the identities of all others to meet their super-racist agendas to turn all others into second class English subjects) is a living proof of a group of humans that have evolved as an exclusive group over time and are associated with an exclusive part of land. Existence of humanity depends on existence of individual humans. Unfortunately, every preacher who created their own religion has contributed to a lot of death either by self-harm or by committing atrocious crimes on others. So it is quite natural for true humans to attack and destroy every form of threats that takes life away from humanity. My view is that all these religions that came from outside should be treated as such and limited to study how they have artfully deceived people to relieve themselves from life for things that they know nothing about such as wonders they could have after the ending of life following these trivial and destructive cults, in all shapes and forms.

    Ref 2: I feel lucky that humans are not blind enough to believe these pathetic religions (one-man shows) to the extent expected by their creators as they are driven by more powerful natural instincts that kept them alive for so long in the nature. Any religionist should be rejected as a danger to life or as a kind of venomous snake coming to take our lives. There is nothing wrong in any kind of response to killers in disguise as that is the way we survived extinction.

    Ref 3: This is where this commentator got caught up in the act. How silly, we tend to be when quoting others to justify our own speculations. As a religion, the preachings (outcries) of Jesus, a Jew convicted for criminal behaviour by his own people (Jews), who tried to turn things up side down within their own culture, and who also brought so much misery on this community later, was never a popular belief until the middle ages just before the decadence of the Roman Empire. As Communism, another killer belief invented by Jewish culture, is taking root in societies where the masses are oppressed by a powerful handful of the society, this faith became the choice of the oppressed masses under Roman dictatorships, who themselves took the ownership of god. Today, this is the same reason for Islam to take root among oppressed in US, not because it is better. How silly we have become to tell the past by digging graves and misinterpreting ancient words or stories. Even today, this faith is limited to those who were forced to believe it under occupation and to those who got nothing worth to call themselves as humans. You seem to be a follower of Jackson Anthony, the new saint who shit on Sinhala history with the likeminded mongrels (There will be a time to skin these monkeys alive). Some of you have tried even to bury crosses (It should be guns now as it is the most common tool of death) to prove your historical comments. There are some who refer to Samanala Kanda as the place mentioned in the bible. We already have Buddhists and lately some Tamils claiming to this hill as theirs, which has a very strong link to ancient Sinhala civilisation long before your godfathers could create history by writing funny stories. I am not surprised even if you find a clause somewhere in the bible to prove your point. Alas, people like us can see your nudity and also that of the likes of Paranwithane’. It is silly to suggest that we should read more bedtime stories and watch more Jackson Anthony dramas to find out our history. Unfortunately we are the history and we stand in font of you to say what our history is.

    Ref 4: You say that Sinhalese do not have a superior culture. Assuming you have some idea of what culture is, Sinhala are the only people on this planet who will offer life essentials (I hope you split your hairs to find what these are) FREE even to strangers. All other cultures use one or more of these essentials to control humans by denying access. For example, your adorable English masters hold the sway over water, land and access to food as a monopoly to force you to live a life to work for them. Isn’t this true? On the basis of comparing modern humanity against the natural life (I mean the life we spent in the wild as pure animals), Sinhala is the greatest and best culture that others try their best to follow with their limited capabilities. In fact, all the great values that we hear even from the worst of barbarians were originally created by the ancient Sinhala civilisation. You are a prey caught by English and have no idea about them. Obviously, only those who came to contact with English in the best possible manner like us know who they are. If you know who English are and their origin, you would not be surprised for many others like you who walk into their death traps. Only those who ate shit and know that they ate shit can tell what shit tastes like. For that, I have become a person using English while rejecting more than 100% of its cultural worth. There will be a time for those losers going behind English becoming the laughing stock or becoming the Rodies (that you mentioned, more precisely Romas) of the future. If you look around, you will find that the only benefit anyone would get from following English is a lifetime in hell with a slow and painful end to existence. Even I do have serious concerns about many pseudo-patriots in the west who curry favours with English ideals, the exact opposite of Sinhala ideals. How many of them could be patriotic General Fonsekas? Unfortunately, many of you do not have an iota of what Sinhala means or about Sinhala way of life though claim to be Sinhala, which could be limited just to Sinhala name label. Do you know that the word “Jayawardane” used by many as a surname has no meaning to use as such? In fact it links such users as Sinhalised by association with an alien origin. Just think of English and those migrants tasking English names to understand this logic.

    Ref 5: This is where I find the common mistake. We utter words without even knowing the meaning of words. You say country belongs to Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Malays, Vadddas, and Rodies and all other communities. You seem to be stupid enough to utter such a set of meaningless words like a politician, though you forget that they were left to live among us because of the greatness in our Sinhala values. Where else do you find any minority left to retain their culture intact any where in the world? Let me explain one word for you. You say Malays own our country. So who does own Malaysia? Does Sinhala own it? It is disgusting to hear this phrase that I heard before from the Puppet Kings/Generals, the great patriots, as these Malays are descendents of those brought from Malaysia by English to fight the Kandian Kingdom. This sentence took away any sense of intelligence you had shown in your comments. I do not have to tell you more about other words. It seems that we are intelligent enough to join any set of words, but not good enough to make any sense.

    Ref 6: I do not think that you have done any studies to talk about Sinhala and Tamil conflict. What you have borrowed is a phrase from Buddhist history. It is like borrowing words from Christian history that you seem to know better to explain pre-Christian Buddhist history in Sinhale’ (Lanka). This conflict has a pre-historic root for all its troubles. Unfortunately, it takes time to solve some difficult problems. I am sure this problem will be settled in the near future, which require us to cross our beaches. I do not think that you have any idea of what I inferred here. You say more than half of our royalties were of Dravidian origin. I say all of them were of part Dravidian origin after the Tamil reject Vijay Kumar’s ascension to thrown by slaughtering all the heirs to the thrown with the support of kind hearted Kuweni. There are many among you who could be direct descendents of that bloodline. What about Queen of England? So marriage between royals does merge two communities to one. But we are still Sinhala and Tamil. Where is the logic? Unfortunately the royals (who never received respect from True Sinhala people, but from Sinhalised imports) became extinct because they did not follow some ancient Sinhala advice just like most of you who seek comfort with aliens.

    I made the above comments targeting the whole Sinhala speaking Diaspora in good faith that they would realise their future and do whatever necessary to change their destiny. Being one of them, I am duty-bound to do this kind of comment to seek my own guilt-free mind. Only those who follow Sinhala way will live longer. All others are like lab rats that will die to serve others. There are many facts I did not reveal though I used to deduce my words. We challenge others because we have found better ways to find our history that nobody can hide using concocted facts (or myths). Dear Ratanapala, assuming you are a Bhikku as the Pali inspired name suggests, I would like to see you overcoming the prejudicial thinking and promoting Sinhala values (I know you have mixed up some of them with Asinhala or Hindu values), instead of parroting alien thoughts, as it would help the humanity to exist. By the way, if I am committing one of those anantharya paapa karmas, I am prepared to commit thousands of them and to face much worse than that, if it is meant to protect Sinhala people who gave me life and knowledge beyond my worth. No one, no gods, almightiness or fear of other calamities can stop me doing my duties to my people that I am obliged for giving me human life. Join us to live! Do not let the Fear or Pain to decide your future. Let the joy of life decide our future. When some one tells you about fear of life, think of the joy that you live and laugh at them to remain sane.

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