Planned Canadian Referendum By Eelamites On The Basis That The LTTE Are Proscribed Terrorists Should Be Outlawed!
Posted on November 24th, 2009

Insight By Sunil Kumar

Nov.24th 2009
Whatever remains of the The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam who were defeated after a 23-year conflict with the Sri Lankan military in May are underground cells and pockets of surreptitious individuals who can never surface into mainstream Canadian society as the Canadian Law Enforcement and spy agencies have seen to it that this will not happen regardless of their high and mighty rhetoric!The LTTE are proscribed Terrorists in Canada as well as globally!

Their supportives however have the audacity to continue to help them operate globally as well as in Canada in locales where they can hide and carry on their clandestine operations with the help of the global Tamil diaspora! when in fact they need to be sought out and dispersed rather than permitted to seek any autonomy from Sri Lanka which is truly wishful thinking on their part.

 They seem to be oblivious to the reality that the Federal Government of Canada has listed the group as a proscribed terrorist organization since 2006 where the Canadian Law Enforcement and Spy Agencies the RCMP and CSIS respectively have been on their case ever since and whether they now come as a “democratic” organization seeking “political” representation in Sri Lanka or call themselves non terrorist politicians it should be of no consequence towards any legitimacy which they are disentitled to and only if they denounce all links to the LTTE should any Tamil representation be permitted anywhere in the world to carry on any activities as seekers of political office and recognition regardless of the outcome!

It should never be under the auspices of the LTTE or as seekers of Eelam! unless they are trying to make a mockery of International Law and the international statutes relative to the prevention of the propagation of any terrorist group which obviously Canada and the rest of the world must be well aware of.

 Simply because the disgruntled Tamil diaspora and escaped LTTE terrorists who have mingled freely in world societies thanks to lax security on the part of the countries which let them slip through security cordons are vowing to make their fight a political one, and say they are planning to hold a referendum on whether Tamils should declare independence from Sri Lanka there is no obligation for world leaders as well as the nations which have collectively banned the LTTE to pay any heed to their ambitions as the adage must surely be ~ once an LTTE terrorist always an LTTE terrorist despite their rhetoric to the contrary and dangerous terrorists to moot!

 A misguided few news sources seem to think according to certain reports in the global media, that a planned December vote by disgruntled Eelamites and their supportives could put political pressure on Sri Lanka to carve out a role for Tamil representation as the country prepares for parliamentary and presidential elections likely to be held in January.

 This is a total misconception as neither are The Sri Lankan authorities overly worried about a terrorist entity they have put down in their entirety in Sri Lanka resurfacing in any foreseeable future in whatever form they choose to nor should Canada provide any leads or responses to any demands made by Tamil groups representing a terrorist group banned in Canada where other nations should also take up the case towards outlawing and disbanding these ambitious Tamil agitators for Ealam as well as any related activity unless there is an official international denouncement by them of any links to the LTTE which need to be set in motion as a legal condition within the statutes of International Law and ratified.

 Even then the objectives as well as rationalities which undoubtedly point to a demand for Tamil secession from Sri Lanka which this hue and cry is all about seems far fetched and preposterous as it comes from a miniscule minority of Tamils who overall arent even 13% of Sri Lanka’s population where even that percentage has been further split up with the exodus of Tamils from Sri Lanka and those Tamils content to remain in Sri Lanka are making no demands for secession other than their pleas to the Administration to attend to their immediate needs after the internal insurrection by the LTTE where they have become pathetic victims of tremendous hardships as a result!

 Somewhat ironically the Sri Lankan Armed Forces fought against a terrorist leader whose first name was Velupillai ( Prabhakaran) and the present group of global Tamil agitators under reference in this item is also purported to be led by~ you guessed it ! Velupillai (Thangavelu )perhaps an ill omen for them where once again they could veritably be going nowhere except into oblivion, this time in a political sense!

 It seems relatively easy for the Tamil-Canadians linked to the so called “political” branch of the LTTE to organize what they see as a referendum towards autonomy from Sri Lanka but in reality appears wishful thinking about a concept which will neither be under the auspices of Canada nor Sri Lanka as they have disentitled themselves to it the moment they chose to link themselves with the LTTE and of course their numbers too probably play a significant role towards entitlements!

 There should be no case for the organizers of this ungainly scheme which is illegal from the very inception,to either hire an outside firm to scrutinize and tally the votes by electronic referendum, or otherwise, with polling stations planned for the greater Toronto area, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Halifax as all of these are inconsequential to the overall reality that neither the Canadian authorities nor Sri Lanka should entertain or tolerate such a preposterous assignment given all the circumstances pointing to links to the LTTE terrorists!

 It should be outlawed and the organizers warned that it could be a direct violation of both Canadian as well as international law where the compromising of Sri Lankan sovereignity by an outlawed terrorist group would be the overall objective despite its hypothetical and speculative nature!!


Canadian intelligence and terrorism expert Tom Quiggan questions whether the vote will get that far, given the LTTE’s listing as a terrorist group.

“If the LTTE is seen to be holding elections in Canada, what is the Canadian Government supposed to do about this? How do they react?” said Quiggan, a former security consultant with the RCMP.

“Do they allow a banned terrorist group to continue its fundraising and continue its organizational efforts here in Canada?”

The issue of allowing a vote is a sensitive one, particularly after the 2006 RCMP raid of the offices of another group, the World Tamil Movement, that authorities believed was connected to the LTTE.

The police agency alleged in an affidavit filed in 2008 that they had found evidence the group was using voter lists to profile potential donors for fundraising activities for the military arm of the group in Sri Lanka.

The referendum plans also come as Canadian investigators attempt to determine the identity of a group of Sri Lankan migrants whose ship landed in British Columbia in October. All but one of the 76 men remains in custody after suspicions were raised that some may be affiliated with the Tamil Tigers.

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