Canadian Tamil Congress – Town Hall Meeting
Posted on January 7th, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

January 7, 2010

Paul Calandra, MP

Conservative Member for Oak-Ridges-Markham

House of Commons, Ottawa

Dear Paul:

It has been brought to my notice by one of your Conservative Sri Lankan-Canadian constituents that you are now into the Hokey-Pokey cunning business of Town Hall meetings organized by the pro-Tamil Tiger front, the Canadian Tamil Congress.  “Hokey-Pokey cunning” I said, since the recent planned meeting was under wraps until it was announced on the morning of the happening perhaps to filter the non-supporters of their separatist Eelam cause.

You might ask, “My attending this meeting and rubbing shoulders with the remnants of the Tamil Tiger Eelamists in my riding surely should not concern you, since you are in the Ottawa-Vanier  riding?” Well, Paul, your business as a politician also happens to be my business since I am a card carrying Conservative and also a Sustaining Donor to your party which also happens to be my party. And I demand good behaviour from my party parliamentarians and not do Sri Lanka in one more time as what the Liberals did for 13 years.   They helped to fund the war which killed my people, all innocent Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims, and dragged that Eelam war for years unnecessarily. I also happened to be one of the lobbyists who wanted the Reform, Canadian-Alliance and the Conservatives to ban the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE aka Tamil Tigers).  And now you know where I am coming from.

Further more, when you were going to school attending Grade 8 with a back-pack strapped to your shoulders was when Colombo riots happened in July 1983,  and I was defending Sri Lanka in the media when the Canadian Tamils were spitting all over that beautiful island unfairly and on the majority Sinhalese community, the community that I come from.  So, I suppose, I can call myself a “veteran” in dealing with the issue in Canada.  And I still nurse the scars of threats by the separatist Canadian-Tamils who said they will bomb my face and also bomb the federal government building on Kent Street in Ottawa that I used to work in.  Your Tamil “ƒ”¹…”hokey-pokey’ friends are maestros of intimidation which certainly hasn’t phased me out even after a long 27 years.

I understand why you have decided to flirt with the pro-Tigers “¦votes”¦votes”¦votes.  Isn’t it Paul?  When the 2008 election results went to press on the wee hours of October 15, the Ottawa Citizen had declared that you had won over the incumbent, the Liberal Lui Temelkovski by 32 votes.  Phew”¦.that was a close call and now you are licking the Tamil constituents to garner their votes to hang on to your riding which is considered a marginal seat.  I suppose I am right again, isn’t it Paul?

When in mid-October last year I heard you and Patrick Brown whining and spitting dragon breath all over the Sri Lankan government for not issuing visas to visit the IDP welfare camps in the north of Sri Lanka, and I did ask you, who the hell do you think you are for the Sri Lankan government to issue visas when Canada by then had rejected visa applications for five Sri Lankan cabinet minister to enter Canada.  I suppose you hadn’t come across the diplomatic jargon which is a working manual’s lexicon “”…” “reciprocity” when you were doing your International Politics 101 at Carleton University when you were studying for your first degree.  “Bravo and TouchƒÆ’†’©” I said to the Sri Lankan Government and doffed my hat.

On second thoughts, I wish you did go, so that I could have witnessed the newly minted Conservative’s reddened face filled with embarrassment returning home at the Pearson International Airport having witnessed conditions in the welfare villages for the 280,000 rescued Tamils from being human shields for the Tamil Tigers, which were 100-times better than the squalor that Canada lets its native peoples live in.  Like the Kashechwewan Native reserve in northern Ontario which  has shown brutal living conditions of our native peoples which took the center stage of Canadian politics not so long ago.

You are often told in parliament by MPs like Charlie Angus (NDP) and Anita Neville (Liberal) that there are 1.2 million aboriginals in Canada out of which some 700,000 of them live on reserves in conditions similar to those of Third World countries or worse.   And you wanted to prod and poke at Sri Lanka just to win the Tamil votes in your riding.  And thank God that you were spared from the retort by the Sri Lankan government who would have told you, “Why don’t you mind your own bloody business at home and vamoose, and look after your native peoples without coming to poke your fingers at our internal affairs.”

But here’s my concern about your “ƒ”¹…”Hokey-Pokey’ business with the pro-Tamil Tiger front group the Canadian Tamil Congress who lied to you all last April and May when the Tamil Tigers were cornered into a small sliver of land by the beach in the east-coast of Sri Lanka, that there was genocide of their people and rape and bloody murder by the Sri Lankan Army soldiers who really happened to be the angels dropped from heaven who were saviours of their innocent people.  The results since then have shown that these crying Tamils were God-damn liars and you foolish Canadian parliamentarians fell for this fairy tales hook-line-and-sinker.  That exposes how stupid and blind politicians can be and you are no exception.  Remember the Gong Show in the parliamentary chambers when you all had an Emergency Debate on Sri Lanka last February.  Wasn’t that a hilarious Tamil Tiger Blarney Theatre?  I laughed my guts out, saying to myself under my breadth, “You bunch of idiots!”

Paul, this is the bottom line.  The pro-Tamil Tigers in Canada who have been smarting since the ruthless Tamil Tiger outfit was obliterated as a military and political force on My 18, 2009 by the Sri Lankan Government forces, have vowed to regroup  with the rest of the Tamil Diaspora around the world to take a new direction in Tamil nationalism and fight another  separatist war.  They have touted Canada to be the headquarters of the Provisional Transitional Government in Exile.   Who knows, this may be established in your riding where the town has become pregnant with Tamil faces.   You turn left and you turn right and all what you see are Tamil faces wall-papered around your town. This is where the “Hokey-Pokey business” comes to play and you have already inducted yourself unwittingly into supporting this exile government with your attendance at their Town Hall meeting.

Well, Paul, the choice is yours.  Either you are “ƒ”¹…”In’ or you are “ƒ”¹…”Out’ of this mythical stupidity.  If I were you I would wash my hands from this group before you get tarred and feathered as another Red-Tory and bring untold harm to our party.  The choice is truly yours and I shall be watching you with a hawk’s eye.

Stop edging yourself to find a place among the Liberals following their pied pipers Paul Martin and Maria Minna, like Bob Rae, Jim Karygiannis, Judy Sgro, John McKay, Derek Lee, Albina Guarneiri, John Cannis, Borys Wrzesnewskyj and their lackeys.  They are all Liberals Paul, and you happen to be a Tory and you have no place in that Tamil Tiger entourage, and take off that red garb of yours and put on what is truly blue.  Do it before it’s too late.


Asoka Weerasinghe

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