Anesthetized consciences
Posted on January 21st, 2010

By Mario Perera, Kadawata

This presidential election campaign plagued with murder and mayhem to an unprecedented degree will enter the annals of our history as the most violent, unscrupulous and disgraceful campaign of its nature. What is most disconcerting is that the vast majority of incidents have been perpetrated by forces backing the president. The Constitution which is the fundamental law, the ground of all laws is being brazenly flouted, trod upon and steam-rolled over. So too the decrees of the Supreme Court the highest guardian and supervisor of all laws and of the rights and duties they confer. It is of no purpose in taking cover behind claims of the illegal doings of others in this regard. Upholding the constitution and maintaining law and order is the primary duty of the government. It is especially the role of the executive president to ensure freedom, fairness and justice to all. If he demeans himself by stooping as low as the “ƒ”¹…”others’, he must be considered as being lower than the lowest, because he is under oath to defend the constitution and all obligations flowing from it. He was precisely elected for this, to uphold and ensure the rule of law enshrined in the constitution.

Anyone who has eyes to see cannot but witness the depths of degradation of sections of our society shown by the desecration of the sacrosanct constitutional laws, and the utter contempt shown to the Supreme Court. The Commissioner of Elections has voiced his absolute powerlessness in the face of this bulldozing of the constitution. He has dismissed the Competent Authority he himself appointed to handle the media and ensure balanced media coverage. His exasperation is obvious. The Government is using the media and all other government institutions which are public property, maintained by public funds to blatantly violate all decent norms of conduct. All the aforesaid broils down to one thing as glaring as the high noon sun, that this election is now focused on one preponderant and overriding issue which is corruption. The government bred and sponsored mafia personalities whether with dishonorable honorary doctorates or without reflect very badly on the president. There are no two words about this fact. He has repeatedly been told that the company he keeps is what he himself is. This factor is playing on the minds of many and might prove to be his undoing.

In this connection my attention was caught by an advertisement placed by a leading insurance company that is being flashed on television channels these days. It makes allusion to the individual “ƒ”¹…”conscience’ and its better version. A conscience is a phenomenon we experience within us. In the “ƒ”¹…”ad’ however an identical individual props up from outside the policy holder and blurts out; “I am your conscience. I know you better than you know yourself”. What we call conscience has the explicit task of inspiring and indicating to us our unconditional duty at a particular moment. It shows us how to be true to ourselves in an absolutely unbiased manner when called to act. Our conscience is the most intimate mirror of our own selves.

However, what we see around us are attempts to substitute the individual conscience with counterfeit grafts. These graft consciences claim to know us better than our own ones do. They claim to represent our deepest aspirations for what is honest, truthful and noble. They perform before us like dancers of a “ƒ”¹…”thovil’ ceremony with a mesmerizing, hypnotizing and anesthetizing effect. They brandish fire brands of various types. Some take the form of files which are said to contain material incriminating their opponents. Other fire brands being waved are massive bundles of money notes. The unceasing flow of words and gestures are like incense keeping the flames crackling aloud. The intent is to subjugate and anesthetize feeble minds. These grafts influence people like a witch’s brew. They tell us who we are, or if we are not to their liking, what we should be. So we hear epithets such are; those who love the motherland and those who don’t – those who are patriots and those who are not – those who are grateful and those who are ungrateful; those who are traitors and conspirators and what not, to name a few of the slogans that are hurled around menacingly. In the same vein artists, sportsmen and others are vying with each other to be our conscience by trying to personify love of the motherland. It is like being eclipsed by crooked shadows.

These external graft consciences are a theatre of sound and light. Our country is seen being transformed with a magician’s wand into a wonderland, surpassing the development of the most developed countries. Our streets are suddenly updated beyond recognition with multi-level highways; Slums rising up like mighty towers; harbours that are dotted with luxury liners and pleasure boats, canals with spotlessly clear waters. All this is more akin to a heavenly city descending from above than to structures sprouting from the ground through the sweat and toil of the population. The evident contradiction obvious to discerning minds is that such dreams arise from grounds that are quick sands saturated in corruption, as shown in the ongoing election campaign.

Considering the beatings and continuous violations of the constitution, the pertinent question arises as to whether this country with its present ruler needs any at all. France’s “ƒ”¹…”Sun-King’ Louis X1V said; L’Etat c’est moi “”…” The State, that’s me. This was repeated by de Gaulle. Our man at the top could well address those anesthetized minds applauding his every word and gesture and say with conviction; the Constitution and the Supreme Court; that’s me. We need none other. He would find support in Montesquieu and even say; the constitution when written is dead. But Lo and behold, I am living; I’m not dead. He could even burst out with a verse or two as is the trend among politicians these days and say;

The constitution is dead

No need for fear no need for dread

The Supreme Court may be in session

But I taught them a jolly good lesson

Know ye each and everyone

That I alone am king

If you wish to prosper

My glories you must sing

Remember this, keep well in mind

With “ƒ”¹…”doctor doom’ just by my side

Not only am I living,

But flexing my muscles and kicking!

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