General Fonseka is an ungrateful man
Posted on January 21st, 2010

Herold Leelawardena

Both SF and RanilW may have collected their big cheques from the so-called International Community. The JVP may have collected their small cheques from them. All other big and small WOGs such as Mangala, Mano, Hakeem, may have collected even smaller cheques from them. And the NGO suckers may have collected their something in addition to their regular stipends from them.

At the point of accepting nomination for the Presidential elections, it looked as if those that got said money had hanged on to most of it without spending. But of late, they are all in frenzy to spend on dirty tricks. However, as we have predicted all along, recent opinion polls show; Mahinda is the clear winner.

Fonseka and all those afore said anti patriotic elements are on their way to lose the elections by a big margin.

Presidential candidate Fonseka keeps reminding us that he is a man of his word. True; he told is during the war that he will not leave this war for another army commander. True; he also told us that he will not allow Piripaharan to deliver another hero’s day speech. True; both those statements have come true. But there are few other facts that the General doesn’t speak at all.

For one thing; if RanilW had been elected President in November 2005, none of those two pledges would have come about. For another; if nationalist minded MPs had not backed the government in Parliament, the war wouldn’t have preceded and concluded at the shores of Nandikadal. Had RanilW been elected as the president of Si Lanka, he would have allowed the then army commander, Lt. General Kottegoda to stay as the commander and let Major General Sarath Fonseka to go in to retirement in 2005.

Instead of praising President Rajapakse for extending his retirement date and appointing him the Commander of the army; SF had praised the woman that refused to appoint him the Commander of the army for the extension of his retirement date. At an election meeting, SF had boasted that Rajapakse need not have extended his services for he would have got his extension automatically. According to him, the extension that Madam ChandrikaK had given to the then army commander Kottegoda would be a precedence that set upon him as well. Yet, we have not seen such automatic extensions come about to anyone at anytime. What a charlatan this man is. Presidential candidate Fonseka has been insulting our intelligence many a times, since.

Remember! When General Kobbakaduwa was about to get LTTE leader, Piripaharan by the neck in 1987, Gandhi made the famous airdrop of lentils to Jaffna. Did not JRJ squeezed his tail between his legs and ordered our commanders to march their men back in to barracks, at the time. During the last phase of this war too, western countries and the US in particular demanded that President Rajapakse let Piripaharan surrender to a third party. If President Rajapakse gave in to the US demand and allow Piripaharan to go to another country, could SF have fulfilled his pledge? No.

General Fonseka should have been grateful to President Rajapakse for giving him an opportunity to fulfil his pledge.

General Fonseka is an ungrateful man. He conceals the truth and lie to his voters. Do not vote for Sarath Fonseka. Tell others not to vote for Sarath Fonseka.

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