Opposition planning for Iranian-style chaos after election
Posted on January 23rd, 2010

H. L. D. Mahindapala

What is already known is that President Mahinda Rajapaksa will win on January 26. The question then is: what will the opposition do on January 27? Informed sources predict that they will come out crying foul on January 27 and ask for re-count or another election with the JVP-led mobs taking to the streets, hoping to create chaos.

Reason: The NGOs, JVP, UNP and some sections of the local media have already launched a massive campaign to invalidate the election on the lines of the Iranian election of 2009 which declared the incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner. Another ominous pointer is that the Daily Mirror has already come out saying that it is legitimate to invalidate the election on grounds of violence.

In Iran pre-election polls predicted accurately that President Ahmadinejad would win. But the opposition, manipulated by foreign agents, took to the streets protesting that the election was rigged. But this lie was exposed by The Washington Post. Under the heading, The Iranian People Speak, written by Ken Balley and Patrick Doherty, The Post confirmed that the polls predicted a victory for Ahmadinejad. It reported (Monday June 15, 2009): “Many experts are claiming that the margin of victory of incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the result of fraud or manipulation, but our nationwide public opinion survey of Iranians three weeks before the vote showed Ahmadinejad leading by a more than 2 to 1 margin — greater than his actual apparent margin of victory in Friday’s election.”

The opposition, together with the NGOs, is alarmed by the two opinion polls which have predicted a victory for the Mahinda Rajapakse regime. The two polls conducted by Viplav Communications (Pvt.) Ltd., and Kelaniya University predicted a clear victory for Mahinda Rajapakse. Faced with this inevitability the only response available to the defeated opposition is to deny the legitimacy of the elections with accusations of rigging and violence.

The usual suspects in the NGO mafia are preparing the climate to mount Iranian-style chaos after the elections. “Paki” Saravanmuttu, Sunila Abeysekera, whose father Charles Abeysekera founded a lucrative NGO after he left the public service under a cloud of malpractices, and the former JVPer now turned into a bleeding heart human rights activist, Basil Fernando “”…” all anti-Sri Lankan agents of foreign-funded NGOs “”…” have ganged up to issue statements questioning the validity of the forthcoming election.

They all have one common agenda: regime change. They have no qualms about supporting “Roti” Fonseka *, the retired General, who was condemned by them as a prime violator of human rights. “Paki” has been agitating globally for regime change. His way of singing for his supper has been to denigrate the Sri Lankan Army and the Sri Lankan government. Now he is maintaining a grim silence about the General whom he ridiculed and attacked when the Army was on the way to decimate the Tamil Tigers.

Having failed to stop the war and having failed to mobilize the foreign forces to paralyze or crush the elected government of the day “Paki” and his gang are maneuvering to invalidate the election results. “Paki” who normally is the first to conduct opinion polls on previous elections has been very backward in coming forward this time with a poll. Why? Obviously, the poll results predict doom and gloom for “Roti” Fonseka “”…” the last chance for NGOs and Wickremesinghe. Besides, “Paki” has denied having conducted a poll. This is most intriguing. Why hasn’t “Paki” conducted a poll this time?. Isn’t this the most critical election for the “Paki” who now appears regularly with Wicky on thinly disguised political platforms?

Whether he has conducted a poll or not “Paki” like Wicky has been in the camp of born losers. The only option available to the losers is to prepare the ground for Iranian-style agitation after January 26. Creating chaos after the election will be the last tactic available to the Wickey-Paki-Haki-Mangy-SomaHansa mob “”…” all of whom are desperate now, knowing that victory has slipped away once again. Their campaign has run out of steam mid way and the counter-attack from the Mahinda camp has begun to bite. Besides, the solid bloc of votes behind Mahinda Rajapakse in the Provincial Council elections of 2009 remains intact, despite the confusing crossovers from both sides.

The propaganda mills of the opposition have succeeded in creating illusions among the chattering class in Colombo about their victory but the interior, where the solid blocs of votes are, is unperturbed by the Twittering and the SMSing elite. This is similar to buzz that the Lalith-Gamini whipped up against President Premadasa. At the height of the impeachment crisis Colombo was agog with the political demise of Premadasa. But it was Lalith-Gamini-NGO-Western bloc that bit the dust.

Similarly, the excitement felt by the Wickey-Paki-Haki-Mangy-SomaHansa mob is not backed by opinion polls. If the opposition had a favourable opinion poll they would have hit back by now. But their grim silence indicates that they have lost the battle.

Their only hope is to agitate after the election is over. This will be a move to destabilize the nation for foreign interventionists to mess around with Sri Lankan politics after the elections. The public should be aware of this and not play into the hands of a bunch of blithering buffoons who never had a viable formula either for war or peace.

The future certainly is not in the hands of the discredited opposition. That is one of the most positive silver linings in the horizon right now.

* “Roti” Fonseka: he forcibly thrust a roti down the throat of his cook because it was misshapen.

3 Responses to “Opposition planning for Iranian-style chaos after election”

  1. Chintha Says:

    This could be possible. The UN, USA and EU are getting thier ammunition ready. wE MAY SEE MORE STAGED GRANNADE ATTACK DRAMA IN THE FUTURE.

  2. aravinda Says:

    This is a definite possibility. Already Mr.Fonseka is doing rounds saying that the election is rigged. If he wins will he say it is rigged?

    To me it appears that Mr.Fonseka now realises he can not win, but he will try to discredit the Sri Lankan government and Sri Lanka after the election. Even though he is unable to produce any evidence to support his claims of of malpractice, he has started to cry foul. In the event Mr.Fonseka looses the election, he will do rounds in USA and Europe discrediting Sri Lanka. He is a very selfish man, I realised it when he was ready to sacrifice the futures of fellow comrades and brother soldiers to gain LTTE votes. We must judge this man by his performance in ” White flag” affair. Even Fredrica Janz questioned his strength of character!

    Mr.Fonseka was in the Army for 39 years, and till 2006 he had done bugger all. He is unble to speak in Tamil, very frighten of English and very weak in Sinhala. His use of language makes him sounds like a vengeful person. If he becomes the president, Tamils could be up for a great shock. For sake of our children and next generation of Sri Lankans, lets pray Mahinda Rajapaksa will continue to lead Sri Lanka for another six years.

    The whole country should be ready to counder any attempts to destabilise Sri Lanka. If Mr.Rajapaksa wins, we are sure to see false accusations of election rigging. LTTE media in Canada, UK, Australia and USA & UNP, JVP rag tag army alone with NGOs paid to destabilise Sri Lanka have already started doing the rounds.

  3. Sri Rohana Says:

    Sri Lankans it is high time to open your eyes. Now it is obvious that CIA backed US Embassy, UK Spy service, Norwegian embassy & spy service and various other western puppets funded the election campaign of UNP/ Tamil Tiger Eelamists bogus refugee Diasporas backed candidate Sarath Fonseka. NFF’s Hon MP Mr. Mussamil very well exposed it.
    Those westerners can organize any sort of Iranian type scenarios or Zimbabwe type riots or Kenyan type riots after the election saying voting frauds. Traitors of Sri Lanka mainly NGO’s, Ranil.W, Ravi.K, Jayalath J’s UNP thugs, JVP’s Ravi Karunanayaka group’s (Anura, Vijita, Lal) thugs and Mano Ganesan & Sambandan’s ex tamil terrorist will make Sri Lanka in to another mess for the agenda of Anti Sinhala, Tamil Eelamist, Neo imperialist, Caucasian fundamentalism.

    Now we Sri Lankans don’t have any time to experiment. Vote for Patriotic Mahinda Rajapakse and defeat the Neo imperialists, defeat the Eelamist, defeat the UNF (Unge napunsaka front). This is the duty of 26th January 2010.

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