UNP, JVP, TNA, LTTE backers and Fonseka on the same wave length
Posted on January 24th, 2010

Dr.P.A.Samaraweera, Australia

In 2005, the TNA, Mano Ganeshan and Rauf Hakeem had agreements with the LTTE and meekly followed their instructions. The UNP had a cease-fire agreement with the LTTE. The UNP leadership avoided stepping on to Prabhakaran’s toes and therefore was in his good books. Surprisingly, the JVP an ultra-nationalist party, has joined this team and sponsored Gen. Fonseka whom they ridiculed during the battle against the LTTE.

 The TNA leader Sampanthan at a meeting in Nalloor on Sunday 24th said, “… We decided to offer our support to Sarath Fonseka. He agreed to consider our demands favourably while the President Rajapakse was not prepared to give in to any of them. Therefore, we decided to support Sarath Fonseka… When he is elected we will certainly continue talks with him to unite the North and the East… We will seek the support of international countries…”

 So the TNA with foreign influence is trying to resuscitate the LTTE demands as TNA was the mouth piece of the LTTE. The 4 points in their manifesto and which are their demands are:

 a) Recognition of Tamils as a distinct nationality

b) Establishment of a Tamil homeland

c) Rights to self-determination

d) Merging of the North and the East.

 As the TNA is supporting Gen. Fonseka now there is widespread speculation about a pact between the two parties. An important point focused is the request for a merger of the North and the East. The TNA is demanding a merger. JVP went to courts against merging the two provinces. Former C.J., Sarath Siva’s judgment was to demerge. Sarath Fonseka led the battle against LTTE which had merged during their regime.

 These groups who tried to put spokes to the war are now back on the same wave length against President Rajapakse who with stood international pressure to sabotage the war and give the LTTE a life line. The LTTE leaders overseas and their backers in the west are supporting Gen. Fonseka to get their demands as claimed by the TNA leader and obviously to set the foundation for another conflict in Sri Lanka.

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