Vadukoddai Referendum in Sri Lanka on 26 January
Posted on January 24th, 2010

Dilrook Kannangara

LTTE Diaspora is holding referenda all over the world to garner support for the Vadukaddai Resolution. What they are trying to do is to show the world that Tamils of Sri Lankan origin want a separate country as they once declared in 1976 and 1977. At the 1977 General Election an overwhelming majority of Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka approved the Vaddukaddai Resolution. Even so called moderates like Ananda Sangaree too joined in the TULF’s campaign for a separate Tamil nation.

 The LTTE Diaspora realised by early 2009 that the LTTE is unable to gain Tamil Elam. Therefore they planned another method which they call a peaceful method. What they try to do is to use the internationally recognized “ƒ”¹…”self determination’ concept. This has been successfully used around the world from East Timor to Kosovo. Although there is a long way from showing the desire for self determination to actually having it, it has to start somewhere. Now the LTTE Diaspora has initiated the process. They intend to hold referenda in every major country they are active and show the international community that Tamils in Sri Lanka too want their right of self determination recognized. Thereafter they are going to systematically put pressure on the international community to force Sri Lanka recognize the Tamils’ right of self determination.

 The first referenda were held in Norway in 2009 where the Vaddukoddai Resolution was passed by more than 95% of the votes. The next referenda were held in Canada and France. There too the voters whoa re all Tamils of Sri Lankan origin passed the VR by more than 95%. On 23 January 2010 they conducted similar referenda in Switzerland, Germany and Holland.

 Officials of the LTTE Diaspora ensure that they hold these referenda as per national election standards of their hist countries. This gives credibility to these referenda.

 But what’s the point in having referenda around the world except in Sri Lanka? After all the mythical “ƒ”¹…”Tamil Elam’ is in Sri Lanka. It is impossible to hold a referendum in Sri Lanka asking people of the North East to declare their intention for separation. It violates the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution. The LTTE Diaspora has a clever solution.

 They intend to use the 26th January 2010 Presidential Election as a de facto referendum. Ingenious!

 The LTTE Diaspora has already made arrangements with their local counterpart – TNA – to advance this strategy in Sri Lanka. In turn the TNA came to an agreement with Sarath Fonseka to uphold the “ƒ”¹…”spirit of the Vaddukoddai Resolution’. They could not directly specify the 1976 Vadukoddai Resolution because the Sixth Amendment which came into effect in 1982 (6 years after 1976 Vadukoddai Resolution), bans such specific mentioning.

 Immediately after their agreement with Sarath Fonseka they held a ceremony in North Sri Lanka officially, customarily and formally declaring the advancement of the VR. Now the TNA canvass for Sarath Fonseka throughout North East on the basis that he upholds the “ƒ”¹…”spirit of the VR’.

 Sri Lanka will be the seventh country to hold a referendum (a de facto referendum in the case of Sri Lanka) on the VR.

 There is widespread confusion about the concept of self determination. According to the UN, the concept of self determination works within a specific geographic area. What is required is the desire of a particular community in a specific area where it is the dominant community. One may argue that Tamil Nadu has 75% of world Tamils and the right of self determination of Sri Lanka’s North East Tamils is irrelevant. Not true. What matters is the whims and fancies of the dominant community in a certain geographical area. The next false argument is most Tamils in Sri Lanka live outside the North East and therefore anything restricted to the geographical area of the North East has no real benefit for the Tamils in general. Although these two arguments are morally correct, legally, according to the well accepted concept of self determination these moral considerations are irrelevant.

 If the Tamil majority in the North East declare that they desire a separate nation for them, that is sufficient for the application of the concept of self determination.

 Not knowing the danger posed by the “ƒ”¹…”innocent’ understanding with the TNA, Sarath Fonseka has fallen into this LTTE Diaspora trap. He is unable to realise the danger this poses to Sri Lanka. His buddies are fully aware of this and support it consciously.

 Sri Lanka is at a grave risk of being split into pieces peacefully by putting pressure politically and economically by the West. Please note that it doesn’t matter Fonseka wins or loses. What matters is Fonseka to win in the North East thereby endorsing the TNA’s view.

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  1. aravinda Says:

    What does Mr.Sarath Fonseka mean to me? Let me say in few words….Ingratitude, treachery, self-aggrandisement,vengence, hate and North and East.

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