No Mercy to the Traitors!
Posted on January 28th, 2010

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya Melbourne, Australia

Mr.President, at the outset let me extend my heartiest congratulations at your resounding Presidential victory! That was the Wish & Hope of those grateful masses to the show the gratitude from the bottom of their hearts for eradicating the evil LTTE menace from the face of Sri Lanka and making a sincere effort to usher an ever-lasting Peace among all citizens in the country!
 My kith & kin of Maha-Ambalangoda emphatically rejected Rtd General while the North & East and the “Kulthur” Colombians wasted their Universal franchise.
 The misfired conspiracy

From the time the Retired (pronounced retarded) general Sarath Fonseka submitted the papers for the candidature; he and his allies knew that he is not a registered voter. They knew the validity of his contest is in a gray area, yet they continued with the canvassing votes for the election, as the sole intention of this contest, with the support of the local and foreign allies was to oust President Mahinda Rajapaksa at any cost. It is for this reason that he did not go to cast his vote in the morning session unlike other candidates, knowing that there will the media to record him casting the vote and when he is denied to vote as his name is not in the electoral list, this would be flashed instantly in all media agencies as the breaking news, which in turn would discourage voters to vote for him. This assumption he had to take, believing the people will vote for him, hence he would have been advised by his allies to avoid fronting the media. If that was the case they (allies) assessed incumbent President would not poll enough votes, so that the Rtd General will be able to claim victorious! Amidst chaos a challenge for the eligibility to contest at this moment would not be decided immediately due to the complexity of the issue, this opens the opportunity for him to get the assistance of his Army deserters to capture the defeated (in the eyes of the public) President and for him to assume the Presidency!

 The script was drafted by canny Mangala, Ranil, Somawana, Tivlin, Hakeem & Mano. They kept ready all faithful ex-Army (some traveled from Australia) and the deserters to take over amidst chaos. President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s clan was extremely fortunate not to meet with the fate that of ex President of Pakistan Mr.Ali Bhuto and the entire family! The founders of the White Van team from JR era would have been working tirelessly to complete this task! Fortunately the sensible voters exercised their votes much intelligently than the moronic Colombians with their slogan “Need a Change” who felt that they had enough of untold suffering in the last four years to put a stop to this nonsense. Now they may have to continue practicing diligently their newfound born again Christian faith expecting a Miracle to install a Traitor as the President ONE DAY!

 The allies effort to engage a brutal soldier to the high office, who has no proficiency in Sihala or English to conduct the business of Governing a country failed miserably by the intervening of the Devine forces, President should only spare this ignorant soul in gratitude for being only an excellent soldier eradicating the LTTE menace with the help of the other forces. Set him free to enjoy the dawning of his twilight years in a chosen land of choice.
As for the rest, forget the bullshit to turn the other cheek as somebody once said, take necessary steps to punish the Traitors once and for all, one must strike while the iron is hot, as with time people forget whom the enemy and who is the friend. Think of the time what JR did to Mrs.Bandaranayaka no sooner he assumed Presidency. I appeal not to stand on high moral grounds and forgive these Traitors, they are there to cause enough obstacles for you to succeed in implementing the Mahinda Chinthanaya, and it’s time to see the OBNOXIOUS WEEDS do not grow!!! Nip in the bud or repent later!


 Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya

Melbourne, Australia

4 Responses to “No Mercy to the Traitors!”

  1. pam Says:

    There is nothing bullshit about being able to turn the other cheek. A person able to do that on a personal level is indeed a person who is way above the rest of us who can only think of striking our enemies with hot iron rods.

    Having said that, I understand your anger against Ranil, Mangala and Somawansa. These idiots were laughing at the valiant SL army when the war was in full swing. But, then again that is there choice to be such treacherous B_ _ _ _ _ DS. The people who are no fools gave them a kick in the back on the 26th of Jan and will continue to kick their backs for a long time to come.
    That is the most just reward they can get.
    Somawansa should be tried in a court of law for being behind the horrors of the JVP madness in the 1980’s. Other than that what other hot iron rods are you talking about? We live in a democracy and that doesn’t allow us to punish people with “hot rods” for being treacherous SOB’s. A society that does that will not survive for long.

  2. pam Says:

    What JRJ did to SRB was based purely on revenge. JRJ is to be blamed for most of the horrors that we have to undergo in present day SL. He kept quiet and kept the forces in on that horrible day in July 1983. He could have had the military on the streets and thus prevented the murder of so many innocent Tamils on the streets of Colombo. Chandrika and every other president after JRJ took that precaution whenever the LTTE did some thing that could have provoked the some of the Sinhalese with a mob attitude to take it out on the Tamils in Colombo. JRJ let out Wijeweera to spite Sirimavo (SRB) and we had chaos for several years and many young Sinhalese lost their lives. JRJ was one of the biggest curses that happened to SL. JRJ allowed his UNP thugs to terrorize Jaffna and burn down a priceless library. What are you talking about man?
    I sure hope that MR doesn’t even think of following in those arrogant and selfish footsteps.

  3. ananda4530 Says:

    MR has to do same as what Premadasa did during 1989 period to JVP leaders. Arrest all JVP, UNP, Mongal & Ponnaseka support traitors and simply remove one by one and tell to the public, they try to escape and then they get killed. What UNP leaders told to public during that era. Forget about LTTE support western countries. They never support us to get developed freely. They will use these JVP & UNP lossers to unstable the country in future. Get rid of these traitors. Gota do not allow these traitors to escape freely. Take these traitors to the courts of do same thing as Premadasa did during 1989 – 1990 period.

  4. cassandra Says:

    I am with pam on this. Turning the other cheek is not a sign of weakness, it takes great courage to do so and is in the noblest traditions of both Buddhism and Christianity. JRJ’s moves against Mrs B were pathetic and demonstrated a small mind and heart. The politics of revenge is not to be commended, it is morally repugnant and not something that will bring any benefit to anyone. What this country has not had for a long time is someone whom we can truly call a statesman. Mahnda Rajapakse can, if he so elects, conduct himself in a manner that will earn him that distinction. But engaging in taking revenge is not the way to go if he wishes to be regarded in that way. I, for one, would urge him to be magnanimous in victory and even reach out to Sarath Fonseka and if possible persuade the General to place his talents again at the service of the country.

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