Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy (Catpad)-Congratulates President Mahinda Rajapakse on his Victory!
Posted on January 30th, 2010


It gives us immense pleasure to extend our hearty congratulations and warm greetings to His Excellency the President, Mahinda Rajapakse on behalf of Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy as he begins his second tenure as the President of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankans has once again have proved their commitment to strengthening democracy. Nothing improves the reputation of a government and its leader more than returning to power with a vast majority.

Your Excellency, you have been provided leadership in various capacities, especially during the past four years as the President of Sri Lanka. I am sure that with your impeccable credentials you stand in a good position to lead the country on the road towards uniting all the communities in Sri Lanka and towards Development and Peace.  Under your leadership you have made Sri Lanka a role model for the World to defeat Terrorism and given Sri Lanka a new face in Asia. Sri Lankans under your leadership expect more prosperity, development and national unity. We hope and pray that Sri Lanka will regain its glory of the past once again through your guidance.

Your Excellency reaffirmed your determination to uphold the values of communal harmony, religious tolerance, and the values of freedom and pluralism that makes Sri Lanka unique. Your return to power as the President with a clear mandate gives the people of Sri Lanka confidence that your much-valued assurances of Sri Lanka’s secular democratic principles will be upheld and that all peoples in our great Nation will find protection and dignity.

Your Excellency, let us remind you on this happy occasion, that peace and development depends on the political stability of the country.   To ensure political stability, National unity has to prevail. To safeguard National unity, all evil forces of separatism and destruction have to be eradicated. We hope you will achieve this in your tenure and create more space for moderate Tamils.

We Canadians Tamils for Peace and Democracy wish Your Excellency good health and our country prosperity and its people happiness. Please accept the assurances of our support to you and our Nation.

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