The continued bickering and refusal to accept facts by these disgruntled pretenders
Posted on January 30th, 2010

Henry, USA

The Editor.
The presidential election is over. The winner has been declared. The monitors-none of whom have vested interests in the result-have given their thumbs up that it was a free and fair election.
And still we hear the etrnal refrain from the losers that the elections were rigged. For goodness sake, when is this nonsense going to end?
There is no doubt that the vast majority of the freedom and democracy loving people of Sri Lanka are heaving sighs of relief that the country did not fall into the clutches of an infamous coalition as that which made up the opposition to the incumbent president. Thanks to fate or Karma or divine providence, the Sri Lankan people have been spared the ignominy of having to land on their backsides once again and go through another phase of what the country went through over the last thirty years.
And still the power-hungry yokels scream blue murder, refusing to accept their destiny.
In the name of all peace-loving Sri Lankans who want to join hands and steer the nation away from the tragedies of the past,  to a place of sovereign independence and prosperity, this is a reminder to the losers that they lost, and nothing is going to change that. If they realy want to serve the country, they should buckle down with their supporters and do what they can to reconstruct the nation, for there’s a great deal do do,  and if it is in theirr destiny to gain any position of leadership in the future, they should try again the next time. (I really cannot see anything that the partners in the coalition did in the past to warrant victory. In fact, suffice it to say that their past records guaranteed their defeat, notwithsatnding the fanfare and the ballyhoo that they used to create the impression that they were worthy opponents. The Sri Lankan voter is no fool, and has shown clearly that they do not want the groteque absurdity of the past, when the country was down in the dumps on several occasions, thanks to the histrionics of those worthy “leaders.” The incumbent president had the foresight, the courge and the leadership to proclaim to our enemies around the globe that we are proud of our freedom, independence and patriotism. And by his astute and unyielding leadership, he showed the world what purpose-driven action can do. That was reason enough for his re-election, and anyone who disputes that will bve very hard put to defend his claim.) 
 The continued bickering and refusal to accept facts by these disgruntled pretenders will only slow down the progress of the country, and provide the enemies of our nation more and greater opportunity to try to hold us back from the position which we can, and certainly deserve to attain. For once, they need to put country before the craze for power by any means, and show their own patriotism before they aspire to leadership.
Henry, USA

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