It is Sinhala votes that matters!!!
Posted on January 31st, 2010


Dear All,

I don’t want to boast or anything, but I guessed that MR would win with about 62% votes. I wished that he get 65%. And I was wrong only by about 3%.

I also wrote that if anyone votes against MR is a fool, and nearly wrote that, he/she would be called a traitor. Interestingly, SF had won areas marked by the late LTTE as their map, which shows that SL Tamils are not a grateful lot.

War kills people, and the bullet doesn’t chose anyone’s ethnicity. When I first heard and read about the little 5 year Tamil girl burnt to death together with her mother, who also was a Tamil in Colombo by a coward, who pushed the button to detonate a bomb, I wanted someone to finish off Prabakaran and his LTTE.  Ranil W. would never do that. I saw that when he did his “pada yatra” from down south to Colombo. Only person left was MR. Then MR was joined by GR, who told everyone that he’d finish off this menace of LTTE and would not leave the country until he’d do it. I watched him talking and I believed in him. And he did that!

Lot of people say all kind of things about our Sinhala people, but one thing everyone forgot is that, we Sinhala people don’t really forget a good thing done to us. The best thing I saw in my whole life was the sense of freedom MR had given us by eliminating the LTTE.

Of course, lot of us thought that there would be a close fight, but when SF spoke to the Sunday Leader and accused GR about giving an “illegal” order about not taking surrendered, I knew for sure that MR would win. If our people, domiciled abroad don’t understand that most of us didn’t really care, whether there were white flags or not, we wanted to finish off the LTTE. No one can believe in a LTTE member, no one knows, whether that LTTEer might blast himself, so we didn’t want any more casualties, did we? Why should any of our soldiers has to die? I personally don’t want any of our soldiers to die, for they are for me as my own children. I believe that was the same feeling in most of our Sri Lankans hearts.

SF made a terrible mistake by contesting. No one wanted a once war hero to go against his own president. It looked like mutiny. And SF chose the worst of all people to be his “comrades” – JVP. Then the ailing UNP joined him. The last to join was TNA, the LTTE proxy and the worst president we had Chandrika.

SF made spoke about a coup too, like “if I wanted, I could” type talk. SF should have stayed the war hero, and he would have been the most welcome person in any household in Sri Lanka, but he wanted burn all bridges.

I am quite thankful to our Sri Lankans that they returned MR to presidency again. He won the war for us, he brought us freedom, now it is his time to show he can bring our country to prosperity. And I believe that he will.

We have the unluck that world’s worst terrorist was born in Ceylon. We had the unluck that world’s largest thieving country, Britain had once dominated us and gave us unwanted amount of former Indian citizens to settle in our country. We had the unluck that this British systems, thoughts had kept us imprisoned in our minds, that we have the so-called English speaking, English-thinking Sinhalese at the helm of our country. Now, that feeling had gone away. Now, we Sinhalese knows that we are a victorious ethnicity. Now, we know that we, Sinhalese cannot be blackmailed by “foreign interventions”, by foreign governments. We stood by our government, when it went to war to finish off the LTTE against all odds, we were ready to undergo hardships, as far as we eliminate the terrorists.

It was predominantly Sinhala youth that sacrificed their lives to bring victory to our land, bring freedom to our land. It was predominantly Sinhala votes that returned MR to Presidency.

It is a good feeling that Sinhala votes can make changes in our country, rather than being blackmailed by small ethnic parties.

Best regards,


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