Allegations of War Crimes in Sri Lanka by AI
Posted on February 11th, 2010

Sunil Vijayapala

Dear Sirs/Madams,        
Here we go again, the Anglo Saxon hegemony against a weak country Sri Lanka, accusing of war crimes, while they themselves were/are the worst perpetrators of war crimes in the history of humanity!  Ignoring the Vampire Victoria’s era, one of the worst eras,  the recent history showed that the worst war criminals were the Anglo Saxons.  The incinerating of UNARMED Japanese civilians TESTING both uranium and plutonium on the during the closing stages of 2nd world war was the WORST war crime committed by a country in the history of humanity.  The use of Agent Orange, a biological weapon, to wipe out populations and vegetation in Vietnam was another war crime.  The war crimes committed during the Panama invasion by American solders should not and can not be ignored.  The recent killings of unarmed civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan were catogarised as war crimes by international media. 

But who has the power or which institution has the power to bring the Anglo Saxons, both the American and British varieties to War Crimes Tribunal in Hague.  Absolutely no one or no institutions.  Being war criminals themselves the best course of action is to be SILENT but they have the audacity to go after others accusing them of war crimes! 

The latest incidents in Sri Lanka with regard to the former Army Chief Sarath Fonseka in relation to the War on Terrorist Tigers is a classic case for discussion.  If any war Crimes were committed during the closing stages of the war the person who is responsible is none other than the Army Chief himself.  He did and continue to play the game with the adversaries of the current president , including Anglo Saxons who play the “ƒ”¹…”clean man game’,  probably to avoid himself being tried for war crimes by the relevant authorities.

 Before we begin any investigations about Sri Lanka’s war crimes the tribunal should open immediately investigations against the governments or US and Britain on the issues I mentioned above habeas corpus where appropriate.  All non Anglo Saxon legal experts on war crimes should convene a meeting and compile and submit a document (enough evidence can be gathered on requests by international media and independent reporters) to Hague preceding an investigation in Sri Lanka.

 Sunil Vijayapala

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  1. aravinda Says:

    For 35 years world has waited for the war crimes tribunal regarding the Vietnam war. Six million civilians killed. Agent Orenge used. Hundreds of thousands of women raped. Million houses destroyed. Children used as sex slaves. Will we ever see this war crimes tribunal in our life time.

    For 61 years we have waited for war crimes tribunal regarding Palestine. Whole nation destroyed. Children killed for pleasure. Tens of Thousands of people murdered to steal their land. This is still going on. Where the hell is the war crimes tribunal?

    I can give hundreds of examples, but why waste time.

    The American and British policy makers still do not understand that Asia is becoming Sino-Indian centric. Until year 1800 AD, China was the worlds number one economy. India was number two. World is returning back to days before colonization. No number of nuclear war heads can change that.

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