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The best Prime Minister we had in Sri Lanka was none other than Mr S W R D Bandaranaike. He had a habit of meeting people in the early hours to discuss their problems and find solutions. For Buddhist Monks who are waiting to see him, Mr Bandaranaike always served a glass of milk, by himself. On September 25, 1959, when he served the glass of milk to a Buddhist Monk, the Monk pulled a revolver and shot the Prime Minister several times. This has shell shocked the entire nation. There was no TV at that time, main media was Radio Ceylon. The first person to express his anger and sadness over the Radio Ceylon on the attempt to kill the Prime Minister was the Chief Priest of Kelaniya Raja Mahavihara, Ven. Mapitigama Buddharakkitha Thero.

 Sri Lankan Government called Scotland Yard of UK to undertake extensive investigations. Surprisingly, Mapitigama Buddharakkitha (MP) was found guilty by the supreme court, as the prime suspect for plotting to kill the Prime Minister. Talduwe Somarama converted into Christianity days before his death sentence. MP died in prison by heart attack following long years of hard labour.

The main reason why MP went against the Prime Minister was his failure to secure major contracts from the government. MP was a very rich person, he also dabbled in business and later proved that he had sexual encounters with a women by the name of Wimala Wijewardene on regular basis.

Following the killing of PM, majority of Sri Lankan Buddhists, refrained from offering meals (dana) to Buddhist monks for several months. Buddhist treat monks as a sole representative of the Lord Buddha. Whilst Prince Siddhartha gave up all luxuries to find the cause of suffering, today’s most Mahanayake’s are flourished with power, money, limousines such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, 3 meals a days, tele dramas, sexual encounters. These are not true Buddhists and they should not be respected by the Buddhists.

A gang of four Mahanayake’s are now calling a “convention” to discuss grave matters concerning democracy and governance. Udugama Sri Buddharakkitha was well known as a supporter of UNP for a long time. Indeed he may not have understood the basics of suffering as a Buddhist monk as he was living in luxury in an ivory tower at Kandy Dalada Maligawa. These Dussela Buddhist monks have a special recipe of the food they eat, no ordinary Buddhist can afford to offer Dana for them. They love John Keels juicy sausages and meat balls as a specialty.

When Sarath Fonseka announced that he will disclose all state secrets to an International Court regarding war crimes, the Mahanayake’s did not raise any objections. When SF used rude words over the TV, these monks did not advise SF to mind his language. When SF dabbled in politics whilst in service, these monks were hibernating. When SF provided asylum to thousands of army deserters and kept in readiness for a possible attack, where were these monks? Do they think that just because SF was an ex Presidential candidate he is above the law? Why are they trying to protect a person who is being interrogated and arrested for breach of military and civil law? What promises and undertakings have been given to these monks by SF and Ranil Wickremasinghe, in return for favour?

If the government agrees to give money making business ventures to these monks, they will be in the Rajapakse camp at once.

With large sums of money collected at the Kandy Dalada Maligawa and other main Buddhist temples, how much money do they spend for the welfare of poor people. Catholic churches spend vast sums to help the poor, but not the Buddhist temples.

These monks may have never read Parabhava Sutra, which clearly outlines the reasons for ones downfall. The following basic principles of Parabhava Sutra clearly demonstrate the doctrine:

Easily known is the progressive one, easily known he who declines.
He who loves Dhamma progresses; he who is averse to it, declines; The wicked are dear to him, with the virtuous he finds no delight, he prefers the creed of the wicked “”‚ this is a cause of one’s downfall; Being fond of sleep, fond of company, indolent, lazy and irritable “”‚ this is a cause of one’s downfall;
Though being well-to-do, not to support father and mother who are old and past their youth “”‚ this is a cause of one’s downfall;
To deceive by falsehood a brahman or ascetic or any other mendicant “”‚ this is a cause of one’s downfall;
To have much wealth and ample gold and food, but to enjoy one’s luxuries alone, this is a cause of one’s downfall;
To be proud of birth, of wealth or clan, and to despise one’s own kinsmen, this is a cause of one’s downfall;
To be a rake, a drunkard, a gambler, and to squander all one earns “”‚ this is a cause of one’s downfall;
Not to be contented with one’s own wife, and to be seen with harlots and the wives of others “”‚ this is a cause of one’s downfall; .
Being past one’s youth, to take a young wife and to be unable to sleep for jealousy of her “”‚ this is a cause of one’s downfall;
To place in authority a woman given to drink and squandering, or a man of a like behavior “”‚ this is a cause of one’s downfall;
To be of noble birth, with vast ambition and of slender means, and to crave for rulership “”‚ this is a cause of one’s downfall.

Many modern day leading Buddhist monks could pride themselves for having all hallmarks of Parabhava Sutra. Sri Lanka has once experienced the tragedy of losing a great Prime Minister, because Mr Banadaranaike trusted Buddhist monks too much. It is now time for the great Executive President Mahinda Rajapakse to keep an arms length relationship with Dusseela conspirators who have no love for the nation, but only will look after their selfish desires.


  1. kkunml Says:

    I respect the courage of this writer who exposed the real picture of this so called “Mahanayake” s. I wish to recall one more incident. That is the incident regarding the Elephant calf dragged away from his feeding mother and brought to Kandy Temple.
    This incident itself is a disgrace to Buddhism and happened in the premises of most sacred Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. These so called Mahanayeke’s enjoyed that incident and even tried to cover up the sins done by their Nilame.
    These Mahanayakes never talked against the Buddhist priest who involved in politics and contested elections to go to parliament. As the leader of Buddhist priests it is their duty to advise them to refrain from politics. What I can finally say that there’s a devil behind the robes of these roughs.

  2. Nihal Fernando Says:

    Dear Dr Dissanayake, Correct you are 100%. Some of this Gang of Four are hailing from high class up-country families and willingly have ordained themselves as monks with saffron robes that masquerade their religious figures but not true deciples of Buddha or followers of Buddhism but for the sake of mass wealth surrounded by them. They are full of mundane passions more than normal laymen are. Maybe an ordinary layman has only one legal wife and could be called one woman man. Some are extremely rich businessmen enjoying all ‘Panchakama Sampaththiya” or Five Sensual Pleasures to the optimum. Some of them might need even a shot of whisky before eating their dana with juicy sausages. They are a kind of VVIP prelates who are running Religio Entrepreneur for profit making. Buddha has preached, “Do not enter into monkhood with the intention of making wealth but seeking Nibbana.”

  3. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Though I am a Hindu Tamil, I have met some “good” Bhikkus in my life. I still remember them for their HUMBLE life and the friendship they maintained with people. I remember a Bhikku from Vavuniya Madukantha Vihara always walked to Vavuniya Town, a distance five miles though he had ample opportunities to go by bus or car.

    Buddhism will live longer because of the bhikkus like Madukantha Bhikku. But the Benz car /party (they call DANA) going bhikkus and some English educated.will bring bad name for Buddhism.

    At this time I like to remember the late Gunanada Thero of Vavuniya Vihara at Kandy road. What a compassionate person. He was fluent in Tamil also.

    Now President Rajapakse too speaks Tamil.

    I appreciate the courage and the timely publication of the article of Dr. Dissanayke.

    Many readers do not know who was WIMALA WIJAYAWARDENE. She was the AUNTY of Ranil Wickramasinghe.

    Historically the kingdom of Kalyani (now kelania) was the birth place of Queen Vihara Mahadevi who was the mother of King Dutugemunu.

    How did the historical Kelaniya Rajamaha Vihara go the hands of Christian Wickramasinghes who are not from any linages of SINHALA but of Malayaales(Kerala or Kochchi)?

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