Appeal to the Ven Mahanayaka Theros to be Unbiased and Apolitical when dealing with the Arrest of (ret) General Fonseka
Posted on February 18th, 2010

SPUR  (Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc) Reg: A003 0777 M P.O. Box 4066, Mulgrave VIC 3170, Australia

Most Ven Thibbatuwawe Sumangala Mahanayaka Thero of Malwatta Chapter                   17 February 2010
Most Ven .Udugama Buddharakkitha Mahanayaka Thero of Asgiriya Chapter
Most Ven. Dawuldena Gnanissara Mahanayaka Thero of Amarapura Nikaya
Most Ven. Weweldeniye Medhalankara Mahanayaka Thero of Rammanna Nikaya

Awasarai Swaminwahansa,

Appeal to the Ven Mahanayaka Theros to be Unbiased and Apolitical when dealing with the Arrest of (ret) General Fonseka


 The General (retired) Sarath Fonseka has been arrested by the military police and held in custody pending court-martial. On a number of occasions, requests were made to Gen (retired) Fonseka not to throw baseless and vindictive accusations against serving military personnel and the political leadership in Sri Lanka. General (retired) Fonseka was also encouraged to take his case, if there was one, to the judiciary in Sri Lanka and seek recourse. However, the General disregarded this advice and continued to run down the country and volunteered to give evidence to the world court on war crimes, testifying against his own comrades who sacrificed life and limbs to extricate the Nation from the grips of LTTE’s terrorism.

 Gen (ret) Fonseka statements in public have helped  many interested parties including some members of the international community  to construct a preposterous human rights violation case against Sri Lanka’s government and its defence forces. The Tamil Tiger Diaspora has vigorously campaigned against the Sri Lanka Government in keeping with their unfulfilled racist and separatist objectives, accusing the country of war crimes without any credible evidence. They continue to fabricate fictitious accounts of war crimes planning to prosecute the military and the political leadership in Sri Lanka. Gen (ret) Fonseka’s arrest and statements have been used by this disingenuous mob to parrot that there is no democracy in Sri Lanka and the arrest is evidence of that. They also say that he is muzzled from either challenging the results of the recently concluded elections or giving war crimes evidence. We also consider those such as the UNP and JVP who encouraged and coerced General (retired) Fonseka into taking up politics in order to further their own narrow objectives have done a great disservice to the General and considerable damage to the nation. 

 As expatriate patriotic Sri Lankans living overseas in countries such as Australia, USA, UK, Canada and Europe, we feel that due process must be followed and the law of the land applied to General Fonseka without fear or favour. He is innocent unless proven guilty.

Our Concern

 We are concerned that terrorist sympathisers and traitors such as Rauff Hakeem and Mano Ganeshan are coming to meet you seeking general Fonseka’s release. These are the same people who signed MOU’s with Prabhakaran and took part in Pongu Tamil functions celebrating the death of valiant soldiers fighting dastardly terrorist responsible for attacking the sacred Bo Tree in Anurhadapura, assassinating Samanera priests in Aranthalawa and destrpying the Dalada Maligawa in Kandy. Dr Jayalath Jayawardena’s role is indeed dubious as an evangelistic leader  and Mangala Samaraweera ,lost in the political wilderness always engages in ridiculing the President for. cheap gains, There is no evidence that these people shedding crocodile tears for Fonseka are patriots. To the contrary, there is evidence a plenty to demonstrate their treachery.

 In the recent election, President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been re-elected by 1.8Million votes to lead our Nation to peace and prosperity. He has shown to be a true Buddhist leader capable of governing the country for all its citizens sans ethnic or religious divide. We have to respect the people’s verdict and provide space for the President to act with fairness when it comes to Gen Fonseka, accused of heinous crimes ranging from over throwing the democratically elected government to corruptly importing weapons in collusion with his son-in-law.  

Our Request

 We bring to your attention the Media Release issued by our organization in which following issues were stressed.

 We urged the Government of Sri Lanka: to strictly follow the rules of law and let the military carryout their task without fear or favour or political interference giving the benefit of the doubt to the accused until proven guilty. We also request that the military follow due process and provide Gen (ret) Fonseka with the necessary assistance and access to a lawyer of his choice to conduct and coordinate his defence while providing his family the facilities to access him.

 We appeal to the armed forces of Sri Lanka: to stand united as they have always done in defending the nation and its people and be apolitical in their conduct. We also request the Military that the judicial process be speeded up, the military court be constituted and brought into action without delay as “Justice delayed is seen as justice denied”.

 We urged Gen (retired) Fonseka and his supporters: to immediately cease their unpatriotic behaviour running down our democratic institutions, armed forces and the political leadership as it is causing  damage to the reputation of our motherland, Sri Lanka.

 We urge the people of Sri Lanka: to desist engaging in any activities to disrupt peace and respect diverse political opinions. We also request that they desist from carrying out violent street protests damaging public property.

 Our Appeal to the Most Ven Mahanayaka Theros

 We appeal to yo to be unbiased and be apolitical when dealing with Gen Fonseka’s arrest.

 We also bring to your notice that people such as Hakeem and Ganeshan and Jayalath Jayawardena who come running to Kandy to seek an audience with you regarding Gen Sarath Fonseka’s arrest have got an evidence based record of being unpatriotic.

 We urge you to request the Attorney General or the Army Commander to present you with the reasons for arresting Gen Sarath Fonseka in camera.

 After hearing the counter argument as to why Gen Fonseka was arrested, consider releasing a statement to the public articulating your position. Our preference is for you to avoid being dragged in to the political mire and the web of deceit woven by the UNP, the JVP, the TNA, Hakeem and others in the opposition.

 We respectfully urge you not to be an unsuspecting partner of a grand plan to undermine the country’s national security and the sovereignty of her people.

 With deep respect,



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  1. Dr.K Says:

    Dear DR, Jayasuriya

    I agree with most of your facts and the way how you made a request from Maha Nayaka Theros to be apolitical and unbias on the matter of SF’s arrest. It was well explained by the Sri Lankan Govt that SF has been arrested for breaching Army law as described under the section 57(1) Army Act. By now, those Maha Theros should have heard and learnt of this situation.

    I can’t understand why you say this ” We urge you to request the Attorney General or the Army Commander to present you with the reasons for arresting Gen Sarath Fonseka in camera.

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