Onward March towards a Prosperous Sri Lanka
Posted on April 11th, 2010

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya, Melbourne, Australia

The President dissolved the last government democratically at the end of it’s full term. Thus he presented to the people of the country the opportunity to use their franchise wisely to select a suitable team to govern the country. There had been numerous allegations levelled against the administration of the day, so the people had an excellent opportunity to discard the undesirables and bring in a trustworthy decent team. As the saying goes “You can lead a horse to water, but you can‘t make it drink”.  However their choice has been limited to those who have been selected to contest under the party banner other than the independent contestants. This was the stage setting leading to the General Election 2010.

The leader of opposition argues that, although UPFA has achieved an unbelievable victory (no exactly his words), from a scheme his sleazy cunning uncle JRJ designed to keep only the UNP in power for ever as per Ranil’s own words, yet people have not given a resounding MANDATE he says! What Baloney is this! In the decent World, immediately after the elections the defeated leader concedes the defeat gracefully, short comings during the day of elections are not an excuse to disregard one’s etiquette.

As usual he talks “Bull shit”. He argues, because only 56% eligible voted, the new government cannot carryout what they think is right for the country and that he will ensure democracy to the citizens and the campaign for that would not be restricted to parliament. Right throughout his abysmal career he has portrayed a negative attitude in conformity with his title in the Parliament as the “opposition leader”. Cracking pots in public, tooting horns, mobile SMS to youth (thinking he is introducing a new feature), and mass walking rallies on main streets disrupting and causing much inconvenience to the public etc. At a time when the entire country should stand behind the Government to improve the depleted economy and to alleviate the people from hardship, he is engaged in ruining the economic recovery that could have eradicated the sufferings of the masses after putting an end to the cruel conflict the country carried for the last three decades. He is behaving like a spoilt brat, school bully let alone as a responsible leader of the opposition!  Expect very soon a copycat demonstration “Redcoat” revolution of Thai pickets! Little does he realize that the masses are not moronic, sadly for him they have progressed.

If one were to analyse this low percentage of voter turnout, we may find reasons. For instance, by this time voters may have been tired of facing election after election in a short span of time. There has been no worthwhile challenger for yonks in the political arena. Virtually the contest has become a one horse race, so the people took it easy as the result is a foregone conclusion! It was a very confident calculated gamble.

UPFA is the unchallenged, undisputed governing party in the country. Even “KƒÆ’†’³lumbians” have confirmed this credence by casting the highest vote to NFF leader Wimal Weerawansa as oppose to the opposition leader Ranil!

He attributed the UNP’s defeat to the people’s lack of faith in the current system. He said he will step down only when he has to. What an idiotic statement is this! Why should the diehard UNP punish it’s party, due to a weakness in the system? You don’t “Cut your nose off to spite your face“! If the system is at fault it’s a golden opportunity for the people to rally around a capable “person” or a “party” hoping that, this person will get enough members to form a better Government which could redress the errors in the system, this didn’t happen, why? They have lost faith in the present politically bankrupt pompous UNP leader let alone the system! Ex Party stalwarts have described the man as one who does not look one in the “eye” of party members, they just so happen to be in the path of his vision as objects! Though they have not schooled at “Reid Avenue” they have well cultured sharp minds contrarily to his reckoning.  

Having said that, Mr.President the people have spoken, they have given you what you asked for “manpower to form a strong Government”. Let’s not delay the development projects, let there be honest, trustworthy, dedicated workaholic Ministers who can deliver your “Mahinda Chintahnaya” not within six years but under two years.

All ministries have an important role to play to make a successful Government for the people; however, I believe the immediate ministries that come to my mind as glaringly important ones are Agricultural, Trade and Roads.

It is through the stomach that one can win the hearts and minds of the masses. If the produce from the farmer is not delivered to the consumer in time at a reasonable price, the consumer gets frustrated; the economic recovery, development projects are only glorified catch phrases that does not mean a thing to the ordinary person who lives a day to day life. Therefore clever, genuine, faithful, charismatic, people’s person like Wimal Weerawansa comes to my mind as the best for Minister of Agriculture. All three above ministries have overlapping duties which must click in unison to get desired results; those have to be worked out with a sensible dialogue among the ministry officialdom.  Mr.Weerawansa has the astuteness and talent to fit into many portfolios, I am certain he will deliver the goods with less talk!

Under today’s foreign interference into Sri Lankan matters of very sensitive nature, I believe Prof.Rajiva Wijesinha becomes an excellent choice as the Minister of Foreign Affairs!  In addition to his wide knowledge of politics, he is well read and has the added wisdom of his father who has an immense wealth of knowledge in past politics being the most senior ex politician in country today! I certainly do not mean to offend the Prof in saying so, it’s just like sporadic walking to a library for reference! Furthermore along with the his proficiency in language, the body language plays a major role when dealing with the West, he can stand shoulder to shoulder on that respect with anybody in the Globe today.  Last Government was extremely fortunate to have efficient personalities like Drs Dayan.J and Palitha K along with Rajiva to face the brunt of tough allegations against Sri Lanka, indeed they kept the opponents at bay or reduced them to smithereens incessantly. We must show to the World, Sri Lanka has the Talent, Intellect and the Backbone to deal with local and International issues!

May the Guidance and the Blessings of the Noble Triple Gem be with the Government to achieve a Prosperous and a Peaceful Sri Lanka.

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    Yes, Prof. Wijesinha for foreign Minister, sure thing. He would be the best fit.

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