Tamil racism in UN ?
Posted on June 1st, 2010

Ben Silva

Attention of Mr Ban Ki Moon,
Secretary General, UN

Dear Sir,
Tamil racism  in UN ?       Ben Silva
Ms Pillay previously behaved like a Tamil tigress from the way she was apathetic to LTTE and aggressive towards Sri Lanka. It has to be pointed out that Ms Pillai, is a Tamil, with even a name that sounds like the terrorist leader Velu Pillai. In fact the manner in which she is hounding GOSL, with added vigor, for liberating Sri Lanka from the misery of Tamil racist terrorism, indicate that she is now behaving like a racist  bitch.  I would refrain from calling Ms Pillai a bitch, although  her bitchiness towards Sri Lanka, justifies her being called a bitch.  Ms Pillay  being called a  bitch is based on  her previous conduct  of hounding Sri Lanka and her  new remarks.  Many  remain convinced that she has nor changed her racist ways. Ms Pillai should be  suspended  immediately and  an investigation carried out on her sympathy towards LTTE and her anti Sri Lanka stand, UN should take   action t to suspend her and if found guilty to terminate her services from UN for allowing her Tamil ethnicity to influence her UN function. Indeed she must either  be having a warped mind to hound GOSL for defeating terrorism or she must be a racist Tamil, unfit to serve UN.  Terminating the services of a Tamil racist UN official such as Ms Pillay  would  provide justice to victims of terrorism. Justice  would be better served by establishing an independent international accountability mechanism that would enjoy public confidence, both in Sri Lanka and abroad if the actions of both Ms Pillai and Ms Coomaraswamy are investigated to determine  the contributions of  Tamil racist officials in UN  to aid  Tamil  terrorists.

 Sri Lanka carried out a humanitarian rescue operation, with a policy of zero civilian casualty. The actual figures of civilian casualties are negligible, in comparison to civilian casualties in Iraq or Afghanistan. However, Ms`Pillai  has a hidden agenda, to manipulate opinion and   has completely ignored the following:

Tamil racist terrorism has caused a human rights crisis, that has affected all Sri Lankans:

1. Terrorism producing orphans, disabled persons, blind persons, and causing fear, mental illnesses and stress.
2. Ethnic cleansing, depriving livelihood and homes of innocent people
3. Loss of life of law enforcement officers and security forces
4. Loss of life, innocence and childhood of children due to child soldiering
5. Fund raising in the West that cause Terrorism and destruction in Sri Lanka .
6. Loss of Right to life of valuable Sinhala and Tamil National leaders.

List of atrocities of LTTE are given below.

“¢ Killed the Indian PM
“¢ Killed the Sri Lankan President
“¢ Killed at least two Tamil Mayors
“¢ Killed over 20 Tamil Politicians
“¢ Killed Mr Loganathan, a Tamil official in the Government Peace secretariat
“¢ Killed scores of innocent Tamil law abiding civilians by shooting them and hanging them on lamp posts
“¢ Killed the Oxford educated Tamil Sri Lankan Foreign Minister
“¢ Killed the Tamil Chief Whip of the Ruling Party
“¢ Made several attempts to kill the Tamil Minister Douglas Devananda and other democratic Tamil Politicians
“¢ Killed scores of high ranking Tamil, Government officials
“¢ Killed Tamil Principal of Jaffna College
“¢ Killed scores of Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala Law enforcement Officials
“¢ Killed babies of Sinhala peasants by smashing heir heads
“¢ Innocent peasant civilians hacked to death
“¢ Carried out ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese and Muslims
“¢ Produced orphans, blind persons, disabled persons as a result of terrorist bombing activity
“¢ Killed Sinhala pregnant women by removing their guts
“¢ Brain washed and trained orphans and disabled persons to become killers and suicide bombers
“¢ Developed suicide bomb technology
“¢ Developed and used suicide naval craft
“¢ Engaged in deception, bribery, human trafficking
“¢ Engaged in arms trafficking
“¢ Engaged in passport and credit card fraud.
“¢ Ruining of the economy of SrI Lanka
“¢ Ruining of normal life for a generation of Sri Lankans. The most affected are the poorest of Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims
“¢ Use civilians as a human shield
“¢ LTTE leader is wanted by Interpol for murder, organised crime and terrorism.
“¢ assassination of several political leaders.

More LTTE atrocities given  in http://www.spur.asn.au/ltteatro.htm

 It is a pity that Sri Lanka does not have a formal structure to deal with propaganda warfare of LTTE, with contributions from Boyle, ICG, HRW, AI and the UN Tamil lobby such as Navi Pillay and “ƒ”¹…”Pottu’ Coomarawamy.

 Yours sincerely,

Ben Silva

6 Responses to “Tamil racism in UN ?”

  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    I believe people like Navineethan Pillai and Coomarasamy today have influential friends who think these two ladies are unbiased, whereas we can clearly see from their statements that they are not only biased but obsessed with the thought of pushing their human rights card, applied only to SriLanka, but not to UK, not to USA, not to Israel and more than all, not to Overseas Tamil Organisations that supported the Tigers with funds, material, plans and propoganda to commit crimes in SriLanka. Let us hope the UN would open their eyes and investigate whether these two women are performing their duties properly. Also, why not someone have a “UN and NGO Officials Watch” group, to investigate their double standards and why they engage in disseminating unsubstantiated heresy adverse to SriLanka’s progress, such as the “UK Channel 4” canard on Prisoners being shot by SL Army, without even identifying whether these were Tamil Tigers killing their prisoners or whether it was in some other country or just a staged event.

  2. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Ban Kee Moon – It is not a TAMIL sounding name.
    Hillary Clinton
    Catholic Church

    All these are not Tamil names. When a Tamil work for WHITES, it is Tamil racism. Then how are you going to call Ranil for supporting LTTE?

    If you guys have intelligence, try to understand the WHITE/CHRISTIAN/CATHOLIC intervention in our country through a PETTY language issue. You guys are crying TAMIL..TAMIL.. to save the Sinhala Traitors who helped the LTTE all the times!

  3. L Perera Says:

    Why waste time with this Pillay women, she is just another geriatric who should be at home ‘smelling the roses’ and not in
    a senior UN positon. Just ignore the old biddy, she will fade away soon.


    Hey FY MUdali you missed the point again. Soori was not forgetting the traitor Ranil and the rest of the stooges. He was only taking Navi (who happened to be a Tamil) for the comment, the main character of the article. What is your issue MUdali? Please let us know. We know that Tamil racists are not alone in decimating Sri Lanka; there are Sinhalese who are capable of destroying Sri Lanka.

  5. Lanka Peiris Says:

    Lanka Peiris

    It is normal practice that the judges or jury members should withdraw from a proceeding if they have a conflict of interest. It is quite clear that both these women Navineethan Pillai and Coomarasamy are of Tamil ethnicity. Blood is thicker than water. The relationship of these two women to their Tamil kith and kin is quite clear. Either they must have honesty to graciously step down or Ban Ki Moon must kick them out.

  6. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Lanka Peiris:
    So, you tell Sinhala Judges cannot rule any cases Sinhalese involved!

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