Posted on June 7th, 2010


 Atlast IIFA has come to an end. It was a big boost to Sri Lankan economy and tourism as well. Every one was happy except the evil Tamil diaspora all over the world. We have great Tamil sons and daughters in our midst and some sacrificed their lives on behalf of the Motherland in the past but this Tamil Diaspora who was scattered all over the world licking white man’s boots still trying to fool the world by telling lies about our Motherland and try to get sympathy from them to do their dirty work in those countries. Despite their protests and actions the Indian movie stars,producers,directors,businessmen and media personal all came to our beautiful country to have this big event IIFA 2010 specially to help Tamil people in the North and East. They were entertainers not politicians and their duty was to make people happy it maybe Sri Lanka or anywhere in the world. We have to thank our President and the government for allowing to have such a big event and organizing it without any single incident throughout the three days of extravaganza. People can make dirty stories against the President or the government but we know it was a good thing to have such a very big event in our country in this critical moment. We need exposure to the world and to show them that Sri Lanka is a beautiful, Peaceful island nation with beautiful people.
As long as our great President ,his brother Gotabaya  and his united team of efficient Ministers were there we can always expect something excited happen in our beautiful Motherland after thirty years of suffering. When Bachnans,Sharuk Khans,Amir Khan’s and those cowards stay out of this great show due to protests and warnings by Tamil Diaspora in Tamil Nadu other great artists and entertainers were there to give an electrifying showcase to the people of Sri Lanka. Salman Khan,Anil Kapoor family, Hrithik Roshan family,Sunjay Dutt,Sunil Shetty,Anupam Kher.Zeenat Aman, Bobby Deol, Bipasha Basu Dia Mirza,Vivek and all those who came for this great show was more popular and recognized in my country for so many years and we love them very much now more than before after their brilliant show at sugathadas stadium.
When Tamil Diaspora in the west praised Bachanans and his co cowards for not attending the show the people who loved humanity had full of praise to those who defy Tamil Diaspora protests and actions. All these Tamils who left our shores should be thankful to our President and to his government for creating an environment for the Tamils to live as human beings in their own lands after defeating the most cruel terrorists outfit in the world. Only thing they should do now forget the past and come and join their kith and kin who stayed back with so many difficulties to start a new life without blaming and try to create another monster like Velupillai Prabakaran and some bunch of murderers. If Tamil Nadu Tamils are so worried and care for  their kith and kin here they should support our beloved President who is trying to give every possible care to every citizen in the country irrespective of race,color or religion.They should vist their loved ones and see for themselves how they live and what progress have been done after we eliminated Prabakaran and his gang of murderers. Our country is so peaceful and people are happy and excited. People can move around from one place to another without any restrictions. When those heros in the Indian film industry who didnt care a damn for those Tamil Diaspora terrorists views came they were very happy to see happy faces in a peaceful country. Tamil Diaspora can lick Bachanan’s ass even for boycotting the IIFA event but they cannot stop heros like Salman Khan,Hrithik Roshan,Kapoor’s and other greats visiting our great country again and again. I say to Tamil Diaspora in the west to join with us and help to build our Motherland or perish in hell like VELUPILLAI PRABAKARAN the ruthless monster who killed thousands of our innocent citiznes for three decades.
Our paradise island will be a place to rememeber under the leadership of the current President Mahinda Rajapaksa for many years to come.If anyone loves our country they should work for the country not against it. Nobody can think or dream to divide our nation again so better join with us with good intensions to make our beloved homeland a peaceful and prosperous country for every citizen to live unitedly,safely,Happily and peacefully. Bachanan’s and Sharuk Khans can go to hell with their Tamil Diaspora friends  and we will welcome Salman Kahn’s,Roshan’s and Anil Kapoors and many more who loves our country and the people without bow down to terrorists demands.
Our Sinhala nation will rise from the ashes and will be the light of Asia under our great leader Mahinda Rajapaksa.
We salute the heros in the Indian cinema who attend the IIFA in defiance of Tamil diaspora threats.
Help us to build our Motherland with a decent society guided by our Lord Buddha’s teachings.

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