Is Retd.Gen. Fonseka Touting Danger Of A Court Martial As Well As Capital Punishment?
Posted on June 7th, 2010

Insight By Sunil Kumar

June 7th 2010
 The anxiety related perils of retd.Military Gen. Sarath Fonseka seem to be never ending and mainly because he does not seem to have proper direction in going about how to redeem himself and resorts to wild accusations against the Administration where more often than not he implicates himself in so doing and appears to totally lose control leaving him very vulnerable to greater  punitive action during the process of his incarceration. 
Having played a major role in the victory against the Tamil Tigers albeit never singlehandedly, his ambitions instigated by some who egged him on misguidedly to believe he could ursurp the incumbent President and his administration, he has used all the wrong ploys towards this objective.
Furthermore many irregularities have now been revealed which was unbecoming of his status as Maj. General of the Armed Forces now being investigated and he seems to have veritably touted capital punishment after putting his foot into a mire of insignificant, loose tongued, meandering towards a disentitled power, offsetting  a frying pan to the fire scenario based upon his modus operandi  which has already landed him in jail with a court marial ongoing!
It seems little wonder that Sri Lanka’s top defence official the Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksha has within legitimate reckoning  threatened to hang the country’s former army chief if he cooperates with any investigation into war crimes during the civil war that ended one year ago and perhaps high time Retd. Gen Foseka either voluntarily muzzled himself from his foolish verbosity or faced the consequences which could be severe.
Quick responses to the threat of capital punishment for treason suggested by the Defence Secretary have sprung up from various parts of the world including AFP, UK Guardian, the BBC and Yahoo news  who have carried the story headlining its proclamation while being carecully guarded against taking any sides knowing fully well what the consequences of such an outcome might prove to be and the respective stances have  been  to a greater part impartial.
With no mincing of words Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse has  told the BBC’s Hardtalk programme anchored by Stephen Sackur that Sarath Fonseka, who is currently being court-martialed on separate charges, would be executed as a traitor if he tried to expose alleged  speculative war crimes deliberately orchestrated to discredit the Administratiion as well as himself and has probably sent shivers into the Sarath Fonseka camp as well as his supporters within the opposition who are very likey to counter the Defence Secretary’s statement yelling “foul ” albeit with little ground to stand on as Fonseka has openly stated tha he will co-operate with any investigations into alleged “War Crimes”  committd by the Forces, finger pointing at the Defence Secretary when it was he himself who led and directed operations per se on the ground and used his own discretion in all related matters!
The UK Guardian has quoted Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse in a BBC interview that Rajapakse has responded angrily to the prospect of Fonseka giving evidence at any international war crimes probe and quoted as saying “He can’t do that. He was the commander, that’s a treason and we will hang him if he does that” which seems well within Sri Lanka’s jurisdiction and in keeping with military statutes if held accountable according to many analysts deeming it a  betrayal of the country by someone who held high military office and has now chosen to speak against his nation?
The Defence Secretary was reiterating a promise made  by the President that the Nation’s Administration would not permit any international investigation into the conduct of the armed forces on the basis that Sri Lanka is an  independent country fully capable of  investigating  into such matters where most importantly there is no provable nor tangible evidence beyond speculation by the Nation’s enemies and blinkered foreign sources whose conflicts of interest as well as vested interests bordering on bias stick out like sore thumbs, also linked to sources disgruntled by the defeat of the Tamil Tiger terrorists towards which there is a vast global support of their possible resurgence consisting of Tamil diaspora and sympathisers.
Retd. Gen.Fonseka, who is now a member of parliament, has called for an international investigation into an alleged order by the Defence Secretary to fire on innocent civilians  and offered to ‘cooperate’ saying “I will not protect anyone, from the very top to the bottom,” which is another ludicrous misrepresentation of facts and a Faux Pas on his part where he seems to have forgotten that the civilians fleeing from the terrorists were fired upon by the terrorists and it was the Armed Forces who returned fire on his directive and in the final stages of the war it was a prolonged battle with the cornered terrorists who were cut down and eliminated with his directive.
It seems more than likely the the Retd. General is now twisting  facts to make it sound llike an aberration of Military tactics linked to the Defence Secretary when the obvious liabilities if any surely would rest on his own shoulders.

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    We need to prosecute this idiot very quickly and forget the whole episode. Delay in the process would create unnecessary issues to the current administration that would inflict more hardships to people of Sri Lanka in the short to long run. So, get moving to finish off this court marshal or the court case against Gonseka.

  2. De Costa Says:

    I thought if he did something that can be punished with death by court marshal he connot be hanged but could be shot. By saying “we will hang him ” is just a casual way of talking in Sinhala ” I will kill you”.

  3. Siri Says:

    This fool deserves what he gets. He is a traitor and there is enough proof in his own words to hang him. He should be stripped of his position in the army and demoted to private level as punishment. The President should however spare his life for the sevice he rendered and set him free to wander in the wilderness after a short spell in jail to cool him off and remind him that he is not invincible and cut him down to size. As a felon who has been in jail for Teason he will not be able to go to Parliment. This is a sad story of a man who knew how to win a war, but did not have the brains to follow it up and get the credit he deserved.

  4. cassandra Says:

    It is difficult to know what to make of Sarath Fonseka. Having noted his reported comments since he left the Army and went on to contest the Presidential elections, the best description I can find for him – and one that seems eminently apt, considering his service career – is that he is a loose cannon. He just seems to shoot off his mouth apparently without giving much thought to what he is saying. One recalls the inconsistencies between what he reportedly said in Ambalangoda and what Fredrica Jansz said, in the Sunday Leader, he told her. Then there was a clumsy denial of the Sunday Leader story and a feeble attempt to wriggle out of the situation. The man then went on to give interviews to the foreign media and say some silly things. He once said famously that other countries should INTERFERE in the situation in Sri Lanka, when what he clearly meant was they should INTERVENE. And now we understand he had a clandestine telephone conversation with someone from BBC Channel 4 during which he has again said some very unhelpful things. How a man who claims he was the principal architect of the victory against the Tigers, can conduct himself in this fashion defies logic.

    Incidentally, one must look rationally at the oft repeated claim that Sarath Fonseka was able to achieve what army commanders before him failed to do. That claim ignores that fact that previous commanders operated under different circumstances and under conditions that were not always so favourable. For instance, it can well be argued that General Kobbekaduwa may well have finished off the LTTE if not for India’s intervention, that the army was operating below optimum strength, that there was not the air cover that was recently available, that the international attitude had changed especially after 9/11, an so on. So, while Sarath Fonseka is due the credit for the role he played, he should not consider he was in fact superior to the commanders who preceded him. Part of the problem with the man seems to be that he has an inflated ego.

    I always thought that among the outstanding characteristics of a good soldier were loyalty to his colleagues and loyalty to his country. Alas for Sarath Fonseka, he seems to be singularly lacking in both. What a sad thing it is when a former commander of the army indicates a willingness to bear witness against his own men. You can hardly quarrel with Gotabhaya for describing it as ‘treason’.

    I have no doubt that with each passing day and each new silly thing he does, Sarath Fonseka is progressively losing the respect of the nation he enjoyed a year ago. And public sympathy such as there was for him is similarly eroding fast.

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