Posted on June 11th, 2010

Ranjit Wickremeratne

40 Years of immense servise to Motherlanka by this greatest son of our nation should be apprecaited by every citizen irrespective of race,color or religion. There are so many things which any young politician can learn from this great politician,lawyer and a father of three great children. He is not an ordinary politician or a human being. His father was a heavy weight in our political field serving our country with greats like D.S. Dudly,Bandaranayaka,J.R. Philip,Dr.N.M. and more of that same calibre. Born as Percy Mahendra Rajapaksa became our beloved President as MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA in 2005 after serving our beloved country for 35 years as an M.P. Minister,Opposition leader,Prime Minister now as the undisputed leader of SRI LANKA from North to South and East to West.
He is a poor man’s President. He understand the needs of the people,He listen to all and his words have a meaning for others to learn. He is a religious person with so much respect to our religion and to Maha Sanga. He always take advise and blessings from them when ever he does something for the people and to the country.Maha Sanga always appreciate what our President does as he always try to do the correct thing on behalf of the nation. In his 40 years as a politician he learned a lot and still he is learning how to serve his people by walking and talking with the people of all races. I have not seen a politician so close to our people like him.The way he walks and go from one corner to another and talking to the people in their language and do things faster than anyone can think of. If the young generation of politicians follow this great man and do things as the same way as him then our Motherland can see a better future to all because the President always listen to the people and try to do the correct thing to the satisfaction of all sections in our society and he always tells that he will not take any decision against the country he loves so much and his people at any time of his life.
I will not talk a single word against this beloved son of Motherlanka till I die but like to point out if he or his Governement does something which majority dosent approve like signing CEPA or giving Tamils to self rule in the North and East etc. I will give my life to him for ending the WAR and eliminating VELUPILLAI PRABAKARAN the barbaric monster who killed our Innocent Children,New born babies, politicians, War heros and many more during thirty years of war. When leaders like J.R. Chandrika, Premadasa, Ranil couldnt do he did in four years after he became the President of Sri Lanka. He was able to do because he had guts and  backbone to stand tall in front of the enemy. He fought for the truth and well-being of the people like a true leader. He was a great hero who sent his own son to the front lines during the war same like any other father. He should be not remembered as an ordinary politician but as a greatest son of Motherlanka where young children should be taught about this great man same like other greats in the world to name few Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, Mao se Tung, John F.Kennedy and many more like them. 
When cowardly leaders like Ranil helped the enemy L.T.T.E to kill our Sinhala Inteligence heros in cold blood Mahinda Rajapaksa our nations greatest son gave our war heros strength and courage by visiting them in front lines and giving all the support they need to eliminate those murderers completely from our soil. How can our citizens forget the misery they went through for thirty bloody years? Forget the party or religion or race as a human being this great man has done a great service to our beloved nation by eliminating the most ruthless terrorists organization in the world and usher peace and harmony to twenty million people of all races to live as one nation. Isnt that enogh my dear citizens? What party color you want for that you stupids? Dont be a traitor to your homeland if you love it truly as our President tells all the time. We gave him the mandate in 2005 to stop the war at all cost and he did it, this Ruhune Viraya with the help of his brother Gotabaya and his well diciplined Armed Forces did it for the sake of our country and the future generation. So what more you need my dear citizens? Today we are going to celebrate 40 years of great service to the nation by this undisputed king of Sri lanka and I wish him and his beloved family Good luck and Health,Wealth and Happiness through out many more years to come. I hope every citizen will remember our hero from south and pray for him and give all the support to continue his good work for a better Lanka for all citizens to live in Peace and Harmony.
I dont need to write each and everything this great son have done for the last forty years in his political life but I hope everyone appreciate what he did than other leaders in the past. I want everyone to remember him as the guardian of Motherlanka who bravely ended the brutal war for thirty long years. Many of our citizens lost their loved ones during those years and suffered immence hardships and now thanks to this great man we enjoy freedom, Peace, Love and harmony from one corner to another in our beautiful homeland. Mr.President every writer who writes something about you or the country because they care for our homeland and they all want to see our country progress in every field except the traitors to our Motherland under your proper guidence. We want you to be an example to others as a politician and as a Father to a decent family. We dont want to see or hear unwanted behaviour or do things which are not acceptable to our society by the first family at any time. We know that your children were brought up by you in a very decent manner very religious and well behaved but when we see them with bad compnay or in an unacceptable places like other spoiled children in high places we feel it as we too love them same as you. Whole world is watching you at this moment. Mahinda Rajapaksa is a well respected leader in the world stage now and you Sir should be more vigilant than before how you behave or how you handle the affairs of the nation and the world. We are all proud of you and our country more than before in our history after the Independence. You cannot preach to others while you do mistakes so keep your standard and advise those who are close to you to behave in a decent manner with respect in front of the spying cameras of our enemies.
We like you to carry on as President of Sri Lanka for many more years to come as you have proved that by doing so much to the country during this short period of time after you became the President. You can listen to those who cry for help like UNPers and bankcrupt J.V.P ers and T.N.A traitors but you should not bow down or take much notice as they have been rejected by the masses in whole sale this past elections General and Presidential. Traitor Sarath Fonseka’s place is where he is now and he shouldnt be pardoned at any time. He let down his country and his men in uniform for few dollars to satisfy his white bosses. It’s treason as Our hero Gotabaya said recently to the world press. From 1971 onwards J.V.P.ers weren’t doing any good to our Motherland but sabotaging progress in every field by unneccessary strikes, work stopage and spreading lies etc. Even today they are protesting sunday tution ban and IIFA. They are there only to confuse the people and highjack the poor masses to do their dirty jobs nothing else. In this 40 years of service to the nation you better keep these traitors on check before they destroy our freedom and peace by helping our enemy within and outside. They all waiting to swallow you because they know that the son of Ruhunu cannot be bought for money or anything or pushed down so easily.
Dogs who barks dont bite UNPers,J.V.P.ers and T.N.A 44+7+12 = 61 is not a voice to listen, they scream the same old story so dont let them sabotage our forward march led by you and your Government for the sake of our citizens. We keep you in high esteem in our hearts and we want you to make our country a prosperous nation with decent people with high education and also try to provide jobs,housing and other needs to all citizens alike without favouring some but to all as equals. Every citizen looks for your bipartisan leadership and expect you to be same old simple man which you were 40 years ago energetic,handsom,hard working poor man’s leader who can find solutions to all the problems facing our citizens today. No leader has done so much to the North and East like you and I hope they will apprecaite what you have done without going back to the darkest era again  believing those terror leftovers who was trying to raise their ugly head again in some places backed by Tamil Diaspora in the west. Mr.President we salute you in this 40th anniversary for your valuable service to the country you were born and we all hope you will continue your good work what ever obstacles you had to face in the future. May Lord Buddha protects you and your family as well as our beloved homeland SRI LANKA from the enmies of our land.
We are waiting for your Golden 50 in the near future as President of SRI LANKA.
Ranjit Wickremeratne


  1. Peter Says:

    Brilliant! I wish more people would realise that after the years of struggle that we have had to put up with extremism of the JVP and the LTTE the people are at last free. Some are of the opinion that Sarath Forseka has been wrongly targetted but if they look at the backing he has at the moment it is easy to see the covert hand of the LTTE fronts: the Global Tamil Forum and the British Tamil Forum behind him and overtly the JVP’s Somawansa Amaraweera. Do you need to be intelligent to see that each and every one of these people have at one stage been involved in uprisings that have ended with murderous episodes?
    I would like the Rajapakse family to be forever involved with Sri lankan politics because we will have the freedom to be proud Sri Lankans.
    A leading specialist on International terrorism has remarked that there has not been one incident since the LTTE were defeated. This alone is an achievement. Have we had this since the Bandaranaike family took power in 1970?
    So we can make the Rajapakses our people and be proud of them as leaders!

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